Caption Contest: The Black Keys

Lightning 100 is giving one lucky listener and a friend the chance to see a private performance with The Black Keys!  The recent Nashville transplants will be playing a super secret show for a very small number of fans.  Leave a comment on the photo above and you could win this awesome experience!  Let’s be honest, this is the coolest caption contest we’ve had yet!

Winner:  Have you sen the Keys? No, check the couch. – Bennie


531 Responses to “Caption Contest: The Black Keys”

  1. Kate K says:

    Just lettin’ the others pass… we’ve come around
    I can not look at you when we’re trying to be cool
    Im the one with the sharp blade, you’re the tortured mind!

  2. Abby Rose says:

    Are we successful enough to stop spliting packs of socks?

  3. Christina says:

    Please let it be me!!!

  4. Haley Thomason says:

    Oops. Forgot to write an actual caption. Um….

    “I’ve been waiting for my burger on this trendy sofa for over 20 minutes! This is what the hunger games are about, right??”

  5. Jess says:

    Pat: My mind is Ramblin’… She’s Long Gone… She said, She said, “I’m Not the One!”
    Dan: Stop Stop, Is that Gold on the Ceiling?

  6. Scott C. says:

    “Aw man, now one of us is going to have to change socks.”

  7. Brandon E. says:

    We are not “The Black Keys”…..
    We are the transformers of ROCK music!

  8. John Ginn says:

    I think we better leave… Hipsters love Ikea.

  9. Bentley says:

    Dan: “It perfectly normal for two well dressed men to sit next to each other on a couch!”

    Patrick: “Dude, its awkward.”

    Dan: (Slides over)

    Patrick: “Still awkward…”

  10. Jonathan says:

    Maybe YOUR kid smells like ranch dressing.

  11. ben bowling says:

    hope i wiiiin

  12. James says:

    Dan and Patrick were just told they couldn’t have a “secret show” at The Ryman

  13. Michael says:

    Dan: Alright, this time can we please actually look at the camera?

    Patrick: That’s not my style…

    Dan: This is going to look dumb.

    “”The argument that sparked the beginning of the end of The Black Keys””

  14. Matt says:

    Dan: “It’s a couch.”
    Patrick: “No, it’s a sofa!”
    Dan: “Well, you’re sofa…king wrong.”

  15. Phil says:

    “They splurged on Ikea…WOW!…Come on, we are the BLACK KEYS!”

  16. Lauren Thompson says:

    Dude – I said I was gonna wear the red socks… Sorry Bra – they accent my ankles

  17. CD says:

    “My, Patrick, what big feet you have.”…”The better to kick-drum you with, my dear.”

  18. Mandy says:

    (watching how I met your mother)
    Patrick: I wonder if we’ll ever find out who the mother is.
    Dan: I don’t know. I stopped watching after I knew it wasn’t Robin.

  19. Bentley says:

    Dan: What? We’re leaving room for Jesus.

    Patrick: And he’s bringing Tequila.

  20. Matthew says:

    Dan: “Its a couch.”
    Patrick: “No, its a sofa.”
    Dan: “well, you’re “sofa”… king wrong.”

  21. Timbo says:

    Dude, I told you to lay off that 2nd bowl of beans, how rude….

  22. James Corbett says:

    Oh yeah….. who else would she be lookin at!!

  23. Matto says:

    Dang! “Black Eyed Peas” is taken?

  24. Cory says:

    Patrick: I don’t wear a tie for just anybody…

    Dan: Five more minutes and I am leaving…

  25. Jeff says:

    “The Black Keys anxiously wait in the Green Room prior to the Late Night show where they will break down some commentary on how “Gold on the Ceiling” will supply the backdrop music to the latest VH1 reality hit “Pimp Wives.”

  26. KoKo says:

    We thought the Rocky Mountains would be a little rockier than this…

  27. Aubrey Livingston says:

    Patrick: Dude, I’ve seen the Wizard of Oz. I told you we should have gone with the emerald.
    Dan:(humming) We’re off to see the wizard…the wonderful Wizard of Oz.

  28. Faith Pampel says:

    Riding b*tch has never looked so good.

  29. Ray says:

    You promised me a surprise. Where is it???

  30. Ray says:

    The guys reaction to the fact that Nickleback is playing over the speaker in the waiting room

  31. Mychal B says:

    …Still waiting on that <3

  32. Mychal B says:

    We’re so over waiting on love.

  33. Bryant says:

    So…..what do you do for a living?

    • Cara says:

      I’m a lonely boy, I’m a lonely boy. oh oh oh oh, I got a love that keeps me waiting . . . and what can she possibly be doing in the bathroom that takes that long anyway?

  34. Bryant says:

    Can we pretend this is our ‘little black submarine’?

  35. Dana Bible says:

    Dan: “Is it ok if we take the picture like this? He smells like ranch dressing…”

  36. Michael Robinson says:

    I’m bored, want to grab a beer? Hell ya.

  37. Heather Carlin says:

    Dan: One cow says to another cow in the pasture “What do you think of that mad cow disease?” The other cow says “What do I care? I’m a squirrel.”
    Patrick: Sweet Jesus. What a fantastic joke.

  38. Caroline Bible says:

    “I hear the Nashville hipsters are great.”

  39. bobby says:

    “here she comes, play it cool”

  40. Heather says:

    Mom! He’s trying to put his hand on my side of the couch again!!!

  41. Amber says:

    Dan “Oh, sh#t Taylor Swift is here.”
    Pat “…”

  42. Erica says:

    A leather couch and apathetic faces: the only two things necessary to make purple socks look cool

  43. N Cantrell says:

    “Your so Nashville if” has nothing on us!

  44. James BOshers says:

    “No we meant what we said, Nickelback is sh*tty, and they will always be sh*tty. Next question”

  45. The doctor will see you now…

  46. Valentin Le Besnerais says:

    I’m lovin’ the socks

  47. Trent Walker says:

    Wow. This show is so secret, we are the only two here.

  48. Becki S. says:

    It appears I have a lot of things that keep me waiting…

  49. Jason says:

    Dan, do you find it slightly ironic to do a caption contest in support of a “secret” concert?

  50. John says:

    God ….. you just had to fart during photo shoot

  51. Bailey H. says:

    rock out with your purple socks out.

  52. Nehemiah Hernandez says:

    “Hey Dan, they thought we weren’t gonna make it…” “Yeah…I know….”

  53. Kandace Spotanski says:

    Never gonna give you up
    So dont you think Im leaving.

  54. Jeffrey Sanders says:

    Dan-”Man, why did I get stuck wearing this itchy suit? Nice pullover Patrick.”

    Pat- “It’s a cardigan, but thanks for noticing.”

  55. Jeffrey Sanders says:

    Dan-“Man, why did I get stuck wearing this itchy suit? Nice pullover Patrick.”
    Pat- “It’s a cardigan, but thanks for noticing.”

