How to Listen

Here is a list of ways you can listen to Lightning 100(other than 100.1 FM) online and on different smart devices.

Smart Speaker

Do you own a smart speaker? Have you enabled the Lightning 100 skill yet? To enable Lightning 100 on your smart speaker say, “Alexa, enable Lighting 100″.

Special thanks to our friends at for support independent radio and creating our skill! Check out what you can do with your smart speaker and Lightning 100!

  • Alexa, play Lightning 100
  • Alexa, Play WRLT Nashville
  • Alexa, ask Lightning 100, what’s playing now?
  • Alexa, ask Lightning 100, what were the last 5 songs played?

Lightning 100 iPhone and Android App

Download the Lightning 100 app!

  • Enter to win online contest!
  • Connect with our socials
  • Get instant access to the Lightning 100 Concert Calendar
  • Buy Lightning 100 Merch!

Tune In