Win VIP tickets to Alabama Shakes

The real way to experience Live On the Green is by being a Lightning 100 VIP!  Leave a comment on the Alabama Shakes photo and you could win tickets to the show!  Join us at Live On the Green this week for a free show featuring Alabama Shakes, Fly Golden Eagle, and The Apache Relay.  Click here to leave a comment!


268 Responses to “Win VIP tickets to Alabama Shakes”

  1. Emily says:

    Hold on! Haha Let me win these tickets!

  2. Cassandra Millam says:

    I want Alabama Shakes tickets for Christmas, but mom says I’ll shoot my eye out. I’m not sure we were talking about the same thing…

  3. Carson says:

    …wonder if they are barefooted?

  4. Amy Slater says:

    I’m ready now. I don’t wanna wait! No, I don’t wanna wait! Guess, I’ve got to hold on… for a few more hours. VIP me!!!

  5. Justin Dorris says:

    This will be my brothers first night out in Nashville! No better way to welcome him to the city then with VIP tickets from Lightning 100!

  6. Debbie says:

    Love me some “Shake”, bluesy rock n roll.

  7. Suzette says:

    Wonder if there are any rattlesnakes in these woods?

  8. Annette says:

    Lightning 100 thanks for bringing Alabama Shakes to Nashville! You rock!

  9. Suzette says:

    Lightning 100 and Alabama Shakes will liven up Nashville at Live on the Green! Hold on, Nashville!

  10. RSB says:

    I thought they only gave out 3 medals in the Olympics, Mildred!

  11. Micheal Cope says:

    This just screams “I’ll be your huckleberry!” Can’t wait for the show! V.I.P. would just be icing on the cake.

  12. Amy B. says:

    Alabama Shakes Tennessee!

  13. Samantha Shelden says:

    “Baby Bama it’s cold outside”

  14. Tommy Wilson says:

    …more like ‘Live on the Brown’

  15. James Barnett says:

    OH No, who’s turn is it to pick up after the dog? Hope he doesn’t do that on The Green.

  16. Becca says:

    I don’t do crowds. VIP!!!!

  17. Chad Smith says:

    If I were named a lightning 100 VIP, after the concert I’ll be saying “I ain’t the same nomore”. They look a little chilly in the photo.

  18. Clare says:

    Hi, we’re big Shakes fans from Melbourne Australia and are in town this week – so the VIP experience would be fabulous. Thanks!

  19. Dallas says:

    Been looking forward to this show since first listen.

  20. Becki says:

    Love to see the Shakes in Nashvegas with the WRLT CREW for sure! Hope I win. ;)

  21. Pam says:

    Shake what ya mama gave ya!!

  22. Laurel says:

    So excited to see the shakes!

  23. Amanda J Clark says:

    Umm, yes please! VIP passes make me happy. They’re my favorite

  24. kris says:

    I have never won anything before. VIP would be awesome.

  25. Danny says:

    I need these tickets now!

  26. Chris Rosenbaum says:

    I used to be a little girl…..

  27. Chris says:

    Can not wait to see Alabama Shakes live for the first time! Would love to be VIP to make it even more exciting!

  28. Callaway says:

    I like how they’re standing in the woods. And Brittany’s coat is awesome. These guys kick ass! VIP!

  29. Megan Bass says:

    I need these tickets! I’m the only one in my office who knows who Alabama Shakes is #truestory

  30. Scarlett says:

    Love ya!!! Mean it!!!

  31. Samantha says:

    i’ve got a girl crush on brittany howard and am ready for a serious city-wide singalong

  32. Michael Schroepfer says:

    My girlfriend and I love the shakes ! Driving from Tuscaloosa Al got the ID to back it !!

  33. Cristina says:

    Yes please

  34. Cristina says:

    Still wanting to win. :)

  35. Adell H. says:

    OMG I love Alabama Shakes. Recent transplant from NYC to Nashville and Alabama Shakes always invokes that Janis Joplin, Koko Taylor vibe for me. After a long day’s work, VIP tickets would be saweet! Pick me please. Would be a great belated bday gift to me! lol.

  36. Michele says:

    Pick me please!! I just recently discovered them and am falling in love. Would SO love to see them up close and personal.
    Thank you!

  37. Lindsey Alston says:

    Yes, I’ll admit when I sing along to “Hold On” I substitute my name for Brittany’s name….everytime.

  38. Hannah Brooks says:

    I can’t wait to see them! They’re the only Live On The Green act I’ve really been looking forward to! And I’m from their hometown, so I definitely have to come out and support!!

  39. jrs says:

    Would love to see them again!

  40. Kay says:

    Pick me, pick me! Please oh Please ? :-)

  41. George says:

    Recently went through losing a parent and the loss of a 12 year relationship. 2 folks up here kept me sane and gave me hope again. They ruefully missed out on these tickets when they were for sale and, personally, I’d love to give these tickets to them to give them some of the joy they brought back to me as they absolutely adore Alabama Shakes and gave me the song Hold On to keep my chin up in rough times. I’ll be content just being there in the free seats.

  42. Kay says:

    Pick me, pick me! Please? :-)

  43. Eric says:

    We would LOVE VIP to see Alabama Shakes!

  44. Tracy Ardoin-Jenkins says:

    My husband and I have been looking forward to this show all summer. In fact, it’s on the eve of our tenth wedding anniversary, so VIP tickets would make it even more awesome!! :)

  45. Matthew says:

    Woop woop! The Shakes are the bestest! This would be a great birthday celebration for me AND my friend Mel!

  46. Bridget says:

    So excited that this is kicking off my fabulous friend’s 40th and first (in Nashville) birthday! Would be wonderful to top it off with VIP!

  47. Cline says:

    Take a break from Law School in Birmingham to drive up to Nashville, just to see Alabama Shakes? Not even a question. From seeing them in Tuscaloosa to following them for a couple years now, makes us proud to be from 256! What better way to surprise my girlfriend (Pharmacy school at Belmont) than to get VIP passes to the Shakes! I need those brownie points…

  48. Larry Owen says:

    Woohoo! Muscle Shoals Area, NG! Looking forward to it, and VIP would be gravy.

  49. Christine King says:

    Can’t wait to see them! Would be great VIP style!

  50. Clay garner says:

    Alabama shakes, fm 100 rocks, and Nashville rolls sept 27th.

  51. Al says:

    Am driving down from Chicago to see the show (they’ve eluded me twice here – got rained out at Lolla, and I heard about the [intimate] free ‘make-up’ show way after it sold out.) It’s also my husband’s 40th birthday… VIP tix would make the evening THAT much sweeter!

  52. tara says:

    Bless my heart, Bless my soul, Bless me with some VIP AL SHAKES tix please!

  53. Jessica Lavender says:

    Pick me, pick me!

  54. tulei says:

    i’m a musician and i seldom have the time to see other artists in person. i want to see the shakes so hard.

  55. Matthew says:

    Definitely the show I’ve most looked forward to for this fall…what a night! The Shakes and then Sheepdogs after at Exit/In.

  56. Carriga Camp says:

    i love this band! i’ve been listening to Alabama Shakes constantly this year – first the EP, then the CD. missed them at the Ryman because it sold out. (also an avid lightning 100 listener since i was a small child, dare i say baby) i would be a great VIP candidate because i know all the words to the songs, but i will lip sync them so as not to ruin everyone else’s good time…unless everyone else is screaming along and then i’ll know exactly what to scream…appropriate timing on the singalong/correct lyrics = great choice to have in close proximity to the band.

  57. Sara says:

    VIP for The Shakes? Yes, please.

  58. Hanley Koehn says:

    They kick so much ass!!

  59. Kimchee says:

    I missed them at The Ryman in May so I have been looking forward to this for months. Lightning 100 is the only preset station in my car & the only station I listen to. Thank you for all the great music guys!

  60. Ryan Turbeville says:

    I would love some VIP tix for Alabama shakes. They rocked at the Ryman with Jack White.

  61. Jerry Craddock says:

    I’ll have to work till right up before the show, VIP woulda be waaaay cooler than the miles away I’ll be for showing up late!

  62. Amy says:

    Oh, yes please!

  63. Kirk T says:

    They were on my “Must See” list at Lollapalooza this year but got dropped due to the STORM. Its fate.. Lightning caused me to miss them now Lightning should help me see.

  64. David says:

    Look forward to seeing them, vip would make it even better

  65. Julia says:

    I really like being in the woods too…especially having my picture taken in the woods. I would also really love to go to the see Alabama Shakes VIP syle!!!!

  66. Vicki says:

    Totally happy with free music outside on a beautiful night, but VIP would be cool too. :)

  67. Beth Hubner says:

    I have been a huge supporter of the VIP passes for all the shows, and damn if the MAIN show I have wanted to go to sells out…I would so so appreciate winning!!! I love you guys either way, but shakin’ my booty to the Alabama Shakes in the VIP section would make it super uber dooper love… LOL

  68. Whitney says:

    pick me! pick me! lightening 100 is literally the best radio station in the country…. and the alabama shakes rock!

  69. Nancy James says:

    I’m crossing my fingers and rubbing my shoes together~
    It could happen…

  70. Lori Gibson says:

    I’m gonna “Hold On” to hope that you pick me!!!

  71. Carol Abraham says:

    Excited to enjoy the music…everyone needs a blonde,Polish girl to win…once in their life :)

  72. Sarah says:

    What a kickass show just 2 days away! Should be a beautiful night to do some serious shakin’…looking forward to it!

  73. shawn watwood says:

    Wahoo! Alabama Shakes! Perfect for my First Live on the Green Event!!!

  74. Ashley M says:

    Hold on… If we don’t move, they won’t see us.

  75. Cody Hinson says:

    Gimme dem tickets.

  76. Terry says:

    What a great surprise for my wife and me to give our best friend and his future wife (getting married Oct 20th in our home)aS WELL AS A GREAT WAY to spend my day off from the fire department..

  77. Christina West says:

    I was lucky to see them with Jack White in May. Incredible show! Can’t wait to see Alabama Shakes again, and I know I “ain’t alone”!

  78. Jason says:

    I remember seeing them at The 5 Spot back a year or two ago when they were just The Shakes. Was blown away by them then and glad they’re getting the recognition they deserve! I’d love to see them again VIP style!

  79. Dan says:

    Looking forward to the show!

  80. Amanda says:

    Would love these VIP tickets!

  81. Megan Mitchener says:

    Please, I wanna win! My first Live on the Green show this season.

  82. Keith Litteral says:

    I can’t wait for the band to “shake us down” in Music City!

  83. Mary Laine Crawford says:

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Killer opportunity!

  84. Layla Fox says:

    We’re from the same hometown!!!! Please pick ME!!!

  85. Alissa Lindemann says:

    I love that this band is fronted by a strong female. The Alabama Shakes have a great southern rock and blues sound. I would love to be a VIP :)

  86. Tarl LaRocco says:

    I’m shaking in anticipation of Thursday’s concert!

  87. Allison Taylor says:

    Pretty Please:)

  88. Mary Harlinger says:

    Would love to take my pal from New York to this VIP style!

  89. Everette C says:

    Please please please pick me

  90. Katie Strunk says:

    Hey, I recognize those guys! I saw them pass nearby on my hike in Caney Fork this weekend

  91. Katey Alegre says:

    I’m a new Nashvillian, but I know that I only want to listen to Lightning 100! I would totally love VIP tickets to Live on the Green. Pick me!!

  92. Slick Willy says:

    Seems like just yesterday we saw them at The Basement & now they’re touring the world & have sold out shows everywhere. I’ll take some VIP action please & thanks!

  93. Tina Chew says:

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  94. Jordan says:

    I can pretend to be VERY important.

  95. Alyson Poling says:

    So excited Alabama Shakes will be here Thursday night! It is going to be such a great event! VIP tickets would make the night!! My husband turns 35 that night so it will be a fun celebration! Thanks, Lightning 100!!

  96. Gena Grayson says:

    To the Powers That Be,

    I’m a night shift ER nurse. Last night I got another nurse to switch with me so I could be off this Thursday to see the Alabama Shakes. If I could see them VIP style, it would be amazing. Thanks for the chance. I can’t wait for this show!

  97. Georgina Sillem says:

    Prettttty Pleazzzzzzzze.

  98. gml says:

    Can’t wait to see the Shakes! Thank you, Lightning 100!

  99. Robert P says:

    Just think about seeing the Shakes gives me the shakes!!! Cannot wait for this show!!

  100. Crystal Mallery says:

    If an awesome band plays in the forest and there is no one there to hear them, do they make a sound?

  101. Dana says:

    Would love to get my shake on with the Alabama Shakes!!

  102. Connie says:

    Pick me Pick me Pick me please please please pretty pretty please. Love Love Love me some Alabama Shakes!!! Gonna come and see them even if I’m in the back jumpin up and down.

  103. Jennifer says:

    Looking forward to seeing AS on Thursday night!

  104. Chirsta S says:

    So looking forward to this show – VIP would be ah-maz-ing!!! :)

  105. Ryan O'Daniel says:

    Be there regardless but VIP would be prettyyyy sweet!

  106. Jessy Yancey says:

    Pretty please?

  107. KC says:

    Dear Lightning 100–

    My wife and I just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on Sunday, and I only got her a card. Can you help save our marriage with VIP passes?


    K. C.

  108. Jake Lowary says:

    This is me being incredibly excited to see one of the BEST and most underrated groups in a WONDERFUL venue. Can’t wait to see you guys Thursday! It’s gonna be EPIC!

  109. Bob Gamper says:

    Whatever you do, do not pick me (unless you absolutely have to).

  110. Jackie Zweck says:

    I would cut off my left boob for these tickets, hopefully it’s not a requirement.

  111. David Henley says:

    That dog looks like my dog, Lee.

  112. C Holla says:

    Wont you come on Brittany!

  113. Lauren says:

    “…roll with the tide, and I will take care of you…”! Love me some Alabama Shakes!

  114. C Holla says:

    Won’t you come on Brittany!

  115. dee says:

    I’ll be there, but VIP would be sweet!

  116. Lori LeMaster says:

    ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!
    I can’t wait to see the Shakes and it would be perfect to be close :)

  117. Renee Nevitt says:

    Oh wouldn’t it be fun to win!

  118. Lindsey Horner says:

    I really, really, really want to win!! Didn’t see their show at Bonnaroo because I was working through Work Exchange Team. Was devastated that I had to miss their show. This would totally make up for it! :-)

  119. jessica says:

    Love them!! Gonna be a great show.

  120. Kate says:

    I changed a flight from Australia just so that I could catch this gig. True story, can’t freakin wait!!! K x

  121. Angela says:

    *waving arms around in a crazy fashion* Look at me! Pick me! Pretty, pretty please?! :)

  122. Beth Liggett says:

    Meeeeee! The photography coming from Live on the Green this year has been amazing. I’d love to produce some myself :)

  123. cheryl says:

    I would love to win tickets! I have not yet been to Live on the Green and my boyfriend and I want to see the Alabama Shakes and finally go! It sounds like so much fun!

  124. Alex says:

    If Otis Redding and Janis Joplin had a love child…it would be Brittney. Maybe they did and maybe they want me to have these VIP passes…especially since I have a friend flying ALL THE WAY from New Orleans to see them with me? Pretty please???

  125. Susan A says:

    “Going to the Party” to get my SHAKE on with some VIP Tix! :)

  126. Laurel says:

    I’m soo excited and can’t wait to shake it. I’m getting as many people as I can to come out and shake it with me. :-) music makes the world go round

  127. Jessica says:

    We go to Live on the Green every week….VIP would be great!!!

  128. Amy Morin says:

    BLUES, ROCK & SOUL… WHAT’S BETTER THAN THAT?! My wife and I would LOVE to see Alabama Shakes at Live on the Green on Thursday! We’ll even ride our BIKES.

    Amy M

  129. veronica says:

    I don’t have any crazy stories or anything like that. We just really think these bands are kick ass and would love to see them in VIP style!

  130. Megan says:

    Alabama Shakes? Or Tennessee Shimmy?

  131. Brittany says:

    Diggin that vest and the pic of the Shakes!! Like this “tease” with the tickets too ;) yes yes im listening right now lol… did I mention im brittany so yall could probably just call me on over???

  132. Leah London says:

    PICK ME. You know you want to :)

    Love, Leah

  133. Katie says:

    Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me.

  134. George Taylor says:

    It would be awesome to win VIP to this show!! I love Live on the Green!! You guys bring amazing bands to an amazing town, and it would be an unbelievable honor to be able to experience the VIP treatment during this show!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  135. Nicole Pollard says:

    I would love the chance to see them up close, since at Roo this year they were so popular I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE (other than pictures)!!!!

  136. Anton says:

    Lightning 100,

    Help me Hold On!



  137. Stacey says:

    First introduced to the Shakes on the beautiful Gulf Shores of Alabama! Can’t wait to catch them Thursday @ Live On the Green in beautiful Music City!

  138. Leah Hamock says:

    I just moved here. I’m excited about living here because of the wonderful opportunities to hear so many awesome bands like Alabama Shakes. I found them on iTunes a long while back & immediately luved them! They rock! It’s so cool to get to hear them on the radio too! Lightning 100 is my favorite radio station! These VIP tickets would be a blessing.

  139. Kim says:

    Lighting 100 Rocks!

  140. Andrew Smith says:

    Thursday night is the 1 year anniversary of when my beautiful wife and I met. Our second date was Live on the Green and it would mean the world to us to have VIP tickets.

  141. Jeff Carney says:

    Thursday can’t get here fast enough. This is going to be one hell of a show.

  142. Kathy says:

    Would love to win these :)

  143. Will Assink says:

    Hi Lightning 100 – It’s been a rough month, but brighter days are ahead – give me a head start on some fun with VIP tickets!

  144. I will be attending the show with Miss Olivia…..been looking forward to it all summer!! Miss Olivia is a special needs 24 year old young lady who loves to dance!
    I would love to get her VIP passes:)

  145. Brittany says:

    Hi! Just saw this post on my fb… diggin that pic of the shakes!! Very cool tease on the tickets so here I am! Oh btw, did I mention im Brittany??! :)

  146. Jill Poston says:

    Why yes, VIP tickets for the Alabama Shakes would be a fantastic 25th birthday present! Let’s make it happen– either way, can’t wait for Thursday to get here…it’s going to be lots and lots of fun & music (my two favorite things!).

  147. Amanda says:

    I’ve tweeted, I’ve facebook-ed, I’ve commented… I’ve entered to win many contest in Nashville and from Lightning100. Maybe my chance has finally come? Maybe I’ll finally get to impress that potential love interest with VIP tickets? Who knows, today could be my day.

    Always listening.


  148. Katie Alley says:

    Lightening 100-

    Please oh please pick me! You all definitely make Nashville a better place musically. Thanks for all that you do!


  149. mary jane buchanan says:

    LOVE this band – saw them with jack white – cant wait to see them thurs nite!!

  150. Mary Smith says:

    Beautiful music in the woods in Fall.

  151. Janine Daly says:

    looking forward to listening to the Alabama Shakes. would love VIP tickets. Honestly feel a VIP where ever I sit. Thank You Lightning for bringing the shakes to Nashville looking forward to hanging with everyone on the green.

  152. Melanie says:

    Youuu, you ain’t alooone, just let this beee my ticket to VIP!

  153. Tallie shelton says:

    I am only 5 feet tall and I can’t see from the back! I need stilts or VIP tickets!

  154. Mandy R says:

    Sounds like a good night!

  155. Would love to surprise my fiance!

  156. Kayla says:

    My boyfriend and I love the Alabama Shakes. He won’t be able to come with me because he has to teach his freshman composition class, but I would love to be able to bring him back some great pictures and possibly some swag. ;-)


  157. Sasha says:

    I want to surprise my friend with tickets to her favorite band! After her huge exam, I know she’d love to unwind with the Alabama Shakes — there’s nothing quite like good music, food, and friends!

  158. Jeff Loudon says:

    Dear Lightning 100,


  159. Katie Austin says:

    I want to see if the Alabama Shakes shake more than the new Jack White song! Let’s make it happen VIP style!

  160. Holly Bagwell says:

    Help me broaden my boyfriend’s musical horizons and create another Lightning 100/LOTG FAN!!! I’d love to take him to this after he’s done so much for me!!

  161. Virginia says:

    I made a summer bucket list, seeing the Shakes was right at the top! Will you help me finish my bucket list??

  162. Terry Zimmerman says:

    I saw them at Bonnaroo and was blown away. I can’t wait for this concert (but I would REALLY LOVE to see it from the VIP section!

  163. Annie says:

    I LOVE Alabama Shakes! After a stressful week it would be wonderful to celebrate a beautiful Thursday night with some friends and my favorite band! Can’t wait for the show!

  164. KJ says:

    I’ve been going to Live on the Green for 3 years now – one of Nashville’s best and most fun activities – would love to take a Nashville newb with me to see The Shakes! (yes, I’ve loved them for that long) Thanks!

  165. Tracy says:

    VIP tickets would make this terrible week absolutely fantastic!

