Caption Contest: Natalie Merchant w/ Nashville Symphony

Natalie Merchant will be performing with Nashville Symphony on November 13th!  Lightning 100 wants to make sure you see this show at Schermerhorn Symphony Center.  Leave a comment* on the picture in this post and you could win tickets!  Click here to guarantee your spot and buy tickets.

Winning Quote: If you ever need to lose 9,999 musicians, try my corn maze.


57 Responses to “Caption Contest: Natalie Merchant w/ Nashville Symphony”

  1. Leah Till says:

    Natalie feels A-MAIZ-ING playing in Nashville, less the Maniacs. Look at that smile!

  2. Mark Spencer says:

    Natalie sure looks a-maize-ing in a field of 10,000 ears of corn…

  3. Emma says:

    Chew on this: tickets to see Natalie Merchant with the Nashville Symphony!

  4. Mark Spencer says:

    Natalie’s voice on the new album is oh so husky!

  5. Eddie Alderson says:

    Heck at least they gave Dorothy a little dog and some sparkly red shoes…all I get is a rib of scarecrow. Sounds too corny to be true!

  6. James Barnett says:

    If you ever need to lose 9,999 mamiacs, try building a corn maze.

  7. James Barnett says:

    Do these little ears make my melons look bigger?

  8. James Barnett says:

    If you ever need to lose 9,999 musicians, try my corn maze.

  9. MrFrenchbo says:

    Natalie Merchant skillfully plays the world’s skinnest harmonica…

  10. Tommy Wilson says:

    Is there teeth in my corn?

  11. Rickey Westbrooks says:

    Floss daily and live heart disease FREE!

  12. Christina Wilson says:

    Love you Natalie Merchant!!

  13. sd01477 says:

    “This is My Corn Maze” (in the tune of “These Are the Days”)

  14. Bill Brown says:

    2 words: p i c k m e

  15. Vince says:

    Caption “OK So I’m not Penn or Teller and the magic thread is really corn silk. My voice is better, my songs are better and I am much better looking to everyone except Penn and Tellers Moms.”

    And should I win, because I’m 2600 miles away, give my tickets to a deserving couple and if they can, video the concert and email it to me.

    Have a great show, Natalie

  16. ashlye bickston says:

    I hope I win! Natalie rocks!

  17. bess says:

    What an amazing show that will b!!! Happy for everyone who gets to see it.

  18. Andy Sorrells says:

    Popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth, flossing it out in the corn field, irony?

  19. Kelly says:

    Is this Natalie’s Time in Eden or the Motherland?

  20. Abby says:

    The ears have it: Natalie Merchant at the Schermerhorn is definitely not corny.

  21. Natalie’s in the weeds!

  22. Stephanie Sturgis says:

    Always be prepared. Checking corn silk to find a few to use for spare strings in case the cellist breaks one.

  23. Craig Cochran says:

    Natalie Merchant singing is “music to the EARS!”

  24. Stephanie Conger says:

    Natalie has been one of my favorites for YEARS! Her amazing voice matched with he Nashville Symphony would be wonderful to hear!

  25. John says:

    Corn the cob for supermodels by ConAgra

  26. Chad says:

    Nashville, when I said i’d bring sweet music to your ears, this was not what I was talking about.

  27. Warren O'Connell says:

    polysyllabic meets Polyphonic….

  28. Lisa says:

    This is going to be an AWESOME show!!!

  29. Shana says:

    Through them crickets in the corn and them horses in the field/Hear the “caw, caw” of the crows/See the devil at the wheel y’all, Judas!
    (Natalie Merchant lyrics-Saint Judas)

  30. Ray says:

    Stalking Natalie just became much easier. Just paint yourself green and blend in. I am a’maize’d no one thought of this. (creepy)

  31. Ray says:

    From my ears to yours, Team Green’s new bio fuel campaign has attracted it’s first celebrity endorsement.

  32. dan says:

    Natalie -if she sings it, they will come…..

  33. Jeffery says:

    Gee thanks for telling me I had something between my teeth. This corn silk will have to work for dental floss.

  34. Patrick says:

    if she sings, they will come

  35. deb mcmahan says:

    Geeze another case of auto correct gone wrong… I said Schermerhorn not squirm in the corn!

  36. Ruby says:

    Do I look jealous?

  37. Jenny says:

    have I been blind…
    have I been lost…
    inside myself and my own mind?

    by what my eyes have seen?

  38. Michael Reyome says:

    They grow more than just corn in the Motherland.

  39. Jackie Coughlin says:

    These are days we’ll remember!

  40. deb mcmahan says:

    Live at the Schermerhorn… the silken voice of the amaizing Natalie Merchant.

  41. deb says:

    Live @ the Schemmerhorn… the silken voice of the amaizing Natalie Merchant!

  42. Bill Colclough says:

    Ten thousand memories.

  43. Jack says:

    The Merchant meets the Maestro:
    She comes in from the field, as she dances and sings
    and joins the symphony’s horns and strings.

  44. Karen says:

    Out in the field when the first has been born
    Folks sing a song, song of the corn
    Late in the day when the secrets are sworn
    Folks tell a tale, tale of the corn.

    Welcome to Nashville, Natalie!

  45. Brianne says:

    Catch me if you can… the Schermerhorn November 13th!!

  46. Bob says:

    Hee Haw goes urban

  47. Mindi McCormick says:

    Natalie’s got a new sound with this innovative new instrument, the Tooth Twanger. It originates from the Washtub Bass family. Pluck, pluck, pluck. Perfect addition for her symphony performance.

  48. Tristan Redmond says:

    This sounds amazing would love to be there to hear it

  49. Amanda Rushing says:

    “To Know I Must Be One of the Wonders…”

  50. Cierra Woodard says:

    Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care

  51. Mindi McCormick says:

    Natalie’s found a new sound with a new instrument, the Tooth Twanger. It originated from the Washtub Bass family of instruments. Pluck, pluck, pluck. Perfect for a symphony performance.

  52. Travis White says:

    The ultimate tease! Corn that’s not whiskey yet and Natalie not singing.

  53. Jamie says:

    “Corn’s like buttaaa…”

  54. Christal says:

    Natalie says “corn. It’s what’s for dinner.”

  55. Mark Newton says:

    I wanna win

  56. Mimi says:

    Natalie Merchant and corn floss: Smooooth!

  57. randy fiedler says:

    That corn really sticks between the teeth!