  56. nobody dies a virgin life f***s us all in the end so enjoy yourself at none other then a black keys concert

  57. if all our emotions are unshown arent we all just clones

  58. Alex says:

    Dan: (I’d tap that)
    Patrick: (Look chill, look chill, look chill)

  59. Alex says:

    Patrick: I just killed a puppy
    Dan: I loved that puppy

  60. Alex says:

    Dan: Lets just get this over with ive gotta pee
    Patrick: Im just getting started

  61. Alex says:

    Patrick: I used to have a kitty who would sit right in between us, but sh-she died
    Dan: I loved that kitty

  62. Alex says:

    Patrick: I’ll show you my crotch
    Dan: Not happening

  63. Vivian Finch says:

    Success is couched in matching purple socks. — BK proverb

  64. Ayana Wild says:

    I think my self image is off a bit.

  65. Ayana Wild says:

    I want to be a lonely boy all by myself.

  66. Anna Greer says:

    I’ll even wear purple socks for tickets.

  67. Josh Drake says:

    Patrick-“What do you think that guy is doing down there?”
    Dan-“I don’t know, just look cool.”

  68. Alisa Donato says:

    Dan & Pat ~ “I’m a Lazy Boy, I’m a Lazy Boy…and I gotta couch that needs inflating….”

  69. Shamira Chism says:

    I just want to buy a ticket …..why does it have To be so 007….?

  70. Andrea Sanders says:

    Dan thinking, “Maybe if I don’t look him in the eyes, he will think someone else did it.” Patrick thinking, “Man, Dan really smells terrible! What did we eat last night?”

  71. R Butler says:

    Awaiting the results of the pregnancy test.

  72. Tyler D says:

    Yeah, Jack White will be there.

  73. Jesse says:

    Hipster Danish Modern

  74. John says:

    This is why i don’t come to therapy……

  75. John says:

    When life hands you lemons, wear purple socks to an interview.

  76. Geoffrey Stewart says:

    Dan, i told you I hate saving room for your imaginary friend

  77. Jus cause we don’t run our mouth, don’t mean we got nothin’ to say

  78. Pat~ ”this couch was made for porn stars….not rock stars.”

    Dan~ ”i guess somebody thinks were both”

  79. Mitsy says:

    i can’t believe you crashed my El Camino. Now we have to drive your mom’s minivan.

  80. David says:

    Patrick are you thinking what I am thinking?

    I think so Dan…but isn’t Regis Philbin already married?

  81. David says:

    How much longer till we can buy tickets to Bonnaroo?

  82. Amanda says:

    Seriously, we’ve been waiting for hours. When does Chad Kroger get here? He promised us autographs..

  83. Vanessa says:

    Over this caption contest.

  84. Chris Rutledge says:

    I hope they don’t write a stupid caption.

  85. Virginia says:

    No, Dan, too soon. I won’t add “I Will Always Love You” to tonight’s playlist, Dolly or no Dolly there!

  86. Lauren says:

    patrick-“dan! look over there!”
    *photographer takes picture*
    dan-*looks back* “did I miss anything?”
    patrick- “nope.”

  87. Leon says:

    Eloquence. Style. Grace. Tune in next week to hear the Black Keys discuss the finer things in life.

  88. Maggie says:

    do we really have to sit here until they pick a winner?

  89. amber erin says:

    “do you like Phil Collins?” -pat
    “I have two ears and a heart, don’t I?” -dan

  90. jason says:

    “When do the other members of the purple sock club get here?”

  91. Michael Beasley says:

    “Dude, We put a color in our name,I am NOT going to pretend to be your sister no matter how well it worked for Jack”.

  92. Lynn Cumming says:

    Well, you can tell by the way I use my socks, I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk.

  93. D.A. Raymond says:

    Come on Mr. Auerbach, look at the camera.

  94. Bennie says:

    Have you seen the Keys?
    No, check the couch.

  95. Johnny B. Goode says:

    Didn’t we already do this thing?

  96. Alden Raymond says:

    Patrick – It’s not that secret if everyone knows that we’ll be playing.
    Dan – Yeah, but no one knows when or where we’ll be playing.
    Patrick – … Shut up.

  97. Paul Raymond says:

    who farted?

  98. Katherine Raymond says:

    Black Keys star in Beavis and Butthead the movie

  99. Jason Christensen says:

    Pat, Dan is the frontman. Tell me how that makes you feel.

  100. Jason Christensen says:

    Dan, this manager you got us has a nice place. How does he pay for it with souls?

  101. Paul says:


  102. Kim Bowers says:

    Take two parts Black Keys add one part photo shoot. The resulting internal dialogue goes like this.

    Patrick: muffled snare, rim click, muffled snare, rim click, muffled snare, rim click…hit on the bow

    Dan: …!!!!!!SQUIRREL!!!!!!…

  103. Jason Christensen says:

    Doctor, the keys are here to get their record contract removed.

  104. Pat: “Hey Dan, why is the back lounge of this venue so vacant of furniture and why is there an XLR camera sitting on that stool *stares at camera with deep intent as camera flashes* …what the heck?”

    Dan: “…hmm? Man, I don’t know but there is literally a pyramid of hot pockets on that table over there. Who read our tour rider?”

  105. Maryjames says:

    I can’t believe you lost the f&$@king keys!

  106. Maryjames says:

    I can’t believe you lost the f&$@king keys!

  107. nancy horton says:

    Maybe, if I don’t look at me. He won’t recognize me

  108. Rew says:

    A lesson in subtlety from the Black Keys. Sit down, shut up, and appear aloof.

  109. Rew says:

    You think our matching socks are cute? These are our gang colors from Ohio. There are switchblades by these toes.

  110. Ray says:

    The first time we tried this, the show was so secret, nobody else knew about it. We just sat there for hours bored out of our skulls.

  111. Erin says:

    Real men wear purple.

  112. Landon says:

    Dan – “I’m tired of this f**kin’ photographer!”
    Pat – “I’m tired of this f**kin’ photographer!”

  113. Mark says:

    “Ma! F***! Where is the meatloaf!?! I never know what she is doing back there.”

  114. Bill says:

    Jesus Patrick, are you really wearing my other pair of eggplant socks…

  115. Ray says:

    Purple socks worked for Donny Osmond…Really???.. Were not listening to Mom anymore.

  116. Ray says:

    No Fun, My Baby, No Fun, No Fun to Hang around

  117. Ray says:

    Captured on film: The inspiration for Lonely Boy

    Im a lonely boy, I’m a lonely boy
    oh oh oh oh, I got a love that keeps me waiting

  118. samantha says:

    he’s mad cause it’s my day for the purple socks lol

  119. Ray says:

    We really don’t have a whole lot in common, except for our taste in socks.

  120. Amber says:

    Dan: “I must admit, I can’t explain, any of these thoughts running thru my brain..”
    Patrick: “Yeeeah”

  121. Sharon kay says:

    ” you stole my flower.”
    ” psssh. Finders keepers, dude.”
    ” guess I should tell ya that I found your secret stash…”

  122. Jeanett Szyszka says:

    What about the night makes you change
    Oh from sweet to deranged

  123. Cameron says:

    “Mock” – Dan
    “Yeah” – Patrick
    “Ing” – Dan
    “Yeah” – Patrick
    “Bird” – Dan
    “Yeah” – Patrick
    “Yeah” – Dan
    “Yeah” – Patrick

  124. Kevin says:

    … “And how does that make you feel?