  166. Emily Morris says:

    I delayed a cross country trip for this week’s Live on the Green. I would love to have VIP tickets to the show!

  167. Chad Abel says:

    Rocking the VIP with my lovely wife would make her week! Saw them open for Jack White and been hooked ever since!!!!

  168. Kristin Kovach says:

    That moment when you contact me to tell me when I’ve won…and that my husband and I can enjoy a night without a wild 3 year old…a night to enjoy some of our favorite music, in style….drink some beers and create the memories that keep the love alive…that moment is gonna be f’in awesome. I thank you in advance.

  169. Jamie says:

    Kicking off my 23rd birthday festivities with LOTG on Thursday. Would love to be able to celebrate VIP style!

  170. Melanie says:

    Would love to treat my best friend to VIP for this show! We love the Alabama Shakes! Hope to hear Rise to the Sun and Boys and Girls live!!

  171. Mariana Rodrigues says:

    I’m an avid LOTG attendee, yet I have never had the privilege to go VIP. I’ve been counting down to the Shakes and seeing them with VIP tix would be the icing on a sweet sweet musical cake. cheers.

  172. Paul Mojonnier says:

    Definitely would love to see Alabama Shakes from the VIP!

  173. Ginger Parker says:

    Keepin it real guys,,see you in Nashville Thursday night.And the dog Rocks it the best,,always got to include the fans with fur.

  174. This would be THE BEST anniversary gift to give. Please make me the coolest girlfriend out there and pick me!

  175. Andy Wells says:

    Saw them on the beach in Alabama can’t wait to see them on the grass in TN. Love to be VIP

  176. Amber Slade says:

    The Shakes restraining order against me has finally lifted. Perfect time for ME to win those tickets! 500 feet is just too far!

  177. Robert B says:

    One of my favorites that I have never had the opportunity to see! Cannot wait for this thursday it is the highlight of the month for me! Rock on Brittany!

  178. Sydney says:

    Oh my Stars!! I can’t wait!!! I’ll be there regardless, but I’d bring some southern hospitality to VIP section fo sho!!!!

  179. Jennifer Farrar says:

    Will you come to my backyard and shake all the leaves off my trees too?

  180. stephen says:

    I would love to check out the shakes in the vip area it would totally rock

  181. Drew Deal says:

    Would love to roll this in VIP!!

  182. Seriously, I can’t wait for this show!

  183. Allison says:

    Pick me!!! You’ll be happy you did. For the VIP tickets, not for whatever it looks like you may be doing in the woods in this pic!

  184. Janet says:

    Too kewl fer skewl! Can’t wait to hold on.

  185. Tiffany Bourne says:

    I want these tix!!!

  186. Peter says:

    If the dog and down vest are any indication, this should be a pretty legit show.

  187. As the bareness of the trees engulf their vision, VIP tickets would surround me with happiness.

  188. Cristina says:

    Alabama Shakes… incredible band! Love lightning 100 for being progressive enough to play better music than anyone else! Thanks!!!

  189. I’m going! I can’t wait till this show. I met them at the Jack White show a few months and they have become one of my favorite bands. I’ll be there…. but I’d love to be VIP!! My heart was broke when I saw VIP tickets were sold out. Please pick me. I can’t wait!

  190. Caley says:

    We’ll be there regardless, but VIP would be great!

  191. Sydney Maxfield says:

    Wooo!! So excited to see Alabama Shakes on Thursday!!! (It’s my friend’s birthday and it would be sooo great to win these tickets for him!) :)

  192. I miss the view from the VIP section!

  193. Dave W. says:

    Can’t wait for Thursday!

  194. Monique says:

    I CAN NOT wait to see Alabama Shakes LIVE and IN person! Apache relay is another band I’m so excited to see! The best concert of extremely talented artist. Lightning 100 always does an awesome job at introducing me to new music!

  195. Phillip Groll says:

    Thank god we made something of this! We can now get the F&CK out of Alabama!!

  196. Amber J. says:

    This would make my ‘shakin so much more fun!

  197. Leslie says:

    I love to shake it with the Shakes!

  198. Jen says:


  199. Holly says:

    Ready to shake it with Alabama shakes!!!

  200. John Yates says:

    I would make the best VIP ever!!!


  201. Logan says:


  202. Marc Sproul says:

    Yes please! Proud of my fellow Alabamians!

