The XX Caption Contest

The XXThe XX will be at Ryman Auditorium on January 31st!  Click here to get your tickets or leave a comment below for your chance to win!  We will probably go with a funny comment on this one… no pleas for tickets!


65 Responses to “The XX Caption Contest”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Third wheelin’

  2. Allie Betancourt says:

    Just practicing the “duck face” for my next profile picture :*

  3. nancy horton says:

    Two out of three ain’t bad

  4. kazu hishida says:

    the love bandit strikes again… sure he’s a vandal, but how can you hate him for this?!

  5. Look at the three of us…I think this band should go triple x…wink wink….

  6. Joey Morasse says:

    “Oh great, now there’s no more to shave my back with”

  7. Lane says:

    The the XX marks marks the the spot spot

  8. Greg Chapma says:

    “Okay guys, I think we can all agree that writing our names out in shaving cream was a bad idea, but I think I found a symbol that works this time.”

  9. Greg Chapman says:

    “Okay guys, I think we can all agree that trying to write out all our names in shaving cream for this picture was a bit much, but I think I found the perfect symbol this time.”

  10. Tracy Harris says:

    girl meets guy. couple falls in love.
    guy meets guy. wife stands by husband at press conference.

  11. Molly Thomas says:

    “If you don’t let me in the heart I WILL strangle you.”
    “Strangle me in a minute- the pictures being take. Act normal.”

  12. James Barnett says:

    I agree Romy, cause of death, the right ventricle was XX the size of the left, We should play more coroners conventions. Who knew they were so artistic?

  13. James Barnett says:

    I agree Romy, cause of death, the right ventricle was XX the size of the right, We should play more coroners conventions. Who knew they were so artistic?

  14. Jake says:

    I get women’s rights and all that, but its pretty rude to call yourself The XX when there are CLEARLY two XY’s in the band.

  15. Stephanie says:

    There’s no time for these shennigans when I’m trying to pump before a show. Now hand me my 3-pounder.

  16. Susan A says:

    We heart XX!

  17. Billy says:

    I’d love to see them yo.7s

  18. Rebekah says:

    A heart involving all three of them would make it xxx, wouldn’t it?

  19. Jessica says:

    Two’s company and three’s…just making this awkward

  20. pj says:

    Totally, yeah….The overall lack of symmetry fully expresses the artist’s deeply tormented soul. Minimalist Expressionism, hardcore…

  21. Lynn says:

    Somebody definitely made a unicorn happy. Probably a pubescent once since the spunk heart isn’t very symmetrical. That comes with age.

  22. joel says:

    “Save as much of that Shaving-cream as you can. Our next few shows are in France.”

  23. “Do you mind if I shave your face tonight”

  24. ryan b says:

    Romi::: “These bloody wankers and their sissified graffiti.”

  25. James Boshers says:

    Forget the whip cream bikini from Varsity Blues, Manti Te’o goes straight for the heart

  26. Dillon Gonzales says:

    As the band walks in to see the foam, they imagine what exactly happened after the Morrissey show a few days prior.

  27. We’re a little too excited to play the Ryman.

  28. James Boshers says:

    Screw the Varsity Blues whip cream bikini, Manti Te’o goes straight to the heart

  29. Cristina says:

    2 out of 3 reflecting their love.

  30. Melanie says:

    Guy on the right got friend-zoned.

  31. Suzanne Smead says:

    We are foaming to play the RYMAN – heart, the XX!!!

  32. Sterling says:

    I found your old yearbook. I wish I knew then, what I know now!

  33. Sterling says:

    I found your old yearbook. I wish I knew then what I know now.

  34. Jennifer says:

    What can you do with a little whip cream and The XX…good times at the Ryman!

  35. Todd says:

    If there was any more love in the room, they would be the xxx.

  36. Thomas Cantrell says:

    Timmy, congratulations. Your orientation is complete. You are the newest member of the Justin Beiber fan club.

  37. Whitney Hardison says:

    ” I could give it up on the first date” if I run into Wells Adams at The XX!! Crush.

  38. Jessica Eatherly says:

    If there’s anything marathon watching America’s Next Top Model has taught us, it’s to work your light. You guys, let’s own this Instagram filter.

  39. Greg chapman says:

    If that’s not shaving cream maybe they should be called “The XXX”

  40. Mike Tierney says:


  41. Hunter Whitfield says:

    Who needs o’s when you’ve got The xx.

  42. Sadie Rue says:

    I <3 The XX! XX's & OO's :)

  43. Phil Haddad says:

    If this heart was less detailed it would almost be as awesomely minimalistic as our music.

  44. Shauna W. says:

    Who needs shaving cream with baby faces like these?

  45. Tim Hollahan says:

    We can’t wait until we can use shaving cream for it’s intended purpose!

  46. Cherie says:

    We’re so hot even the mirrors drool to tell us how much they love us.

  47. Julia G says:

    “After lifting this 5 pound weight found here on the table in front of me, I squeezed the toothpaste a little too hard. Sorry, guys.”

  48. Cindy Collins says:

    “Shaving Cream Murals. Because what are riders for if not to ask for a good time in a can.”

  49. Brendan mayhew says:

    I guess Cupid thought the xx meant ‘the kisses’

  50. erika christiansen says:

    let’s see how Kidz Bop will cover The XX

  51. Beau Williams says:

    “Guys I have a great idea for the next snapchat we send! How about we all make pouty faces and… Um. Jamie. Oliver. Who used my all my shaving cream?”

  52. David Bean says:

    We can heartly wait to play The Ryman.

  53. chase pendergast says:

    True sign of a heart attack!!!

  54. Derek Potter says:

    Foam heart skipped a beat
    And when the mirror caught it you were out of reach
    But I’m sure, Oliver
    You’ve heard it before

  55. Andrew says:

    “Worst foam party ever… Do you wanna go listen to the Cure?”

  56. Ray says:

    Being too young to shave, the band put Dad’s shaving cream to it’s best alternative use. Everyone loves hearts and The XX. (Except for the person who has to clean the mirror)

  57. Anthony F says:

    “We put shaving cream in our rider for every show! We should be better at making green room hearts by now!”

  58. Brad J. says:

    The janitor wasn’t feeling all right
    One more bathroom to clean and that’s all for the night
    But as he thought fondly of things waiting at home
    He sighed as his eyes met a heart made of foam
    …you damn kids.

  59. Ellie says:

    “Maybe if we line it up just right… Quick! Take the picture!”

  60. Ben says:

    My “Heart Skipped A Beat”. Unfortunately this moment can only be “Crystalised” in our minds just like “Angels”, “Stars”, and “Fantasy”.

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  62. Jared Moore says:

    New concept album for 2013; the life and death of foam sculptures.