  125. Daniel Carrillo says:

    “I told you 5 times I was going to go with the magenta socks and yet you still wore the same color. I just feel that you never listen to me.” -Dan
    “Sure. I’ll have a beer.” -Patrick

  126. Lauren C says:

    The Black Keys

  127. We’re not playing a single note until our cinnamon buns get here.

  128. Will Wilson says:

    “Dude, is that Ke$ha?”

    “Man that is totally Ke$ha!”

  129. Reese says:

    I don’t even think we NEED this couples therapy.

  130. Todd Jones says:

    They’ll never guess how many beers we had before this picture was taken.

  131. Reese says:

    I can’t believe he wore the same socks as me.

  132. Jason says:

    Yeah, we guess we’ll play a show in Nashville… but, it’ll be secret and almost all of you won’t be able to go…

  133. Arlo Arvidson says:

    “Realizing they could have moved to Nashville sooner…

    …Pat and Dan were pissed”

  134. Becca Stinson says:

    Patrick: “What’s taking so long?!”
    Dan: “Dude. &%#$ this. Let’s go get a burger and Bud at Brown’s Diner.”

  135. Brian says:

    I told you fuchsia was making a comeback!

  136. Jane says:

    “Don’t look so smug. That jacket was meant for me, ya thief.”

  137. Rachel says:

    Look, either the drapes go or I go.

  138. Katie says:

    Maybe we shouldn’t have worn matching socks. I can’t even look you in the eyes right now

  139. Calie says:

    “I told you true love was dead…don’t act all miffed about it now.”

  140. G.G. Mick says:

    Hey guys , you’ve got the Blues !

  141. James says:

    “10 years later, I can’t believe we can finally listen to Lightning 100 on our FM radio. Why did it take us so long to move to Nashville?”

  142. Stephen Navyac says:

    “I told you this vacation condo pitch was going to be a scam!”

  143. Stephen Navyac says:

    Say hello to my leeetle friend!

  144. Anne-Emory Bankston says:

    Patrick: that was a good show but something was missing….
    Dan: yeah!! I felt it too, I think anne-Emory and Geoffrey need to be in the audience. There energy and excitement would make all the difference!!

  145. Jeff Dedman says:

    At least we have the satisfaction that on our worst day we will never be as bad as Nickelback

  146. Patrick: “Doc, thanks for meeting with us. Dan and I have been having… relationship problems. Look at him. He won’t even talk to me anymore.
    Dan: “…”

  147. Jeff Vanderburg says:

    No Need to Tighten Up: The Black Keys Own the Sofa (and the airwaves)

  148. lisa maria says:

    Patrick, you’re my younger brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever.

  149. Nick LeTellier says:

    2031: A look into the future. Pat and Dan wait patiently before being inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall-Of-Fame.

  150. I neeeeed these tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  151. Franchesa Kirkpatrick says:

    Yes we are poster children for

  152. Mona Collins says:

    Decide what–I thought we already had the gig!!

  153. Alden says:

    “I can’t believe you slept with my sister!”
    “Yup. My bad.”

  154. Kat says:

    The fact that they had on the same color of socks made them appear incredibly attuned to each other’s preferences, but purple ones—who knew?

  155. Robert says:

    Practicing “The Awkward Pause” before going on the Craig Ferguson Show.

  156. Terri Lee says:

    Is this f n country music pissing you off? Yeah it’s pretty f n depressing.

  157. Drew says:

    Luckily the couch is at a 45 degree angle; otherwise these greasy dudes would slide right off and f**k up a perfectly good David Lynch audition

  158. Robert says:

    Waiting Sucks !!!

  159. Robert says:


  160. Natalia says:

    Is that the ice cream truck I hear?

  161. Adam Dillon says:

    Just a couple of awesome dudes hanging out.

  162. Keith says:

    Dan: “Don’t look at his socks”
    Pat: “Don’t look at his socks”

  163. John M says:

    Pat: Was that the couch or did you just….
    Dan: I just.

  164. Tricia Wales says:

    I’m not sure who made this couch…but Patrick and Dan MAKE it!!!

  165. Funk says:

    Patrick and Dan are really the nonchalant secret identities of THE MAUVE AVENGER and his trusted sidekick PURPLE BOY, ready to fight for equality of all colors through their superpowered rock!!!

  166. Kathryn McCulloch says:

    “Hey girl, let me play you a song”
    “Dude, I cannot believe you went there”

  167. conner mueller says:

    most people think this is a posed picture taken in a studio , but really its just another hipster evening in Dan’s room

  168. Grooveychick says:

    So…this is what it’s like waiting on the funeral director?

  169. Dave O says:

    What you looking at? You know I’m a smooth rider baby. Why don’t you come over here and give me some sugar.

  170. Chrissy says:

    And what?

  171. Robert Bryson says:

    Patrick Carney & Dan Auerbach wait patiently in David Letterman’s green room before performance in December 2011 in New York City.

  172. Lauren says:

    Mothers, hide your daughters.

  173. John Kirby says:

    Somewhere over the end of the sidewalk.

  174. Alyn says:

    “Drummers get all the p—-!”
    “Nuh-uh! Guitarists do!”

  175. Cat says:

    Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys patiently wait their turn for a TSA pat-down at the Nashville International Airport.

  176. Katie says:

    “This couch is nice, but sometimes I miss the van…”

  177. Katie says:

    US Magazine’s Who Wore it Best? Purple Sock Edition.

  178. Amy M. says:

    Patrick: “I’M ON A COUCH!”
    Dan: “I got my Oxfords and my purple sockies!”

  179. Katie says:

    US Magazine’s Who Wore It Best?: Purple Sock Edition.

  180. Smitty says:

    “Goodbye Babylon..”

  181. Bob Gamper says:

    What do you need a key for, you’re a drummer?

  182. Bob Gamper says:

    What do you need a key for, you’re a drummer?

  183. Becki S. says:

    Awkwardly Sexy. Criminally talented.

  184. Glen Jamison says:

    “State Workers”

  185. Marc says:

    Dan: “I know you farted.”
    Pat: “I totally DIDN’T!”
    Dan: “Whatever, it’s smells like your old El Camino”.

  186. Jamie says:

    Why are we still here and not on stage, where people need us?

  187. Grace says:

    Purple socks are uncomfortable.

  188. John T. says:

    What Patrick Is Thinking: How long is Dan gonna give me the silent treatment?
    What Dan Is Thinking: I’ve got to get me more of that Pink Radio Cake at Fido.

  189. Laura R says:

    That’s what “she said”

  190. Jordan c says:

    “The people of Akron just weren’t open to our progressive shirt and tie combinations”

  191. JEssica says:

    So cool, we can wear burgundy socks

  192. Kim says:

    Come, sit with the Lonely Boy

  193. Kim says:

    How you like me now?

  194. Casting glances from the casting couch.

  195. Ben Keller says:

    Here we see Patrick Carny looking clearly upset that Dan Auerbach won the award for most casual hipster.

  196. Laura Ross says:

    “Everywhere I go, ain’t got a thing to do” but this guy always follows!

  197. Kippy Todd says:

    Seriously? The purple socks again?

  198. Carson Fant says:

    “He told me he was wearing his blue socks today.”

  199. Carson Fant says:

    “He told me he was wearing his blue socks today.”

  200. Blake Roberson says:

    Things were just never the same after that heated conversation about Justin Bieber’s musical talents.

  201. Carrie Ogden says:

    Dude, this Easy Bake oven is soooo slow – these brownies are taking forever.

  202. Emily says:

    “Lean backward slightly, look away from the photographer and listen with a dullness in your eye as though you might be thinking ‘gee this is the most boring thing I’ve ever done in all my life'”

  203. Tim Bartlett says:

    Here we see Patrick Carny looking clearly upset that Dan Auerbach won the award for most casual hipster.

  204. Sean Kirk says:

    Benefits of being a rockstar – purple socks.

  205. Tim Bartlett says:

    Call now to win a chance to be in the next Black Keys couch sandwich! Only 1 lucky lady will win!

  206. laura says:

    Worn smooth and slick as a chewed bone

  207. Jennifer Patrick says:

    Studiously trying to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  208. Brooke M. says:

    Patrick: “I can’t wait for this interview to be over.”
    Dan: “Dude! Relax! We got this.”

  209. Brooke M. says:

    Patrick: “I can’t wait for this interview to be over.” Dan: “Dude! Relax! We got this.”

  210. Ron says:

    “I give and I give…”

  211. Josh says:

    See that guy over there? That’s the one that told me it was purple sock day.

  212. Sharon H says:

    Sometimes we sits and thinks and sometimes we just sits

  213. laura says:

    “Worn smooth and slick as a chewed bone”

  214. Natalia says:

    Dan: “Come on, Pat, slouch down just a little more. We’re almost the same height.”

  215. David says:

    Patrick: “He who so shall…”

    Dan: “So shall he who.”

  216. Heather says:

    Yeah, our socks match. What’s you gonna do about it?

  217. ania says:

    Our world has yet to unfold, the judgement of tomorrow is upon us.- A.M.W.

  218. Mack Lunn says:

    Just a warning to everyone else: Googling “purple sock” is not a good source of inspiration if your safe search is turned off.

  219. Barry Cooper says:

    While waiting for the next interview, Dan thinks, “I need to ask Patrick’s wife if that ‘size of the feet’ myth is true”.

  220. This is what the interior of an El Camino looks like when ya when a Grammy playboy!

  221. Tim B. says:

    Dan: Nashville huh? Have you ever seen so many hipsters in your life?
    Patrick: Welcome home Dan. Welcome home.

  222. Elliot Pinsly says:

    The Black Keys will rock your socks off…as long as they aren’t purple.

  223. Beth says:

    Well, if you don’t know what’s wrong, I’m sure NOT gonna tell you.

  224. Emily says:

    Dan: “I have the weirdest boner right now”

  225. Primopaul says:

    How long is this photoshoot gonna take?!? We have a date with Mas Tacos.

  226. Emily says:

    Dan: “I have the weirdest boner right now”

  227. Jeff Loudon says:

    The Black Keys always save a seat for their fans.

  228. Hey, Zeus. Christo says:

    Sittin’ on that couch like they doin’ it a favor.

  229. Mark S says:

    Stop stop – can we just agree it’s been a hell of a season and was not worth taking the $100,000 to do the mayonnaise commercial??!!….

  230. “Guys, when we asked you to lay down some ‘bad @ss grooves’ we didn’t mean in the couch.”

  231. Matt says:

    I can’t believe Adele beat us for “Best Use of Kids Brawling in a Video”. She wasn’t even nominated!

  232. Susan says:

    I can’t believe we both forgot to bring copies of our resumes!

  233. Diane Geddes says:

    “The Black Keys Rock Ya’ll, and David Hall would agree !! Sometimes life is very tough, but Lightening 100 gives us LOVE !!

  234. Becky S says:

    Instead of The Black Keys waiting patiently, it is music lovers, Nashville, Lightning 100 listeners, and the industry that have been waiting for them, not so patiently.

  235. Chelsea Pasfield says:

    Patrick: “Just because we live in Nashville now doesn’t mean you have to sit like a cowgirl, Dan.”

  236. Becky S says:

    Pat is holding down the street dog while Dan is smirking about his Virago Yum Yum roll.

  237. Chris Cahill says:

    “This photographer keeps blocking the TV”

  238. Sarah says:

    “Come on, we don’t actually need couple’s therapy… don’t make me do this with you!”

  239. Geoff says:

    Brown’s Diner: The love that keeps them waiting

  240. Geoff says:

    Brown’s Diner: The love that keeps them waiting

  241. Ashley T. says:

    Dan & Pat: We’re just sitting here looking all hip in our maroon socks on this couch made of leather…then you come along & post this comment and we’re like “yeah, whatever!”

  242. Brad M. says:

    Check it…I found Waldo….

  243. April U. says:

    Aaaaaaanndd…. cue aloof and disdainful hipster glares. Excellent!

  244. Michael Horsley says:

    Patrick : Man, how long can girls spend in the bathroom ? we’ll miss our reservations.

    Dan : They had better not climbed out the window . With no laces in my shoes , I can’t chase them down.

  245. April U. says:

    Seriously, dude – last time. Stay the $#@! out of my sock drawer.

  246. April U. says:

    Seriously, dude – last time. Stay the $#@! out of my sock drawer.

  247. Jake Mac says:

    Dan: Would you let it go already, you’re making a scene…
    Patrick: No. You said “dress casual,” now I look like a fool.

  248. Melanie Swinehart says:

    Dan: Pat, I’m just a lonely boy.
    Pat: Hey man, I feel ya.

  249. Leah Moore says:

    Dan: I can’t believe we started out just playing in your basement.
    Pat: I don’t know man, but we look super fly on this couch.

  250. Matt Morelli says:

    …30 minutes!? Yea right, that pizza better be FREE!

  251. Jason Oliver says:

    “I don’t always play drums. But when I do I prefer…” “Really Pat?”

  252. Melanie Moore says:

    Dan: Pat, I’m so disgusted I can’t even look at you.
    Pat: Well maybe next time you should tell me which socks you are wearing!

  253. John M says:

    How embarassing, I can’t believe he’s wearing the same socks as me.

  254. Daniel Nelson says:

    I have nothing witty or funny to say, these guys are just amazing musicians. I grew up on blues and rock and The Black Keys are everything I love about the genre. No frills, no gimmicks, just 2 musicians.

  255. Leah Moore says:

    Hey Pat! Will you look at that… free food, and it’s not even chinese.

  256. Cody Robinson says:

    Just two lonely boys…one with a lonely pair of shoes.

  257. Brandon says:

    Two hipsters, desperately in need of a shoe shine, wait for their number to be called at the DMV.

  258. Jessica Goldberg says:

    What if I act nice and gentle??

  259. Ken Bielecki says:

    Waiting in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame waiting room…

  260. Anna Greer says:

    Those purple socks are the real Money Maker.

  261. Anna Greer says:

    Those purple socks are the true Money Maker.

  262. Max Jones says:

    You know what the difference between you and them is? They make maroon socks look good!

  263. Jose Zuniga says:

    Damn Patrick, Your lactose intolerant and you go and eat yogurt..Phew!

  264. Kim says:

    I told you the refried beans were a bad idea

  265. Lela Kirkland says:

    Well hello there, we’ve been expecting you!

