Win Tickets to Mumford and Sons w/ Dawes

Did you get your tickets to Mumford and Sons with Dawes at Louisville Waterfront Park on August 13th?  No surprise the show sold out.  Lightning 100 has the last pair of tickets to giveaway to one lucky listener!  Leave a comment  below on the photo and you could win tickets to the show.  We will annouce the winner on Thursday at noon during Lt. Dan’s Request Lunch Hour!


127 Responses to “Win Tickets to Mumford and Sons w/ Dawes”

  1. kayla poulton says:

    OK so this isn’t a comment .for the picture .even though it is a great picture. I’m trying to get my husband out of depression his father passed away November 11th of this year to cancer. My husband stayed by his side threw the whole thing all the way to when he took his last breath Our anniversary. Was November 17 we celebrated .but I could tell it was hard for him to stop thinking about his dad. My husband is such an amazing man that has completely put his life on hold for his parents.I’ve tried to get tickets but like you said sold out. I just want to see a smile on his face. I know you probably get a lot of stories like this but it never hurts to ry right. Thanks for reading this.

  2. Nicole P says:

    If I won these tickets, I’d be the happiest girl ever!!! I love Mumford & Sons <3

  3. Scott says:

    Yep, according to this pie chart, we debuted at number one. Go figure.

  4. Very nice pattern and superb subject matter, very little else we require :D.

  5. Angie Kinsey says:

    Get out of our way, we’re gonna play!

  6. Kate T says:

    What I want to know is… WHO is behind door number five…?!

  7. Sean Fallon says:

    (Insert comment that gets chosen for the tickets here)

  8. randy says:

    Can you please post what the winning entry was?

  9. bert says:

    so who won the tickets?

  10. Matt B. says:

    I missed Mumford and Sons all three nights at the Ryman and I can’t see Dawes this Sunday! Dawes is one of my all time favorite bands and I would love to see them and Mumford and Sons together!

  11. Shelly says:

    This would be the best birthday present ever- they are my favorite!!!

  12. Haley says:

    I’ve been denied Mumford and Sons tickets four times. Four! I need the fifth time to be a charm!

  13. Lacey says:

    ERMAHGERD! Merhmferd! I am missing out on the Gentleman’s Stopover and would love to go to this!

  14. Adam says:

    I need these tickets more than anyone. My girlfriend and I are going through a pretty rough time, and I would love to be able to give these tickets to her as a token of my love for her. Mumford and Dawes are two of her favorite bands and this would be such a great experience for both of us, and maybe give us a nudge in the right direction in the process. It would mean the world to me! Thanks guys!

  15. Jennifer R says:

    Such an awesome concert! One that I would more than love to go to!

  16. Lauren Barbieri says:

    Cmon, you WANT me to go to this show.

  17. Jennifer says:

    “so, here’s the plan…..the last remaining pair of tickets will go to Jennifer & Todd so they can finally see us perform live.”

  18. Pam says:

    Would love to see Mumford & Sons!

  19. lostSon says:

    Finally, a pedigree chart that shows how Mumford and all his sons are related. If only we could understand how to read it.

  20. Mary W. says:

    These would be for my son and daughter in law for their tenth anniversary. They love Mumford and Sons and in fact introduced me to their music. A fitting gift for a tenth anniversary, don’t you think?

  21. Amanda says:

    Mumford?? Yes, please!! (My daughter calls them British hillbillies haha)

  22. Mark Mirek says:

    Just got back to Ohio from a few Nashville days. Would happily return for this show.

  23. Nikolette says:

    I would scream if I won these tickets. Oh my goodness! Me! Me! Meee!

  24. Carrie says:

    “We do solemnly swear to never play 3 doors down.”

  25. Stephanie says:

    Caption Contest: “I’m going to draw you like one of my French girls.”

  26. Alex E. says:

    “I Will Wait” along “Holland Road” staring into Lighting 100’s “Lover’s Eyes” so that I can hear “Whispers in the Dark” and become a “Hopeless Wanderer” making my way to Louisville to hear Mumford & Sons perform “Not With Haste” from their upcoming “Babel” album. Alongside the “Ghosts That We Knew,” I’ll become a “Lover of the Light” who wears the “Broken Crown” in “Reminder” of how unbelievable M&S is as I hear the roars of the crowds and the pounding of the drums “Below My Feet” in Louisville!

  27. Terra says:

    “Give it to Terra; she never wins anything.”

  28. B.J. Scarberry says:

    Marcus: “Well gentlemen,….we may have traveled a good way from jolly ole’ England, but here in this very odd, closet-filled room is where I left the blueprints for the Death Star.”

    Ben: “Why on earth did you leave them in this Motel 6 out in the middle of Arkansas?”

    Marcus: “……..So make your siren’s call and sing all you want, I will not hear what you have to say.”