  203. Audrey says:

    I’m pregnant and always hungry. I really need VIP tix to see Alabama Shakes and Apache Relay so I can sit down and EAT!

  204. Bethany Miller says:

    I dig the photo! I also dig Lightning 100! Yeahhhh!

  205. Kevin Casler says:

    It’d be really nice to not have to pay for food and drinks.

  206. ryan brinkman says:

    Can’t wait to be stomping over crinkly leaves under bare trees in a few short weeks.

  207. Linda Endres says:

    Alabama Shakes has had a fantastic year! Traveling the world to share their voice and music! Opening for Neil Young, Jack White and now perform as the Headliner of major concert festivals and venues! What a ride! It would be a priviledge to listen to them at Live On the Green in the VIP Section!

  208. Daniel Smith says:

    I can’t HOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLD OOONNNNNNNNN any longer! Excited to see the shakes on Thursday!

  209. Ashley Jordan says:

    I have been looking forward to this week’s line up for WEEKS! I would absolutely love to experience it as a VIP!

  210. Jackson Dugger says:

    Cannot freakin’ wait to see Alabama Shakes and Apache Relay again!!!

  211. Evan Bright says:

    Brittany– comin’ ter seeeeee ya!

  212. Sara Horton says:

    My BFF and I LOVE Alabama Shakes and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them Thursday with VIP tickets!!!!!

  213. Keva Phippd says:

    Hubby and I hope to go! Can’t wait to see them and hang out with all the cool people!

  214. Mike Few says:

    I wanna win real bad so please pick me ok thanks bye

  215. Jennifer says:

    It’s my birthday and this is crazy, but Im dyin to see the Shakes, so pick me maybe? ;)

  216. Lisa Swart says:

    Cool Beans, Dudes! These guys rock! Would love to see them VIP style!
    L100, you guys do a fantastic job! Thank you for keeping it independent.

  217. Misty says:

    Going to see this awesome band @ Live on the Green, so excited!! Would be even more excited if I VIP tickets!!

  218. Danielle Johnson says:

    Yes, please! VIP tickets would make me the happiest lady in the world!

  219. Alicia Hyde says:

    My husband would be so excited to meet them!!!

  220. Chelsea Hamilton says:

    Can’t wait to see Alabama Shakes at LOTG!

  221. Denise Mitten says:

    Boys and Girls, Welcome to the Shake Down!

  222. Adam Halford says:

    A perfect fall photo to get me ready for a perfect fall concert! Love all 3 bands! Cant wait for the show!

  223. Andrea C says:

    Love the Alabama Shakes! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them VIP! Would love to surprise my boyfriend with VIP tickets for a well deserved break from med school studying!

  224. Erin says:

    I need VIP tickets for this show…Puh-leasssse??? Alabama Shakes is my favorite band!!!

  225. Ellie Wetzel says:

    Love Alabama Shakes! Such a treat to see their breakthrough performance at SoundLand last year when they were added to the schedule. My husband and I are planning to see them Thursday at Live on the Green to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary, which is the same date (9/27). We tried to purchase VIP tix but they were sold out when we logged on. Watching them perform from the Sky Bar would be amazing!

  226. Jenna Noonan says:

    If I lied and said it was my birthday would you give me the VIP tickets?

  227. Joy says:

    Would really enjoy VIP tickets. This band is absolutely without a doubt…fantastic!

  228. Anna says:

    Yay for Alabama Shakes!!!! Thursday night is going to ROCK!

  229. Tera says:

    What an amazing group of musicians! So excited about them!!! Looking forward to Thursday night!!! VIP would be great!

  230. Carson says:

    This band is awesome! Come on VIP!!!!

  231. Anna S says:

    So excited to see them live!!!! VIP would be even better!

  232. Courtney says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Alabama Shakes!!! Winning some VIP tickets would make my year!

  233. Ashley says:

    Really wanting VIP tickets for Thursday night!!!! Thanks to lightning 100…maybe this will happen!!!

  234. Joy says:

    Best radio station ever, best band ever…

  235. Joy Centers says:

    Please boy sniff out those lightning 100 VIP passes to the Shakes!

  236. Joy Centers says:

    Come on boy sniff out those Shakes tickets!

  237. Joy Centers says:

    I hope that dog can sniff out those Shakes tickets lightning 100 saved!

  238. Joy Centers says:

    Hoping the dog sniffs out those SHAKES tickets!

  239. Andrea Suiter says:

    Alabama shakes
    Will cause an earthquake
    I can’t help but grin
    They never stop rockin’ and rollin’.

    But seriously they are delightfully, earth-shatteringly awesome.
    i like tickets. and lightning 100. LOTG.

  240. Kevin says:

    Would love to see them live at Live on the Green!

  241. Shayne Pulver says:

    Pregnant wife who LOVES the shakes…..please let me surprise her! :)

  242. Shannon Spencer says:

    “Whether in the woods or on stage, still gotta look fabulous!” Would love to VIP this show. I’m gonna be there either way, but VIP would be the ultimate experience. Thanks for caring about the fans Lightning100.

  243. Kelley says:

    Plan on going with my girlfriends, would love VIP!!

  244. Dewayne Brown says:

    I started turning everyone on to “the Shakes” dating back almost a year ago, long before anyone here had heard of them. Love me some Brittany and so thankful to Dave, Keith and the staff at WRLT for loving them too.

  245. Ashley Richardson says:

    I want to go to the party on Thursday night.
    There’s gonna be dancing and there’s gonna be a fight
    Guess who’s gonna be there for you, the Alabama Shakes & Lightning 100 too!

    I listen to you online religiously during my banking biz hours. With working 40+hrs a week I don’t have alot of time to loosen the tie & relax. LOTG would REALLY help me “Simmer,Don” now. so bank on me & pick me..I’ll be glad that you did. Thanks!

  246. RSB says:

    Brittany, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

  247. Jenna Herring says:

    Pick us, Pick us! My husband loves this band and I’ve been wanting to go to Live on the Green since it started. The worst part is that I work in the building right next door. The sound checks and warm ups kill me on Thursday afternoon.

  248. Anne Whitlow says:

    I would love to win some VIP tickets to this show. They are an amazing band!

  249. Nikki Emert says:

    I listen to Lightning 100 online because I live over 2 hours away from Nashville. When I’m in Nashville it’s the only radio station I listen to. I would LOVE to have VIP tickets to Alabama Shakes. Can’t wait until Thursday!

  250. Vickie Little says:

    Alabama shakes is my favorite band and VIP tickets would be amazing! Love Lightning 100. Best radio station ever!

  251. Nikki Emert says:

    I’ve commented twice and they don’t show up. I really really want these VIP tickets to Alabama Shakes! They’re my favorite band. I listen to Lightning 100 online because I live over 2 hours away from Nashville. The best radio station ever!

  252. Caroline says:

    Love this band!!!!! Actually, I’m obsessed! Thanks lightning 100!

  253. Barbara says:

    Im from Alabama so of course I LOVE the Alabama Shakes! Would love to enjoy them with my husband…VIP style!

  254. Eric Lutz says:

    My girlfriend has recently introduced me to this AWESOME band and I’m trying so hard to surprise her with VIP tickets! She is such a huge fan and deserves the oppurtunity to experience VIP tickets! We will be there no matter what! Thanks to the best radio station on the planet!

  255. Caroline Kaeser says:

    I am in love with this band! I have told everyone I know about them! Would give my life for VIP tickets!

  256. Caroline Kaeser says:

    I am a huge fan of great music but Alabama Shakes is by far my favorite! I tell everyone I know about them and that they are
    Coming to Live on the Green! I would give my right arm for VIP tickets for my boyfriend and me! Sweet BABY!

  257. Kelley says:

    I’m going and my girls and I would love to rock the VIP!

  258. Chad Potts says:

    I was listening to the Alabama Shakes when they were a band you’ve never heard of. I would love to see them from the VIP section before they get too mainstream. #East Nashville #PBR

  259. Gimme some down home Alabama funk! Yeah! Gotta love the Shakes!

  260. Kristi Taylor says:

    Hope to see them Thursday at LOTG!

  261. Josh Lee says:

    The last comment was my response to winning these tickets. Don’t I look super excited?

  262. Josh Lee says:


  263. Lucius Carroll says:

    Emerging from the woods…Alabama Shakes the Green!Yet another fine season of LOTG from the fine folks @ L100,
    independence rocks!

  264. Kelly Northcutt says:

    Love this band, would LOVE even more to see them at Live on the Green!