  266. Jerome Ibarra says:

    This will rock my socks right off.

  267. Jenny Becker says:

    Patrick: I miss dressing myself. *sigh*

    Dan : Things ain’t as they used to be…

  268. Most of us would have to work pretty hard to produce a look of such cool indifference – but for some, it’s just second nature.

  269. Amy Elswick says:

    Yeah, we wear the same socks. So what?

  270. Prince had “Purple Rain”, a “Little Red Corvette” and he’s from Minneapolis. We’ve got purple socks, an “El Camino”, and we’re from Nashville.
    Watch your back, Prince.

  271. I literally have that same couch. AMAZING….

    Almost as amazing as a private show with the Black Keys themselves.

  272. The middle space of this couch is open to the first person that comes along who’s cooler than we are. Looks like we’re gonna be here a while…

  273. Hank Mathes says:

    Come on, Pat. Where’d you hide my shoelaces?

  274. Scott says:

    Hope Jack White shows-up so we can kick his @ss and thrown him out…

  275. Kylie says:

    Well, at least they have the same taste in socks.

  276. Hank Mathes says:

    Jeez, Pat, lay off the beans already!

  277. Hank Mathes says:

    Only the guy sitting between us knows where the secret show is.

  278. Hank Mathes says:

    I see your Prince Fan Club socks came in too!

  279. Kristen Jones says:

    This is the LAST time we use the same stylist.

  280. Carrie says:

    You know what they say about the size of a man’s shoes….yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s just the camera angle.

  281. Ashley Evans says:

    So tired of hipsters…

  282. Ashley Evans says:

    damn, I wish I had my guitar right now:)

  283. Stuart says:

    I wonder if there is enough change in this couch to get some new socks.

  284. Bobby says:

    Dan: Why is Miley Cyrus here?
    Pat: *watching tv* I thought you invited her.
    Dan: Pat, come on, that was a freaking joke ha…..Dude..she is rummaging through the cabinets.
    Pat: *continues to watch tv* Hey it’s your stuff
    Dan: Now she’s turning on the stove.
    Pat: *continues to watch tv* If she burns down the house it’s your fault.
    Dan: Now she’s trying to steal your dog.
    Pat: DROP HIM B****!!!!…..*quickly stares back at tv*…….Dan…That’s my wife!
    Dan: Oh, that makes more sense.
    Pat: You’ve met here over 1,000 times already!
    Dan. Sorry man. I’m just tired.

  285. Bobby says:

    Dan: Do you think we made this show a little too secret? I mean, I don’t even know where we are.
    Pat: I don’t either, but fans like this sort of stuff.
    Dan: What was the criteria for getting in here again?
    Pat: They have to kill a pink unicorn and shave its horn into a key.
    Dan: Is that the only way we can get out of here too?
    Pat: Yeah, I think so.
    Dan: @%#*

  286. Bobby says:

    Dan: Why is Miley Cyrus here?
    Pat: *watching tv* I thought you said you were going to invite her?
    Dan: That was meant to be a joke Pat. You’re too serious man….What the…she’s rummaging through your cabinets.
    Pat: *continues to watch tv* Not like you have much food here anyway
    Dan: Now she’s turning on the stove.
    Pat: *continues to watch tv* If she burns down the house it’s your fault
    Dan: Now she’s trying to sneak out the door with your dog.
    Pat: PUT HIM DOWN YOU LITTLE BITCH………*quickly stares back at tv*……………..Damnit Dan, that’s my wife.
    Dan: Ah, that makes more sense.
    Pat: What the hell man. You’ve met her 1000 times already.
    Dan: Sorry man. I’m just tired.

  287. Anna Greer says:

    Purple sock are the real Money Maker.

  288. Mark says:

    Sofa so good for the lonely boy brothers….

  289. Bobby says:

    Dan: You think they’ll notice my medal?
    Pat: No one else is coming Dan!
    Dan: What? Why not?
    Pat: Because no one else calls their feet their “fancy parts” like you do! And when you put invitations out there that say: “Sock Party: Show off your fancy parts” people, like I told you, will take it the wrong way.
    Dan: Oh..well……… want to watch Oprah reruns?
    Pat:….Yeah, put them on.

    • Bobby says:

      Dan: We are serious people. We are not going to move until we get Bob Barker back on this stage! Drew Carey is not the same!

  290. Anna Greer says:

    Purple socks are real Money Maker!

  291. sha sha boom says:

    talk to the hand, cause the face dont care!

  292. Lisa says:

    Inspiration… wait for it….. wait for it… wait- dang, I got nuthin!

  293. Lisa says:

    Inspiration… wait for it….. wait for it… wait- dang, I got nuthin!

  294. Lisa says:

    Inspiration… wait for it….. wait for it… wait- dang, I got nuthin!

  295. Bobby says:

    Dan: We paid your mom ten grand to be our freaking stylist and all she did was put us in matching socks!

  296. Rebecca says:

    J. Crew called. They want page 12 from their catalog back.

  297. Rebecca says:

    Dan: “I’ll be Liam, you be Noel.”

  298. Jamie H. says:

    He never looks at me anymore the way he used to. He doesn’t make me feel special.

  299. Rebecca says:

    This is so not what we pictured when they said there’d be a “casting couch.”

  300. Chris says:

    I’m so glad we invited Chris to this gig. Can you believe he bought free beer for the whole crew? Great guy that Chris…

  301. Kathleen M says:

    Can you believe that bitch Adele? That was supposed to be our song.

  302. Wade says:

    Ah, the luxury of 100% pleather couches.

  303. Dan G says:

    Patrick, I am still very hurt about what you said about Nickelback. Wait, who is Nickelback again?

  304. Lora Lape says:

    “You can watch her strut, but keep your mouth shut…” – The Black Keys

  305. Dan G says:

    I can’t believe they didn’t put any gold on the ceiling for us.

  306. Gbea says:

    Who invited all these posers?

  307. Tracy says:

    “What are you looking at?”

  308. Just wait til you see what’s behind the curtain…

  309. Dan G says:

    Patrick, I am still very hurt about what you said about Nickelback. Wait, who is Nickelback again?

  310. Dan G says:

    Pay no attention that band behind the curtain!!

  311. Chris Sizemore says:

    Dan: Gee, Pat, what do you want to do tonight?
    Pat: The same thing we do every night, Dan – try to take over the world!

  312. Dan says:

    “You two better sit quietly on that couch and THINK about all the noise you were making.”

  313. Casey H. says:

    We make this leather couch look good! Everyone, come see how good we look on this leather couch.

  314. Jen Berning says:

    Las Teclas de Negro los Calcetines purpúreos (still Howlin’ For You)

  315. Karmacoma says:

    Two guys, one couch

  316. Tich McWilliams says:

    They must be fans of Donny Osmand

  317. Kathleen M says:

    Patrick, will you look at that? I said I was going to wear the meat dress.

  318. Chad D says:

    Who the hell is this Godot guy? Doesn’t he know we’re The mutha truckin’ Black Keys?!?!?!

  319. Charlie Goatz says:

    I thought long and hard ’bout what I should say,
    when I was through it just came out this way

  320. Justin says:

    “Don’t talk to me, Pat. I know you took my shoelaces.”

