Great Peacock – Take Me To the Mountain

Lightning 100 debuts “Take Me to the Mountain” by Great Peacock on 100.1 FM.  Andrew Nelson and Blount Floyd make music enriched by their native South. Influenced by Pop Melody as well as Traditional Folklore. It’s old art for the new generation.  Tune in all this week to hear this up-and-coming band and then see them perform live at Tin Roof 2 in Cool Springs.  Plus…..the show is free!


3 Responses to “Great Peacock – Take Me To the Mountain”

  1. You can purchase this as a single on iTunes now! The Self-titled EP will be out on March 5th!

  2. Hi, this is Andrew from Great Peacock. Unfortunately, we have not released our recordings yet but are hoping to sometime soon. You can hear another song we have streaming at http://www.greatpeacock com. Glad you enjoyed the song. Thanks for listening.

  3. Sandy says:

    Looking for this song on iTunes and I can’t find it!!! Love it!!!