Win tickets to Independence Rocks!

Lightning 100 celebrates our independence with the best way we know how……a kick ass rock show!  Join Lightning 100 at Tin Roof Nashville on July 3rd for a great night of local music.  It’s FIVE of your favorite local bands for just $10. Click here to get your tickets. The line-up features Moon Taxi and The Apache Relay with Special Guests Elenowen and Humming House, followed by a late night DJ set by Cherub.  Leave a comment on the photo and you could win tickets to the show!


24 Responses to “Win tickets to Independence Rocks!”

  1. Drew Deal says:

    Awesome way to celebrate our nation’s independence.. looking forward to it!

  2. Lauren says:

    I want YOU and Apache Relay and Humming House and…Wait wait wait…Nope just the bands…Sorry dude.

  3. Bobby T says:

    We Want You…. to ROCK!

  4. James Barnett says:

    Hey, Pull my finger… and win free tickets to Independence Rocks.
    James Barnett

  5. Kathrine Brock says:

    ahhhhh can’t wait! starting the celebrations a day early!

  6. Tommy Wilson says:

    pretty sure uncle sam has a moustache.

  7. Frank LaBour says:

    I want tickets because I’m american and live for sweet jams!!

  8. Geoff T says:

    Glad to have an alternative to the mindless crowds for the downtown fireworks…

  9. Joy Centers says:

    Lightning 100 ROCKS!!

  10. Doug Noonan says:

    Red, White, and Rock!

  11. Danielle Dobbs says:

    He’s sexy and he knows it! haha. This will be a fantastic show to kick off the holiday!

  12. Jamie says:

    “I like your beard” (Yes, I shamefully admit that is from a Kesha song.)

  13. Joseph says:

    Ohhh, I get it. Independence because of pun.

  14. Jessica Durham says:

    MOON TAXI!!!! Enough said :)

  15. Connie says:

    Lightning 100 Rocks Ya’ll! And what better way to prove it than with ‘Independence Rocks’????? Can’t think of one myself! This is a must-see event!

  16. andrew says:

    all my favorite bands playing the same night at my favorite bar in nashville? this i gotta see.

  17. Sheena Perry says:

    #@^% $*&~!<—– Censoring my excitement for this show.

  18. Angel Bachuss says:

    I would like free tickets and a pair of sunglasses like Uncle Sam’s

  19. Andrew Smih says:

    “I want YOU… get your groooooooove on!”

  20. Shannon Spencer says:

    Very excited to see this show. I have been hooked onto Apache Relay recently when I started researching the bands playing with Mumford and Sons this summer. So wonderful to live in a town with so much talent…and Cherub is awesome. Uncle Sam knows what he is doing!

  21. Jessica says:

    Live music, from some of my favorite bands, put on by my favorite station… SIGN. ME. UP!

  22. Sam Foutz says:

    “I Want To Melt Your Faces Off July 3rd”

  23. Daniel Smith says:

    July 3rd celebration! Perfect for us working saps who have to be in the office on July 5th. Full day of recovery.

  24. Drew Gaskins says:

    I like the much cooler, gentler Uncle Sam…