  321. Deborah and Donald Ball says:

    They said “buy the same stocks not socks!”

  322. Sarah Underwood says:

    Patrick: I’d rather be drummin’
    Dan: Yeah, yeah enought about that, let’s hit up the buffet over there

  323. Kathleen M says:

    I told you, I’m not even going to look at you until you take back what you said about Edward. He is so much better than Jacob.

  324. Ed McCullar says:

    Gold on the ceiling

  325. Joey says:

    Two lonely boys… they have loves that keep them waiting.

  326. “Mr. Dan Auerbach and Mr. Patrick Carney, the doctor will now see you”

  327. Jason Snyder says:

    “What do you mean ‘where’s the bass player’? He’s right here, sitting between us.”

  328. jackie says:

    Lonely Boys in Music City!

  329. Mihaly says:

    “Dude, brown wing tips? Seriously. I mean take a look in that mirror. Totally upsets the coordinating energy of contemporary décor and lucid photo fashion.”

  330. David B. Drake says:

    Success arrives, unable to resist her Natural seat ‘tween The Black Keys

  331. Chris Rutledge says:

    The Black Keys sit on a couch for a promotional photo.

    Too newsy?

  332. Kyle C says:

    You look like two guys who like to eat at Browns Diner!! Started listening to you w Thickfreakness back in 2003!!!

  333. Hunter says:

    Pat: “Did I just hear you say that you like Nickleback”?
    Dan: “Damn, I could really go for a ham sandwich right now”

  334. Leanne Merritt says:

    “Finally got to see ourselves on the cover of a Rolling Stone. Life is good….”

  335. Leanne Merritt says:

    “Secretly, we just wanted to become rock stars so we could get over the meager Ramen years.”

  336. Leanne Merritt says:

    “The first one to crack a smile loses.”

  337. “We only want you to think we think we are too cool for you. Actually we’re just two pretty chill dudes, who happen to be very cool.”

    I would kill to see them at all, but especially in a small, private show!

  338. Kevin says:

    This doesn’t look like Nashville…

  339. Amanda says:

    “I may look calm but I’ve already killed you like three times in my head dude..”

    “whatever dude”

  340. Amanda says:

    “I may look calm. But I’ve already killed you like three times in my head…”

    “whatever dude”

  341. Dave Kline says:

    Pat: You think you can mess with this???
    Dan: B*tch please……

  342. Kristen Waycaster says:

    This is Stack. This is Billy. Stack has a gun. Run Billy Run!

  343. Toby says:

    “Patrick, I’m going to count to three and when I turn around you better release the photographer from your death stare.”

  344. Clayton Murray says:

    “Damn it Pat, can’t believe you couldn’t get us Mumford tickets!”

  345. Holly says:

    The real trouble with reality is there’s no background music.

  346. Pat McKenzie says:

    Dan- Is that guy wearing Uggs?
    Pat- I’m hungry. Can we go to Noshville after this?

  347. Brandon says:

    Pat- Holy Shit! Either Dan farted or something died in here!
    Dan- I wonder if Pat smells that?

  348. Clayton Murray says:

    “Damn Pat, I can’t believe you couldn’t get us Mumford tickets!”

  349. Elisa Sikora says:

    Don’t look at me!

  350. Elisa Sikora says:

    Waited so long that my socks turned purple

  351. Clayton Murray says:

    “Man, I need my Vincent’s Ruin…Dan, can you see past the curtain?”

  352. Jonathan says:

    This is a photo of The Black Keys. The name of the photo is “The Black Keys on a Couch”.

  353. Kristen Waycaster says:

    This is Stack. This is Billy. Stack has a gun. Run Billy Run!

  354. Allison Johnson says:

    Whaaaa, private performance?!?! These slick brothers are patiently waiting to croon for Allison Johnson.

  355. Candace says:

    Why wait…

  356. Kate says:

    Dapper. period.

  357. If you’re kid tries stealing my kid’s girlfriend again, I’ll take you down. You hear me? Down. Hard. On the freakin’ playground.

  358. Candace says:

    “If it’s not right, put a towel on it”

  359. Candace says:

    “I don’t understand why people think it’s so weird”

  360. Candace says:

    It’s a long haul. Get ready for the ride.

  361. Candace says:

    Yeah. Whatever you’re thinking…just, yeah.

  362. Candace says:

    Bring it. No, seriously.

  363. SuMmsy says:

    How Nashville does cool… They may not be from here but they got here as fast as they could

  364. Jess says:

    This is a photograph of the Black Keys.

  365. Candace says:

    Just enough room for one more band member. Who doesn’t mind the crack.

  366. Josh Smith says:

    Bringing back real Rock and Roll….finally guys not afraid to tell the truth about Nickelback.

  367. Candace says:

    Go Play

  368. Candace says:

    “Dude, I don’t know, hold your breath or something”

  369. joanna batsel says:

    I just really, really, really, really want to see these boys play some amazing music that I have loved thus far. You guys are amazing. Rock on!

  370. Seriously Pat …The El Camino is calling..No Dan! I”m tired!

  371. Deb Franks says:

    Dude, Lets get this show on the road.. Yea Yea

  372. Kyle says:

    “I told you not to wear those socks when I wear them!”

    “Dude, don’t talk to me!”

  373. J.C. says:

    Lets party….

  374. Deb Franks says:

    Dude.. Lets get this Show on the Road! Yea yea

  375. Suzanne Butrum says:

    Seriously Pat…The El Camino is calling…No Dan! Im tired!

  376. audrey jean harrison says:

    WORD up!!!

  377. Suzanne says:

    Seriously Dan,,,The El Camino is calling…

  378. Suzanne says:

    Seriously Dan.. The El Camino is calling…

  379. Greg Berning says:

    Have a seat Chad. Time for Nickelback’s first lesson on Rock N’ Roll.

  380. Gerry Schmidt says:

    They got the gold on the ceiling and left us with nothing but a couch!

  381. Jerry Martin says:

    Patrick- “He man are they going to have a duckway at the secret show?”

    Dan- “I don’t know man what’s a duckway?”

    Patrick-“It weighs about 3 or 4 pounds, why do you ask?”

  382. Jessica Payne says:

    Love this photo!

  383. Stephen Sharpe says:

    I can’t believe that Nerd stole my girlfriend…and on valentine’s day.

  384. Jay Watson says:

    “…….yup…..definitely pleather.”

  385. Lindsay D. says:

    Naw Man! I told YOU to book the Super Secret Show venue!!

  386. Justin Hudson says:

    Laaaaaaiiiiiiidddd back, with their minds on some funky blues and their funky blues on OUR minds

  387. Maryam Myers says:

    Dammit, I can’t believe he’s wearing the same socks as me.

  388. Matthew Furlong says:

    “we win grammy’s and don’t care who knows.”

  389. Jason Ervin says:

    Little black leather couches
    Operator please
    Keep us waiting on this couch
    Told my friends of this secret concert
    Operator please
    This contest is wrecking my mind.

  390. Ashley Jordan says:

    We are The Black Keys. This is our couch.

  391. ..picture of modern rock’ n ‘ roll..purple and black shivers..

  392. Rich M says:

    there I was…..

