Caption Contest – Los Lonely Boys

Join Lightning 100 in celebration of Hispanic Heritage week at Live On the Green featuring Los Lonely Boys, Rumba, and The Kicks.  What better way to enjoy the festivities by experiencing the show as a VIP.  Leave a comment below and you could win two tickets to the show!

Winning Comment: We are the new and improved THREE AMIGOS – El Guapo


14 Responses to “Caption Contest – Los Lonely Boys”

  1. Adam says:

    Hey baby, want to check out my van?

  2. James Adams says:

    You’re not from around these parts, are ya boys?

  3. Murray says:

    caption attempt – so where’s this david hall character, ghey?

  4. Joel says:

    All the brick walls were taken.

  5. WTPaterson says:

    Just put it in my hand homie, no ones looking.

  6. Kristen says:

    Whoa…do you smell that?

  7. Michael says:

    these guys are amazing performers. definitely looking forward to the show even if I don’t get the VIP…but that sure would be nice!

  8. Terry says:

    Oh! Long hair is cool! All they need now are bow ties. -Doctor Who

  9. Melinda says:

    Love the Los Lonely Boys, saw the documentary a few yrs ago, what an interesting family story. Would love to see the show, been a fan for a long time.

  10. Katie says:

    We are the new and improved THREE AMIGOS – El Guapo

  11. Anita Robinson says:

    Do we look hot ot what! And we rock!!!!

  12. Chereefrog says:

    Hey you guys…is that Nicole Kidman?

  13. h.m. says:

    We want this photo to look natural and un-posed …. everyone look off in a different direction.

  14. Dj Jensen says:

    How far is Heaven. Love that song. Please enter me in the contest to win tickets for the Los Lonely Boys