Tuned In Broadcasting, Inc.
1310 Clinton Street – Suite 215
Nashville, TN 37203
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(615) 242-5600 – Business Office
(615) 777-5100 – Lightning 100 On-Air Studio
(615) 296-9039 — Fax Number

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Programming Department

Gary Kraen
VP Programming & Operations
Kraen (at) Lightning100 (dot) com
ext. 2300

Lt. Dan Buckley
Program Director / Production Director / On-Air Talent
Buckley (at) Lightning100 (dot) com
ext. 2310

Rev. Keith Coes
Music Director / Assistant Program Director
KCoes (at) Lightning100 (dot) com
ext. 2320

Adam Culver
On-Air Talent
ACulver (at) Lightning100 (dot) com

Jayson Chalfant
On Air Talent / Account Executive
Jayson (at) Lightning100 (dot) com

Casey Smith
On-Air Talent / Traffic Coordinator
Host/Producer – the615
Traffic Director
CSmith (at) Lightning100 (dot) com

Annie Klaver
On-Air Talent

Lani Ford
On-Air Talent

Hope Silver
On-Air Talent

Daina Story
On-Air Talent

Promotions Department

Delaney Willson
Community Engagement Manager
Delaney (at) Lightning100 (dot) com
ext. 2430

Marketing and Sales Department

Tom Hansen
VP Sales & Marketing
THansen (at) Lightning100 (dot) com
ext. 2200

Lesli Bills
Account Executive
LBills (at) Lightning100 (dot) com

Brittney Farrow
Account Executive
BFarrow (at) Lightning100 (dot) com
ext. 2230

Steve Komisar
Account Executive
Steve (at) Lightning100 (dot) com

Tich McWilliams
Account Executive
Tich (at) Lightning100 (dot) com
ext. 2220

Accounting Department

Nadine Barbour
Business Manager
Nadine (at) Lightning100 (dot) com
ext. 2620

Technical Department

Brian (the web guy) Waters
Director of Interactive Content and Marketing
BWaters (at) Lightning100 (dot) com
ext. 2520

Emily Young
Communications & Digital Media Specialist
EYoung (at) Lightning100 (dot) com

Live On The Green Music Festival Department

Christopher Paxton
Producer / Festival Director for Live On The Green Music Festival
CPaxton (at) Lightning100 (dot) com
ext. 2410