  393. Dave Gauthier says:

    Pat: “Dude, why are all these people staring at us? It kinda freaking me out!”

    Dan: “I have no idea, I’m just gonna look off in the distance till they go away. Hey by the way, nice socks”

  394. Brit House says:

    Hey, remember that time we weren’t awesome? Me either.

  395. Brit House says:

    Hey, remember that time when the Black Keys weren’t awesome? Me neither.

  396. Jen B. says:

    Our record label said purple socks wouldn’t work for this photo…

  397. Dylan Schmer says:

    I’m a lonely boy…
    I’m a lonely boy…
    Oooh oh oh oh, but concert tix will keep me waitin!!

  398. Ellen says:

    I can’t believe people like the latest Nickelback album more than ours…

  399. Kelly says:

    Dan: Dude, seriously!? When did you steal my other pair of clean socks??
    Pat: The same time you became a chick and started crossing your legs.

  400. Amy says:

    I see you….staring at my socks. Judging.

  401. Amy says:

    Ahh yes, the old Merv Griffin set

  402. Amy says:

    This couch smells faintly of carnies & cabbage

  403. Heather Hansford says:

    Always save a seat for Jesus!

  404. Amy says:

    Really???? You just had to wear your purple socks too?

  405. jeff williams says:

    This would be an awesome remake of forrest gump.

  406. Crystal says:

    Hey look, there’s a guitar and some drums over there……

  407. Jen B. says:

    Nashville > Akron

  408. Jen B. says:

    Las Teclas de Negras los Calcetines Purpúreos

  409. Brandon says:

    Pat- Holy shit! Dan farted or something has got to be dead in here!

    Dan- I wonder if Pat smells that?

  410. Heidi says:

    Blue Collar Rock has never looked so chic.

  411. Dan~”this couch is made for porn stars…not rock stars.” Pat~”i guess somebody thinks were both”

  412. Minta says:

    The physiatrist began his therapy session: “And how does that make you feel Dan and Patrick?”

  413. Dave Mankin says:

    This is not an official photo of The Black Keys. This is an attempt by their record label to attract attention to the band by using a caption contest. The Black Keys disavow any responsibility and wish you would stop looking at it. #nextgirl

  414. Jule Weed says:

    i swear she said, ‘if you both wear these socks with wingtips there’ll be no more waitin’, and just like i predicted she kept on walkin.

  415. Doug says:

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy…but wearing purple socks helps.

  416. Jule Weed says:

    I swear she said, ‘if you both wear these socks with wingtips there’ll be no more waitin”, and just like i predicted she kept on walkin – damn.

  417. Haley says:

    Got this sin on our brain.

  418. Faith says:

    If you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it, if you’re happy and you know it, bend your knees (or play the Keys).

  419. …and behind big curtain #1 with “gold on the ceiling” we have a couple of “lonely boys” who just showed up in an El Camino appear to be “dead and gone”. “stop stop”, lets “run right back” and reflect on a “hell of a season” for this hot rock duo that a “sister” and a “nova baby” floatin along in “little black submarines” are so proud that all thats left to do is shake their “money maker”…

  420. Julie says:

    I swear she said, ‘if you both wear these socks and wingtips there’ll be no more waitin’, and just like i predicted she kept on walkin – damn.

  421. “Gee, Dan, what do you want to do tonight?”
    “The same thing we do every night, Patrick—try to take over the world!”

  422. Brad says:

    I’m a lonely boy over here on this side of the couch.

  423. Claire says:

    All dressed up and nowhere to go… That’s what happens when Derrick Tuggle steals the show.

  424. julie alyse says:

    “i swear she said, ‘if you both wear these socks with wingtips, there’ll be no more waitin’ and just like i predicted, she just kept on walkin – damn.”

  425. Denney Sandwith says:

    Dan: What color socks are you wearing?
    Patrick: Um…my purple ones.
    Dan: Seriously? I can’t even look at you.
    Patrick: Fine! (Moves to other side of couch)

  426. Hannah Hurt says:

    I was a LONELY BOY(or rather girl)all DEAD AND GONE until you were HOWLIN’ FOR me.You were suddenly a MIND EARSER and your music,YOUR TOUCH made me TOO AFRAID TO LOVE YOU.I GOT MINE self hooked and I RUN RIGHT BACK to you on my playlist every single time.You’ve CHOPed AND CHANGEd my view on music.I could never STOP STOP listening to you. THESE DAYS have become a HELL OF A SEASON.Whatever MAGIC POTION you have created,makes me want to be the NEXT GIRL.Only the big COME UP in EL CAMINOs.DEAREST Black Keys,HAVE LOVE WILL TRAVEL MY UNKNOWN BROTHER.

  427. Samantha says:

    Freaking love them.

  428. Caroline Buchholz says:

    Hi, I’m Patrick Carney. Hi, I’m Dan Auerbach. And we put birds on things! PUT. A. BIRD. ON. IT.

  429. julie says:

    “i swear she said, ‘if you both wear these socks with wingtips there’ll be no more waiting’ and just like i predicted, she keeps on walkin – damn!”

  430. Dan says:

    Pay no attention to that BAND behind the curtain!

  431. Elizabeth E. says:

    I could go to hell for this, but here it goes:

    “The Black Keys wait for Whitney Houston to get out of the bath tub before accompanying her to a Grammy pre-party.”

  432. jeff williams says:

    This could be the most awesome remake of forrest gump but who would be forrest.

  433. Laurie says:

    Situation: Valentine’s Day
    Task: Get the Girl
    Obstacle: “Looking like a nerd gets the girl?”
    Flip Answer: Sure as hell wasn’t me…
    Wishful Resolution: Waiting five more minutes then I’m oughta here… well, I’ll give her ten.

  434. Jordan Jarvis says:

    Dan- “Is that thing a guy, or a girl?”
    Pat- “Both.”

  435. Samantha says:

    are you pondering what I’m pondering?

  436. Black Keys: Purple Socks

  437. Jen Burns says:

    I’m thinking these purple socks might be why we are lonely boys.

  438. benji says:

    Mr orange and Mr purple

  439. Austin says:

    “We should go with micro-suede model this couch is simply not as comfortable as I had imagined it’d be”

  440. Katie K says:

    How the f*%k did that Nickelback song make it onto my Motown Monday set-list at the 5-Spot?!

  441. Jordan Jarvis says:

    “Should we do another Blakroc album?”

  442. Jordan Jarvis says:

    Dan- “Sooo….do you think the photographer is coming back? Or are we just going to sit here all day?”

    Pat- “Whatever…”

  443. Jimmie Jackson says:

    Dan: I just farted.

  444. Jordan Jarvis says:

    “Ugh, dude. You know everyone’s just going to talk about our socks once they see this…”

  445. Michelle says:

    Ikea is desperately trying to work the indie crowd.

  446. Austin W says:

    We’re going to need more furniture.

  447. Dave says:

    Patrick: What are we gonna do tonight, Dan?
    Dan: Same thing we do every night, Pat. Try and take over the world!

  448. Lesley says:

    Every day, I’m hustlin’, hustlin’…

  449. Thomas says:

    (5 minutes before the curtain drops)

    Patrick: They forgot my drums.

    Dan: They forgot my guitars.

    Patrick: Are you thinking what I’m thinking? . . .