    Ben: “?????”

  29. Jennifer B says:

    I see doors opening up for me to go to Loiusville and revel in the awesomeness of Mumford and Sons!!!

  30. Buckey says:

    I would love to bring my daughter to Louisville Waterfront Park from Pensacola, FL to see Mumford & Sons!

  31. jonathan davis says:

    I would love to see these guys.

  32. Chalice F. says:

    Me, please! Nothing witty to say. Just a giant fan that shed tears when the Nashville show sold out in seconds!

  33. Chalice F. says:

    Me!!!! Nothing witty to say just a giant fan that shed tears when the Nashville show sold out in seconds!

  34. Carrie S says:

    A real man flaunts his antiques.

  35. J. Adams says:

    Wait I think I hear him..But it says nothing on the map about a man next door.

  36. Amy Covington says:

    Love this photo! And would love to go to the concert even more!!!

  37. Laura foster says:

    I like mumford and I like winning. Pick me!

  38. Jennifer says:

    “okay guys, here’s the plan….the last remaining pair of tickets are going to jennifer & todd so they can finally fulfill their quest to see Mumford & Sons perform live”

  39. Katy M. says:

    You are so Nashville if… you make the guest list for a concert in a city other than your own. (Mumford & Sons in Louisville, here I come! :)

  40. Kacie Wilkes says:

    I love Mumford and Sons and it would be a blessing to win these tickets!!!

  41. Michael says:

    It’d be so awesome to go with my girlfriend to go see them! We love them! :D

  42. Jackie says:

    These tickets would be an amazing 30th bday gift to me!
    Saw them at bonarroo last year and they were awesome!!

  43. Stephen says:

    I hated that I missed them when they came to the Ryman! I know, 3 nights and I couldn’t make any of them. But I sure would like to see them in Louisville!

  44. Allie says:

    I would do anything to see my all time favorite hipster band in concert. Pleassseee. For my sweet 16 that’s coming up? That’d be the best present ever. I’d piss myself.

  45. Sean Spence says:

    The fabulous four just ooze 4 classic eras in one picture without apparent effort. It’s what hipster should have been!

  46. lisa milone says:

    Giant scroll? Of course. Fancy guest list? Absolutely. My name on that list? Yes, please!

  47. KW says:

    “You didn’t have to shut me out!”

  48. Tgraves says:

    I need (really want) the tickets! Please?

  49. Adam says:

    Mumford and Sons found out the hard way none of these stalls had toilets.

  50. Kristin Kovach says:

    Oh boy, I can honestly say that Mumford at The Ryman was the best live show I’ve ever seen. The floor was shaking during Roll Away Your Stone. I would LOOOOOOVE to see that on the waterfront. Lightning 100….make my stay at home Mom/trying to stay young dreams come true!

  51. Magen C says:

    My husband and I would love to win tickets to see Mumford!!!

  52. Jennifer says:

    Thanks to Lightning 100 for always keeping me informed on the best music shows in Nashville. It’s all about the music!

  53. randy williams says:

    Article 6, Section 3, Addendum F of the Roommate Agreement clearly states that there will be “No hootennanies, sing-alongs, or barbershop quartets after 10.p.m.”. Now go to bed, we have a big concert tomorrow…

  54. Lauren says:

    But for real, I’d road trip to Louisville and see Mumford #worthit

  55. Well you forgave and I won’t forget

  56. Ashley says:

    Ted: See Winston! I told you Ben and Marcus were making plans without us…
    Winston: I just hope it’s not TOO crazy this time. We don’t extradite right?

  57. Tracy Wyatt says:

    Not only is our music timeless, but so is this locker room, these clothes, the instruments, the hair styles, the attitudes, …

  58. Claire says:

    Uhh, Marcus, better check that map…there are just way too many doors here.

  59. Kristin says:

    “How woozy my eyes!” This post is certainly “a silent true-way to admire.”

    Hoping to “awake my soul” this weekend!

  60. lisa says:

    Let me help you find your way.

  61. Rebecca says:

    Let’s see. Where to next, guys?

  62. “What’s on that big sheet of paper?”

    “It’s just a white blank page.”

    “I think we got the last song from our record!”

  63. jeff williams says:

    Marcus- A MAP! why do we not have a tom tom

  64. Erik Achenbach says:

    Would love to see Mumford & Sons! Can’t make it to the Gentlemen of the Road show stop the following weekend. Comment on photo: “Yes, we know where we are going,…this is our touring calendar!”

  65. RSB says:

    Hey, guys, I can hear the ocean!

  66. I would do anyyyything to go to this concert!!! I can’t believe I waited so long to get a ticket! If I won, I would be the happiest person ever!

