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Do you love music? Do you love yoga? Celebrate both on August 2nd, 2014 at The Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel as Michael Franti headlines the Soulshine Music and Yoga Tour. Win VIP tickets from Lightning 100 by entering our Soulshine Music and Yoga Michael Franti Caption Contest. We want to send one lucky yoga fanatic and five friends to the Soulshine Music and Yoga Tour with VIP Box Seats!

Leave a brief caption in response to the photo posted by Lightning 100, and caption, “Can Michael Franti Fly? Or is it just the good vibes?” Captions will be considered for cleverness, relevance, and humor. The winning caption will be selected by Lightning 100 staff. The winner will receive six VIP Tickets to an exclusive VIP Box at The Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel to see the Soulshine Music and Yoga Tour featuring Michael Franti & Spearhead.

“One love, one blood, one heart, one soul, one drum and only one rhythm, one tribe and all of us singing’!” – Michael Franti

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74 Responses to “Michael Franti Caption Contest”

  1. Jordan P. says:

    I hope he can teach me to fly to his next concert

  2. Jenna Holley says:

    I don’t know if you can fly but I know one thing, that I love you :)

  3. O. Neill says:

    Can you please post the winning caption?

    Thank you!

  4. Ray says:

    One slip, some blood, that part, the fall, one top and one bottom, One concussion and all is forgotten.

  5. Tonya Poindexter says:

    Everyone is wondering will franti be soaring through our ears on the 2nd or will we be struck down by lightning 100.

  6. Laurinda says:

    We can fly with a little help from our friends.

  7. Holly Sivley says:

    What you’ll have to do to see over the crowd if you don’t win the VIP passes!!

  8. Elaine Moore says:

    “My superpower is music. What’s yours?”

  9. deb says:

    Anythings possible when it starts with a smile.

  10. Mike Harris says:

    See the rare species “yogi franti” in it’s natural habitat. Native to Soulshineland, it’s normal behavior is “celebration and love,” and is well know to carry and spread the highly infectious “boogie” syndrome. Though distinctly non-aggressive, Squares Beware! Barefoot dancing in it’s vicinity is inevitable…

  11. Josh Saxe says:

    “Honey, NOW can you see his toes sticking out of my back?”

  12. Or maybe it’s mama’s little butterfly?

  13. He can see Earth from outer space. He can see the Woods, a really cool place.

  14. I bet he can see the Earth from outer space. The Woods looks like a really great place!

  15. Janet Campbell says:

    Franti’s version of ” strike a pose “

  16. Tonya Poindexter says:

    We can do it ,yes we can , together we can fly higher than the sky , like a bird in the sky

  17. Eva watler says:

    This is how we Loveitate, elevate and appreciate!!

  18. Ray says:

    Her I come, Fontanel. This time…for sure. I ate the whole Super bean burrito.

  19. Whitney Quandt says:

    Either way, he’s perfectly balanced for a rapid ascent.

  20. Tonya Poindexter says:

    My what strong legs we have

  21. Janet Campbell says:

    Look what trust and love can do

  22. Janet Campbell says:

    Now how do I get down !!!!

  23. Annie Diomedes says:

    Flying Franti-Dhanurasana! Everyones new favorite pose

  24. Whitney Quandt says:

    Kindly adjust that IT’S to Its. Autocorrect……grrrrrr

  25. Whitney Quandt says:

    True balance comes when The Arrow gives The Bow it’s turn to fly.

  26. Tonya Poindexter says:

    Michael’s pre concert warm up

  27. Janet Campbell says:

    Look what love and trust can do

  28. Beverly Robinson says:

    Nashville is the perfect finale to end SoulShine. Michael signing off and flying to the dock of the bay

  29. Kara Ford says:

    I would let you shoot me with an arrow from that bow!

  30. Beverly robinson says:

    Some folks get drunk on a plane, I get high on Yoga and Soulshine

  31. James Barnett says:

    Michael Franti combines SuperGlue and Yoga to win human statute contest. Second place awarded to Al Gore. James Barnett

  32. Holly Sivley says:

    Good vibes flying… as long as Michael doesn’t toss his cookies!!