    Together: Auberbach and Carney present “Who’s On First?”

  450. Kristen says:

    The Black Keys: Looking interesting and disinterested at the same time!

  451. Lesley says:

    Conan’s green room was better than this.

  452. Lauren says:

    Dan: How did Bonny Bear win a Grammy this year, and we didn’t?
    Patrick: Wait, who??

  453. Allie Kru says:

    How appropriate of a photo above: There’s a spot open on the couch and I don’t have a Valentine. #perfect

  454. Mayra says:

    We’re the purple socks lonely boys!

  455. Jennifer says:

    The actors here have not got a clue.

  456. Lesley says:

    I swear, this burger better be as good as we’ve heard.

  457. Andrew Gaskins says:

    Dan and Patrick moments before their job interview with Cadbury, hoping the interviewer will notice the socks.

  458. Samantha says:

    we really could use more cowbell..

  459. brandon teal says:

    dude you better not even look at me right now! stay on your side, don’t think for a second i don’t see your hand there. you better not. better not!

  460. Brett says:

    Damn, the Patterson House makes everyone wait!

  461. Adam Pergram says:

    We may look stylin’ and profilin, but just listen to our records and you’ll know: Our type of dir-tay doesn’t wash off!

  462. Rachel C says:

    The Black Keys react to winning yet another Grammy.

  463. Todd Simon says:

    Yes this is Italian leather!

  464. Katie Vance says:

    This Whitney thing is hitting us harder than we thought.

  465. tyler says:

    I can’t you came to the American Idol audition when you know it’s my dream

  466. Henry says:

    Oh oh oh oh, I got a love that keeps me waiting…

  467. Matt C says:

    The Don Drapers of the music scene

  468. Ambra Wible says:

    Looking forward to more music from The Black Keys!

  469. Debra Hulvey says:

    Four Grammy nominations this year and they still keep us waiting!

  470. Mindi McCormick says:

    You know what they say about “BIG feet and pink socks” ;)

  471. Mindi McCormick says:

    Stood up again on Valentine’s Day :(

  472. Lauren Smith says:

    One: Who put this couch here? Two: Stop pretending to not look at me.

  473. Chris says:

    Jack White can’t see if you sit really really still!

  474. Julie Hamilton says:

    Pretty boys in purple socks
    Want to party in a small room

    I be the ticket getter
    That’s my plan
    The ticket getter….

  475. Julie Hamilton says:

    Pretty boys in purple socks
    Would love to party in a small room

    I be the ticket getter
    That’s my plan
    The ticket getter….

  476. Suzanne says:

    Purple socks rock y’all.

  477. logan says:

    another damn photo shoot.

  478. Dave says:

    life is good
    it’s all temperature controlled
    ramen noodles

  479. Allison Wiemer says:

    Dan and Patrick show the 99% how to Occupy Nashville with style.

  480. Kimberly Tromatore says:

    How much longer for this damn photo shoot? I’m over it already!

  481. Tim Dahl says:

    Patrick: The lack of lumbar support clearly means that this is an expensive couch.
    Dan: True…true.

  482. Dave says:

    life is good
    its all temperature controlled
    ramen noodles

  483. Heather says:

    Yes, we’re rockstars but we’ll never be too good to sit on a couch from Ikea…

  484. Matt says:

    Who’s the bigger basic instinct fan? The one with his legs spread or the one about to…..

  485. justin humbert says:

    Nickelback wishes they looked this good on a couch.

  486. Matt says:

    Who’s the bigger bas

  487. Today’s the day. We saved you a seat.

  488. Gerry Schmidt says:

    “Now all we need is a pretty girl to walk by and sit down in the middle!”

  489. Chris Pottinger says:

    Jack White cant see you if you stay really really still!

  490. Gina Vise says:

    The wizard better come out soon – this waiting it bulls!&t!!!

  491. laura says:

    Bro, I’m not getting back in that Town & Country minivan9, I don’t care what you say!

  492. Samantha says:

    dan’s thought bubble: “man how’s that go? it was a one-eye, one-horned…”

  493. Pat McMahon says:

    Red Bull or 5 Hour Energy…I can’t make up my minds.

  494. Carrie M says:

    See I told you we would love living in Nashville…..

  495. Mike Few says:

    Patrick Carney & Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys impatiently wait backstage at The Maury Povich Show for an episode entitled “HELP! I CAN’T COLOR COORDINATE!”

  496. Tristan Redmond says:

    I’m a lonely boy ….

  497. matt says:

    Who’s the bigger basic instinct fan? The guy who spread his legs or the one about to….

  498. Mallory says:

    Dan: So wait, THAT’S an El Camino?!

    Patrick: See, told ya it wasn’t a van.

  499. Aaron says:

    “I wonder what Nickelback is doing today?”

  500. Grant W. says:

    Don’t worry, chaps. We’re saving our penny-loafers for the gig.

  501. Allison Wiemer says:

    Dan and Patrick show the 99% how to Occupy Nashville in style.

  502. You would know in words that which you have always known in thought.

  503. Carrie M says:

    See I told you we were going to love living in Nashville……

  504. Sara Stacy says:

    These hipsters wish they were cool like us.

  505. Amy Huckabee says:

    Bow down to greatness, Hipsters. This is how it’s done.

  506. Chris Pottinger says:

    One does want a hint of color.

  507. Josh says:

    Between Two Cushions, with The Black Keys.

  508. Kevin Lee says:

    Will you take The Black Keys or what’s behind the curtain?

  509. “You SAID magenta, not eggplant. F-ing socks. We look ridiculous”

  510. Kay says:

    Man, the new marketing guy at Ikea has stepped up his game.

  511. Dan: “Look at this chick checkin out my dapper dan suit….”

    Pat: “the sweater was a bad choice”

  512. Chip Hoback says:

    Your place is sooo…. Homey … Homey. I got this metal as a major reward at work.

  513. Jonathan Mitchell says:

    Only moments later the band would go on to change their name to The Black Leather Couches.

  514. Keith Lee says:

    Dan: Patrick, you want to tell him?
    Patrick: Sure. Sorry pal, you’re fired.

  515. Brian says:

    How to keep your band drama-free: Never have more members than you can fit on a loveseat.

  516. Aaron Turrill says:

    Dan: I have one pair of magenta socks and you had to wear yours on the same day. I can’t have anything pretty!

  517. Jordan Jarvis says:

    “Hey Pat, that your sister over there? ……She single?”

  518. Erin Wagner says:

    I can’t believe he had the nerve to wear purple socks. He knows that’s MY thing.

  519. Adam Lacy says:

    I told him, don’t wear your purple socks…tomorrow is my day for the purple socks!

  520. Todd Heath says:

    Patrick: Goddamn Nickelback sucks!
    Dan: True…

  521. Jessika M. says:

    One couch, Two guys, Three Grammy’s- who said Nashville doesn’t rock?

  522. Michael V says:

    Just a couple of guys thinking about minivans

  523. John says:

    Patrick, I told you it would be better for us to have gotten our mas tacos before but no you said this would just take a few minutes.

  524. Black Keys. Pink Socks. Thug Life.

  525. John Prater says:

    We’re so badass, we can rock these purple socks and get away with it!