  67. Christen Paige says:

    I hope this contest isn’t based on creativity with the comment, because I don’t think I could top some of the others that have been left. But my husband and I just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary and didn’t really get to do much because we’re broke. Maybe we were supposed to win this instead; it’d be an awesome celebration!

  68. Rebecca says:

    Let’s see. Where to next, guys?

  69. My daughter is an incoming high school senior. This is the last year I will have with her before she heads off to college. Mumford and Sons is her favorite band and I was unable to get tickets to this show as they sold out so quickly. I could think of nothing that would make her happier than to get to see Mumford and Sons right here before her last year at home. I could think of nothing that would make me happier than to be able to experience this awesome event with her before I lose her to the world.

    Please make this happen for us!

  70. Maria says:

    By the look on Marcus’ face, I can tell that the ancient scroll he’s holding predicts that I will be meeting him at the rendezvous point in Louisville on August 13th.

    You don’t wanna mess with ancient scrolls.

    (please pick me!)
    – Maria

  71. Jonathan says:

    Get me out of THE CAVE and up to Louisville to see some MUM & SON!!!

  72. Nathan says:

    Mumford is the best, AND his sons!

  73. Gosh… Just look at those handsome men in that photo! Oh, what I would give to see Mumford and Sons LIVE! :)

    I am moving to South Carolina for college just DAYS after this show, so this concert would be the PERFECT way to end my summer!

    Best of luck to everyone!

  74. jen says:

    Recreating You Can’t Do That on Television is much harder after high school graduation…

  75. Laura Shaw says:

    When a door opens, Mumford and Sons will be there to walk through it.

  76. Katy M. says:

    You thought we were who? That one boy band? Did you not see our incredible hipster style and folk like instruments in hand? Please son, we are real musicians. We’re Mumford and Sons and we’ll still be around 10 years from now.

  77. Sara says:

    Marcus – “I’m sorry ma’am, your name is not on the guest list…should’ve had something wittier to say on the Lightning 100 contest page!”

  78. Nick says:

    I turn 30 two days after the Louisville show…I’d love to spend the last couple days of my 20’s with the Gentlemen from London!

  79. Maeve says:

    Such a spectacular band! I hope I win, but good luck to everyone else entering!

  80. Elizabeth says:

    America … so many fans, so little time …

  81. grace says:

    Love this band so much!

  82. Clara says:

    Love this photo, but someone is looking mighty pouty with that beautiful banjo! (Maybe he wanted to be the one holding the over-sized scroll :p)

    On another note, these guys are my absolute favorite, and I’m stoked for the chance to win tickets to see them for the 1st time ever!

  83. Lou says:

    I’m feelin’ lucky.

  84. Haley says:

    Please pick us! My boyfriend and I absolutely love Mumford and Dawes! It wasn’t possible for us to make it to the show at the Ryman, so this would be the best birthday present I could possibly give to him!

  85. Travis says:

    Just moved to Louisville from Nashville! Would ease the pain!!!

  86. Meghan says:

    Lt. Dan… you gots new legs.

  87. Pharris says:

    Marcus: How come all these bathroom stalls don’t have any toilets in them?

    Ted: Now we can’t play musical Chairs….

    From Your daily dose of poop jokes

  88. Megan Duke says:

    I absolutely love their Album Sigh No More! Seeing them would be absolutely amazing! They are such an inspiring band because they mix so many genres of music to create their own incredible sound!

  89. Holder says:

    Battle plan in the locker room.

    PS: my birthday is in August, 4 days from the show. This would be an epic 30th birthday.

  90. Amie says:

    Marcus is looking at a giant self portrait that I sent in because I’m such an awesome fan! :) Pick meeee!

  91. Frank LaBour says:


  92. Frank LaBour says:

    Pick me!! I won’t not go

  93. Ryan Arthur says:

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye! We, Mumford and Sons, formally declare that while the Beatles were awesome, they didn’t have a banjo. Ergo, henceforwhereto, we shall be the better British Invasion! Go now and tell all the little lion men.

  94. Rachel says:

    Heck Yes! Tickets would be awesome!

  95. Timothy says:

    “The innocence of the 2000’s was over and so was rock and roll as we knew it. We were entering a new age, an age of confusion, an age of passion, of commitment. Mumford & Sons saw it coming. “Babel” is a total innovation for it’s time. It was a signal of greatness yet to come. Mumford & Sons was a step ahead of us and I don’t think we’ve caught up with them yet. Their music is as alive today as the day they recorded it. For me and for everyone who listens to music, Mumford & Sons lives.”

  96. Jared says:

    Marcus- “Welp, boys where are we off to next?” (Glancing at map)

    Ben- “Shut up Marcus you don’t even know where the hell we are!”

    Ted- “I bang drums… and I like it.”

  97. Abby says:

    Not the best with maps, Marcus Mumford was so close before he gave up his quest for his missing two bandmates.