  33. Tonya Poindexter says:

    Franti’s ready for lift off please do not try this at home and Always use adult supervision while flying high.

  34. Nikki Holland says:

    Here I am, just waiting on this storm to pass me by.

  35. Devin D. says:

    Franti blends yoga poses as well has he blends musical sounds, here creating the “loaded bow.”

  36. Ashley H. says:

    I can see Russia from here!

  37. Gary Hewitt says:

    One love , one blood , one heart , one slip and one FRANTI becames a bit fruiti

  38. Ben B. says:

    Check out my new yoga move. I call it the Spearhead.

  39. Tonya Poindexter says:

    Young ninja master please don’t let me go oh oh oh oh oh

  40. Janet Campbell says:

    If I could fly fly fly , so high , so high, higher than the clouds even higher than the sky , I’m flying high

  41. GSnaps says:

    Super Fly Franti…yogi by day, entertainer by night. I’d love to go to the show, think it would be outta-sight!

    • GSnaps says:

      BTW…I’m a yogi as well! I’ve got nothing but LOVE for the Franti camp. Having a yoga and music experience with them and 5 of my yogi friends would be OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

  42. Jim Maglis says:

    Not quite “Earth From Outer Space”

  43. vickie dearborn says:

    Is that ganja I smell? Ready for liftoff

  44. The rare “Happy baby, aching pelvis” pose.

  45. Don’t give up on me, I won’t give up on you
    Just believe in me, like I believe in you

  46. Tonya says:

    Young ninja master please don’t let me go oh oh oh oh

  47. ALS says:

    If I could fly, fly, fly, so high, so high.
    Higher than the clouds, even higher than the sky. (Lyrics from Earth from Outerspace)

  48. Holly Sivley says:

    Michael writes a follow up song to Hey Hey Hey, while creating a new yoga pose with the same name… Hey Hey Hey, PLEASE DON’T DROP ME!

  49. M.A. Pickard says:

    “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother–from another mother!”

  50. Scott says:

    Look, up in the air…it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s SuperFranti and his loyal and trusty sidekick Spearhead.

  51. Jenny g says:

    Michael Franti is hopped up on good vibes and yoga! He’s gonna come at you like a spider monkey…. or flying squirrel!

  52. Brittany Sky says:

    Flying on the wings of good vibes!

  53. Brittany Sky says:

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… yogi?

  54. Beverly Robinson says:

    Praying For Peace, Reba. Join Spearhead at Soulshine.

  55. Josilyn G. says:

    You can do anything you set your mind to…but I believe in this case it is strong, healthy bodies that help create this photo:).

  56. ALS says:

    Cirque de Spearhead

  57. Mike Scott says:

    The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

  58. Bria L says:

    “I’m the Yoga Superman. Om!”

  59. Matt Melchiorre says:

    Flyin high in the sunshine

  60. Donna Phillips says:

    Look Mom! No hands!!!

  61. Donna Phillips says:

    Look Mom! No hands!

  62. Ruth L says:

    Everyone can fly…with a little help from their friends.

  63. Tyler Willis says:

    Just practicing for my new role as Peter Pan. Now to fly off to Neverland and never grow up!

  64. Axel Watson says:

    EAGLE!!!! (Dr. John Dorian)

  65. Ray says:

    Michael Franti shows us perfect balance between being able to fly AND good vibes. Fortunately, the dude on the bottom is quick as lightning, just in case Ole Spearhead falls or gets too heavy from eating all that yummy Soulshine Pizza.

  66. Robin Armstrong says:

    Life is better with Michael Franti.

  67. Matthew grow says:

    Training for the next belly flop Olympics

  68. Janet Campbell says:

    I believe I can fly

  69. Emily says:

    This flight fueled by good vibes and fine lives!

  70. ron arnett says:

    “This position helps me hit the high notes!”

  71. Tonya Poindexter says:

    Light as sunshine

  72. Holly Sivley says:

    Ever wonder what happens just before an artist writes a song lyric…
    “I’ve been a lot of places all around the way. I’ve seen a lot of joy, and I’ve seen a lot of pain…”

  73. Jenny D. says:

    “I can now love play, sing, and practice being yoga fly again for the entire tour season! Thanks oops I crapped my pants.”

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