Local Submissions & Booking

Lightning 100 supports our local and up-and-coming artists by featuring them in Nashville showcases.  It’s our effort to help break new, up-and-coming artists and create new fans though 100.1 FM.  

If your band is interested in performing at one of these dates, fill out the form below!  If you’re interested in Lightning 100 booking your event or advertising your show, click here contact a sales representative.

Check out our local music blog to find other similar Nashville based artists! Follow and use #Lightning100 on socials to connect with other Lightning 100 artists!

If you are a local Nashville artist or band and have a commercially available CD (retail or internet), mail your submission to:

Mail To:

Lightning 100 Attention the615
WRLT-FM / Lightning 100
1310 Clinton Street – Suite 215
Nashville, TN 37203

Submission Guidelines

Please include the following:

  • Artist Name
  • CD Title
  • Suggested songs to review (3 tracks)
  • Artist Contact – phone, email address, and mailing address
  • Artist website
  • Artist base – i.e. location
  • Where is the CD commercially available
  • Artist bio/fact sheet