  98. Breaux Gargano says:

    Love this band! They have done such an amazing job of modernizing and reinventing roots music.

  99. Mumford & Sons is amazing! Would absolutely love to see them live.

  100. Stephanie Stewart says:

    The music calls for banjo and no accordion. Nonsense, no accordion, no banjo!

  101. Ted: “I’m testing the woods resonance to see if I can make my next bass from it.”
    Ben: “Why am I carrying Marcus’ drum?”
    Marcus: ” These are the super secret lyrics to the next song guys. They are all in pig Latin. We might record it that way too.”
    Country: “This guy sure is taking a while in the loo…”

  102. These boys are my second passion

  103. judi grimes says:

    pick me…
    and not making it to Nashville? Music City? REALLY???

  104. bert says:

    The winner here has to be Bert, so his name is announced on the radio, his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend is the biggest Mumford & Sons fan in the world, listens exclusively to lightning 100 and her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend is a huge Dawes fan…

  105. J.Fox says:

    Mumford & Sons are the reason I picked back up the guitar after years of being uninspired. I’m now been writing songs like never before. The chance to see them preform their magic live would be in the Top 5 moments of my life. Thanks for the opportunity if nothing more…

  106. james Barnett says:

    Mumford and Son’s set Genus record with worlds largest set list. james

  107. Nicole says:

    comment |ˈkämˌent|
    a remark expressing an opinion or reaction

    My opinion is that I am a winner !
    Your reaction is… yes she is!

    please and thank you

    love nicole

  108. Andy E says:

    I need to see them again to redeem their Tuesday night Ryman show last spring!

  109. Sarah says:

    Each band member emerged from behind individual closed door with something in their hands. They looked as though they had been wading through an antique store and picked out one personal treasure. Their expressions (a somewhat “are-you-kidding-me?” look) came after they took were told, “Perform! Perform with only what you hold! Now!”

  110. OH I’d give anything to go to this concert! We’ve tried and failed the last 2 times they were in town! I think my favorite pose has got to be Ted Dwane’s ear to the cup, imagining as if the accordion is making beautiful music. Also I’ve never been to Louisville, or KY for that matter! I do say they’ve all slimmed down quite a bit as well! Good looking boys right there!

  111. amanda says:

    Checking the naughty & nice list for Mumford & Son’s Christmas in August …so who’s going to be last on the nice list?

  112. Derek says:

    Mumford and Sons are amazing. Like sonic bacon.

  113. Mumstheword says:

    Looking at the pedigree chart showing how all the ‘sons’ are related to Mumford.

  114. Andrew says:

    Can I go? Please? Thanks.

  115. Kay Meadows says:

    Friday is my birthday!! This would be a perfect birthday to go see Mumford and Sons. I’m being a bit selfish here, but it’s MY birthday!!

  116. Kay Meadows says:

    My birthday is Friday and this would be the perfect birthday gift for me. Yes, I’m being a bit selfish here but it’s MY birthday!! : )

  117. Mumstheword says:

    The guys reaction when they were pitched the idea of doing their own Saturday morning cartoon, to follow ‘My Pretty Pony’.

  118. lostSon says:

    How old are you???? Why would you think we wanted a picture of your be-hind?

  119. Ray says:

    The guys were surprised, and actually a little miffed, as they looked at the map and realized they were in Louisville and not NASHVILLE.

  120. lostSon says:

    You gotta be kidding me. This is a poster of MY MOM???

  121. Tina Barnett says:

    “Ben..According to this map, from Bristol we take US 25E/N then I 75N to I 64 W, take the Third Street exit, turn left on River Rd and go two blocks to Waterfront Park… “Country! What did Marcus say about Ben’s accordion?! This glass trick never works.”

  122. Hi,

    Here’s entering the contest: please please please!

    I would love to know what he plans to do with his instrument of paper: a map, an architectural rendering, a poster? And of course, listening at the wall with a glass is always a good idea. I like the photo, very much.

    PH: 859-539-7841



  123. Ray says:

    The guys were surprised, and a little miffed, as they looked at the map and realized they were in Louisville and not NASHVILLE.

  124. Ray says:

    The guys were surprised as they looked at the map and realized they were in Louisville and not NASHVILLE.

  125. Ray says:

    The guys are suprised as anyone that they were in Louisville and not NASHVILLE.

  126. Breanne Smith says:

    This was when the band made a ballad over the Philadelphia Raido. They got into an argument over whether the song should be called Ghosts or ghosts that we know. This band is sooo amazing and I would love to see them. I just moved to Louisville and so far this concert it the most exciting thing that has happened. I really hope I win.

  127. Breanne Smith says:

    This was when the band members debuted a ballad on the Philadelphia radio. They got into an argument about it being called either Ghosts That We Know or Ghosts.