Are you having issues with streaming,, the Lightning 100 merchandise store or tickets? Please reference our troubleshooting section below.  If one of these options does not help the situation, please fill out a help ticket via the form at the bottom of the page.


Here are some things that might help streaming.

  • Having issues with the Backstage Stream? Send us a message or call the office at 615-242-5600!
  • Clear your browser cache. If you are unsure how to do this, please visit:
    Once the cache has been cleared check the station again for streaming capability.
  • Load a different browser and try the station’s stream again from the new browser. Below is a download link for Google Chrome if you do not have another browser installed.
  • If you still cannot stream, turn off your virus protection and any firewall you may have on the computer, the Windows firewall. DO NOT leave it off! This is just to test if the virus protection or firewalls are blocking the stream.
  • Turn off third-party add-ons/plug-ins, like specialty toolbars and ad blocker then try to stream.
  • Try listening from this link.  Please fill out the form below so we can alert our streaming provider with the correct info.
  • Still having problems?  Click here to send in a ticket.


  • Noticed something strange on the website?  Please fill out the form listed at the bottom of the page.  We appreciate all feedback on our website!
  • The preferred browser to view our content are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Backstage Pass

Thanks for joining the BETA version of Lightning 100’s Backstage Pass. With your help, we will improve the program and keep 100.1 FM on the air. If you do not see something on this FAQ, please send us a message with your question, comment, or suggestions.

I’m not seeing the stream.

Please make sure you are signed in to view the stream. Members have access to the stream at the VIP STREAMER, BACKSTAGE, OR ALL ACCESS levels.

The stream shuts off after my phone goes to sleep mode.

We are currently having issues with Google Chrome on iPhones and Androids. Please download Safari to listen to our stream without interruptions.

The stream cuts off in the car.

Please turn Wifi off while listening in the car. Your phone can pickup weak wifi signals and interrupt the stream.

Forgot Password

Please visit the login page, found at the top of the website. Click “Forgot Password” on this page. You will receive an email from Lightning100 ([email protected]) within 1-5 minutes. Check spam if not received. Enter your new password, and then sign into


Enter to win access to secret shows, tickets, in-studio meet and greets and more with Lightning 100’s VIP Text Club. If you are not receiving text from us, please text “START”, no quotations to 615-933-3823.


  • After purchase, processing takes 2-3 business days.  Standard shipping varies by destination.
  • Product can be returned within 30 days of purchase.  Shipping will not be refunded.
  • Tracking on package can be found in confirmation email.


  • If we have not contacted you about physical tickets/ prizes, they probably haven’t arrived at the station yet.  Feel free to reach out to us to check at 615-242-5600 or email [email protected]
  • If you have won non-physical tickets (i.e. will call/ guest list), your name will be sent to the venue box office the week of the show. You will receive an email confirmation when it is sent out. To pick up these tickets, you will need a valid ID.
  • Listeners will be contacted by DJ’s after winning tickets on social networks.  Please check your mail or direct message for details.
  • DJ’s will announce the winner on air if we are using our social networks.
  • Listeners have until 5pm (CST) day of show to pick up their tickets. We are not open on Saturday and Sundays.


  • Lightning 100 is not responsible for presales advertised on air.  These are configured by the venue, promotor or artists.
  • LIMITED tickets are available during presales.
  • Tickets can sell out within minutes.  Sometimes presales are solely based on luck.


  • What song was that?  Visit our Now Playing History to view the last 30 days of music played on Lightning 100.
  • What is the studio phone number? 615-242-5600
  • Where can I find out about advertising rates?  Visit our sales contact page.  A sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible.  Office hours are from 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday.