AJ and the Jiggawatts


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If you are familiar with the soul scene of Nashville, then you have heard about AJ & The Jiggawatts. Born and raised in the south, AJ Eason has played in a number of bands ranging from The Spades to Space Capone since 1998 and his latest work helps spread the group’s groovy funk-rock from East Nashville to Murfreesboro and beyond. The Jiggawatts all play with other bands in the funk-soul genre, and use that musical experience to bring a deeper element to AJ & The Jiggawatt’s sound. A few days after releasing their first full-length album, which is self-titled, I had the chance to catch up with AJ of AJ & The Jiggawatts.

Q: What path did you take to get in to music?

A: I was born in Atlanta and raised in Memphis since the age of 5. I started singing around campfires and had a little bit of church in there. I went to University of Tennessee to study business and started playing drums. I released an album with a three piece band, Hitch, around 2005. Around that time I got tied in with the G.E.D. Soul Records crowd and was able to tour with the band Sky Hi in Atlanta. I then moved to Clarksville for a job, and later traveled with other bands. I moved to Nashville around 2008 and started playing with Space Capone after begging them to play percussion. I toured with them from 2009-2011and got to play a lot of festivals, including Bonnaroo. AJ & The Jiggawatts formed soon after with G.E.D. Soul Records founder Nick DeVan. DeVan plays drums, Andrew Muller, who plays with Deep Fried 5 is on guitar, and Tim Hawkins is on bass, while I made the move to the front of the stage. We pick up players along the way and for certain performances. Austin Little joins us on trombone, and Andrew Hagen joins us on saxophone. We have had the chance to tour the St. Louis and Chicago circuits, as well as the southern circuit, opening for acts such as Nappy Roots and Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

Q: How would you describe your style from your past work to your most current work?

A: My experiences in the last two years have shaped the songs on our latest album. We actually have a full second album ready which has a different vibe because it is more focused on horn, and we’re possibly recording it this summer. Two songs from our EP are bonus tracks on the full length and may sound different production-wise. This CD is really raw and recorded straight to tape. We added violin and cello for the song “Once in a Lifetime.” We made it to tell a story and to be able to listen straight through.

Q: How has Nashville influenced your style?

A: After moving here, I really immersed myself in the scene. I’m out and about so much that people have started to call me a “soul-cialite.” I keep my head in what is going on at the forefront which helps me know people in different walks of life.

Q: Who is your favorite collaborator?

A: Paul Gibson, out of Knoxville, Tennessee. He was my co-writer from 1998-2007 and is the most natural songwriter. He could always hear what I meant and build on top of small elements.

Q: Who are your influences?

A: James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Mayer Hawthorne, Aloe Blacc, Trombone Shorty, Lee Fields, Black Crowes, Black Joe Lewis, Dap-Kings, and Grateful Dead, among others.

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Q: What are your long-term goals as a musician?

A: I want to focus on being a lyricist, getting published, and getting four songs licensed. I want to keep writing horn lines for our songs, which I often do with a handheld recorder. I’d also love to collaborate outside of our genre.

Q: What is a highlight of your career so far?

A: I was touring with The Spades, an all-star group out of Knoxville, and we had the chance to open for Al Green. I had been drumming, but was able to step out of the back and sing lead with this band. Other highlights include sharing the stage with North Mississippi All-Stars and Black Crowes.

Q: What is your advice to others in and outside of the music realm?

A: Listen to yourself and get to know yourself. Trust your gut. You are your destiny and life is now.

Written by: Lexie Deeb







the615 04/21/14

Episode94. the615 04/21/14

Local Artist of the week- Playing Soulshine 04/25/13
Aj & the Jiggawatts – Get Wild – Aj & The Jiggawatts

Dj Picks
Hammel – Matthew Perryman Jones – Waking Up The Dead – (Wed. Benefit: Love for the Cowarts w/ Brady Toops & Remedy Drive)
Wells – Dean Fields- Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeah’s cover

This Just In
Cory Bishop- Carolina- Cory Bishop
Boom Forest- Wooden Heart

Live in the Lightning 100 studios KOA – Single Release show tonight at Mercy Lounge 4/21/14 w/ Abby and the Guise, and The Case Study
KOA Live- Lover
KOA- False Calls- Single

Jack White- Lazaretto- Lazaretto

Bands Around Town – On Tap Showcase Thursday 4/24 at Tin Roof, FREE 8pm- Jonny P, Heavy Heavy Hearts & Bearheart
Heavy Heavy Hearts- Find Your Way
Bearheart- Before I Die


Jack White Makes And Breaks A Record

In my 14+ years in radio I have seen and heard a lot of cool stuff.  I’ve played soccer with Michael Franti, I’ve made a music video on a golf cart at Bonnaroo, I’ve seen Band of Horses play on the Nashville Symphony stage with 50 other people, I’ve enjoyed a hazy Red Hot Chili Peppers set from the pit with McLovin and the guys from Workaholics with countless other moments etched into my memory that continue to remind me that I have the best job on the planet.  If you asked me last week to quantify or rank my favorite music moment thus far, I would not be able to give you a straight answer…that is until #RSD2014. On April 19th 2014 (Record Store Day 2014) Jack decided to break the record for the fasted record ever made.   I was a witness and this is what happened. –Wells Adams

Here is the setlist from #RSD2014:

  1. High Ball Stepper
  2. Lazaretto
  3. Power of My Love
  4. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
  5. Freedom at 21
  6. Three Women
  7. Weep Themselves to Sleep
  8. Love Interruption
  9. Hello Operator
  10. Just One Drink
  11. Hotel Yorba
  12. Would You Fight for My Love


The Tasting Bar — Easter Special

This week on The Tasting Bar, Dave and Lisa from The Bottle Shop bring in drinks that will pair perfectly with your Easter celebration.


Missed Connections on the Morning Show

The Lightning 100 intern band (Casual Encounters) turned a Craigslist “Missed Connection” into an amazing song!


Spring Block Party Photos


Dean Fields

1174522_10151892026188706_689486206_nCompiled by Sam Walker

Over 1000 shows, 10 years, and 200,000 miles have passed since Dean Fields went on the road to pursue a career in music. During that time his address changed from Richmond VA to Miami to Boston until most recently settling in Nashville TN. Now, he hits the road again to promote his most recent release “Any Minute Now.”

His recent homecoming has found Fields selling out shows in Richmond VA, as well as nearby Washington DC. “Dean Fields writes lyrics like Leonard Cohen and sings like Jeff Buckley. It’s no surprise that there’s a serious buzz on this Virginia singer-songwriter.” (Free Times) While continuing to feed his passion for music, Dean is fueled by a single-minded love to perform, sharing the stage with KT TunstallBlues TravelerRosanne CashEric HutchinsonColin HayBob Schneider,AuqualungHootie and the BlowfishJohn HiattCakeBruce HornsbyRusted RootMadeleine PeyrouxCarbon Leaf, among others. In addition, Fields’ maturity as a writer and performer is brought to the fore by some of the region’s finest musicians. The band features members of Mandy Moore, Sparklehorse, Agents of Good Roots, KD Lang, Carbonleaf and Modern Groove Syndicate.

Q:  Where were you born?

A:  I was born and raised in Virginia, right outside of Richmond.

Q:  How and when did you start playing music?

A:  I started playing piano when I was four or five years old, and grew up playing classical music.  My dad got a guitar for a Christmas present when I was fourteen years old.  I stole his guitar and played it all the time.

Q:  When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

A:  I grew up wanting to be a runner.  I ran competitively at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, but I got injured.  So then I decided to go to grad school at the University of Miami to study music.  I didn’t want to go but its what everyone was doing.  However, as soon as I found my voice as a songwriter I was out of there.

Q: What was your major in Grad School?

A:  I studied MBEI.  Which is Music Business Entertainment Industry.  Not many schools were offering solely Music Business back then.  I also studied Audio Engineering.

Q:  What are the steps of your songwriting process?

A:  It used to just be messing around until I found something cool, but now its much more simplified.  Musically, my classical background helps me construct a melody, and lyrically it’s my love for reading.  If I’m co-writing I usually come with a hook ready, and if I’m not I’ve just developed the discipline to knock out a song in four hours or so.

Q:  Do you currently have a publishing deal?

A:  Nope, I don’t have anything.  I pitch all my own songs and book all my own shows.  I appreciate anyone’s help, but I’ve realized that no one will work as hard as I will because it is my music.  I know me and know what I want to do and think about it all day and night, I can’t expect that from someone else.

Q: What has been your favorite recording experience?

A:  The first record I made, I was in the studio with Alan Weatherhead who used to be in a band called Sparklehorse.  He’s a great engineer, who kind of fly’s under the radar.  He is like the secret weapon of Richmond, Virginia.  The studio is called Sound of Music.  I knew nothing about what I was doing.  I was just winging it.  Alan was awesome; he had this idea to just have everyone in the room be a part of the record. We made it sound like the recording was in a bar, with all this background noise, and people telling jokes in the background.  It was really cool; we were all singing around the same mic, it was very spontaneous.  It was fun, it sounded like garbage, but it was great for that song.

Q:  What has been your favorite live performance experience?

A:  I like it when there is a super loud crowd that I can shut up with my music.  I think that’s amazing, now when it is the other way around it sucks.  I just played this show with Levi Lowrey in Atlanta and that happened there.  None of the crowd was ready for my sound, but it worked.  It was weird when I used to play college gigs because I had to make them feel like they were having an awesome time, while satisfying my need to be heard.

Q:  Do you have any summer touring plans coming up?

A:  I actually have a big tour coming up.  My home market in Virginia is solid; I can sell out venues there.  I have other friends who can do the same in other markets.  I reached out to them and said I’ve worked twelve years to get to this point, I’ll trade you my twelve years for your twelve years.  So we put together a twelve-gig tour, and we expect to sell out at least four venues.  That tour starts in June and spans from Georgia to New Hampshire, we’re playing Atlanta, Charlotte, Richmond, Washington DC, Philly, New York, Boston, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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the615 04/14/14

Episode93. the615 04/14/14

Local Artist of the week- “Brought to you by CollegeBookRenter.com Rent the book own the knowledge”- Playing Soulshine 04/18/13
Dean Fields – More Than I Deserve

Dj Picks
Hammel – Aj & the Jiggawatts – Get Wild – Aj & The Jiggawatts
Wells – Charlie- Love’s Like A Whiskey- (Playin Live Saturday a the The Basement CD release show 4/20 w/ Work Drugs, Teen Men, and Bern Kelly)

Live in the Lightning 100 Studios – Lulu Mae
Lulu Mae Live- Memphis Woman
Lulu Mae- Mean River- Mean River

Bands Around Town- Music City Mayhem fantastic 5 Showdown Saturday 4/19/14 at Pavillion East gates open at 4pm
Phin – Those Killers
Farwell Flight – Scarecrow
What Up Einglish – Things You Say To Me
Cooper And The Jam – I Wanna Love You
Safe In Blue(Wild Card) – Song I Believe In


Lightning 100 Unplugged – 4/13/14

ArtistSong TitleSourceSun 4/13/14
Blind MelonChange (Changed – Alternate Version)Change EP
Brandi CarlileDreamsKINK Live 13
Ben TaylorNothing I Can DoAnother Run Around The Sun
Sam PalladioDriftwoodUnreleased, Lightning 100 exclusive
Jason IsbellDifferent DaysBackstage Bonnaroo
Aimee MannFreewayBackstage Bonnaroo
Band of HorsesInfinite ArmsLive at the Hollywood Forever Masonic Lodge
Rhett MillerCome AroundNashville Sunday Night Live from 3rd and Lindsley
Ani DiFrancoGravelBackstage Bonnaroo
ColdplayLovers in Japan
Fitz and the TantrumsOut of My LeagueLightning 100 Secret Show, 2013
Wild CubThunder ClatterLightning 100 In Studio, 4/2/14
GusterAmsterdamLive From the Mountatin Stage Music Lounge
Rilo KileySilver LiningBackstage Bonnaroo
FuturebirdsAmerican CowboyBackstage Bonnaroo
Gary Clark, Jr.Bright LightsBackstage Bonnaroo
Dave Matthews and Tim ReynoldsSatelliteLive at Luther College
Alex ClareToo Close
Alt JBreeze BlocksBackstage Bonnaroo
Jack JohnsonI Got YouBackstage Bonnaroo


Phantogram – Fall In Love


Phantogram (formerly Charlie Everywhere) is an American electronic rock duo from Greenwich, New York, formed in 2007 and consisting of Josh Carter (vocals, guitars) and Sarah Barthel (vocals, keyboards). They write and record in a remote barn in upstate New York called Harmony Lodge. The band name was partially inspired by an optical illusion called a phantogram, in which two-dimensional images appear to be three-dimensional. They described their sound as “street beat, psych pop”. According to Josh Carter, their music has “lots of rhythms, swirling guitars, spacey keyboards, echoes, airy vocals.”

The band has released two studio albums (Eyelid Movies in 2009, Voices in 2014), four EPs (Phantogram and Running From the Cops in 2009, Nightlife in 2011, Phantogram in 2013) and eight singles.

Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel have been friends since junior high school. In the summer of 2007, Barthel returned home dissatisfied with pursuing a visual arts degree and Carter returned home after a brief stint in New York City with Grand Habit, an experimental band formed with his older brother, John. The two friends reunited and worked on finishing some songwriting ideas Carter made earlier and then finally formed the band. Carter and Barthel were inspired by artists like J Dilla, Madlib, Cocteau Twins, The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Yes, The Beatles, David Bowie, John Frusciante, Serge Gainsbourg, Kevin Shields and Prince.

The duo collaborated with Big Boi from OutKast on three songs (“Objectum Sexuality”, “CPU” and “Lines”) from his second studio album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. Phantogram are also credited as producers for the song “Objectum Sexuality”. Phantogram are also featured on the song “You Lust” by The Flaming Lips from their 2013 album The Terror. Barthel revealed in an interview with Variance Magazine in February 2014 that Phantogram plans to release an EP with Big Boi of OutKast.


The Tasting Bar — Cumberland Cask — 4/11/14

Dave and Lisa from The Bottle Shop once again wow us with some amazing and LOCAL spirits.  Today we try Tennessee’s own Cumberland Cask Whiskey and Dave makes Wells a delicious drink called The Appalachian.

The Appalachian


Justin Forrest

Justin ForrestDescribed as the next guitar phenomenon, Nashville Singer/Songwriter and guitarist, Justin Forrest, 21, brings a breath of fresh air to today’s music industry. Since winning the 2012 SESAC Project Next Showcase, Justin has started to build quite a reputation on the Nashville music scene and gained a good following here in the southeast. The Project Next Showcase is sponsored by SESAC to put a spotlight on up & coming writers and or Artists and it found a gem in Justin. After winning the showcase, Justin went on to debut himself at Hard Rock Nashville and sold out the venue. Since the beginning of 2013, Justin has been in a hiatus creating the groundwork to his career, and recording his debut album entitled “Chapters.”

Q: How long have you been in Nashville playing music?

A: First time was when I was 11 and have just been doing it ever since. Around 15 years now.

Q: Who are the biggest musical influences, and who do you think you sound like?

A: Before my father passed away he put in  a DVD of Stevie Ray Vaughan. This was probably when I was about 6 or 7 years old. After watching him on the DVD player it moved me and I knew I wanted more of it, so that’s what I think really influenced me first. As far as songwriting goes, definitely Bob Dylan, John Mayer, and even Jay-Z because of his empire that he’s built and his determination that he has with his music.

Q: Since winning the 2012 SESAC Project Next Showcase, how has things changed?

A: Once I won the showcase I no longer felt like I had to prove myself because I had producers and other music industry professionals from SESAC backing me. It was just the validation that people actually liked my stuff. After the showcase I got a fire lit under my belt that I can actually do this.

Q: Tell us the process you take to write music.

A: I definitely always write music from the heart. I am firm believer that if an artist is singing a song, you can’t sing it unless you have some sort of special relationship to it. For instance, when I wrote “City Life” in the LA airport, I was searching for a fresh start, or a new chapter in my life. A chapter to just be anonymous in LA but still struggling with leaving Nashville because I love it so much. But, I still had that urge to try something new.

Q: Do you have a favorite track off “Chapters,” if so what is it?

A: Saved by the sun is probably my favorite, because I go wild every time I play it live for a crowd. Pulling out Hendrix moves and what not. I just connect so well with it because it reminds me of when I first picked up the guitar and played blues and R&B.

Q: What are your long-term goals as an artist?

A: I just want to keep pushing forward, making good music so I can continue to connect to a wide audience. I want to keep the intimate vibe, whether it be at Exit-In, The Ryman, or even the Bridgestone Arena. Hopefully 5 years from now I’ll be touring the US and maybe even internationally. Whether it be signing a record deal with Sony or small independent label.

Q: What is your advice for others following their dreams? (not just in music)

A: I think society puts it in people’s heads that you graduate high school, then go to college, then get a white picket fence and get married. But every single person is different and they walk their own path. My heart desired to play music, so that’s what I did. I believe people need to take leaps and go towards the happiness that their heart tells them, and not just what people expect them to do. For the last couple years I’ve been blessed to work for a ma and pa music shop here in town and my boss taught me to just go for it and follow what you think it right. We only live once and when I am 80 years old, I want to say I lived a life that was meaningful. Even if I have had failures, I just kept moving forward on to the next chapter.

Interviewed by Mitchell Manning


Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival Lineup 2014


Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival has become a cherished event that the city of San Francisco has embraced as fans from across the country flock to spend an incomparable weekend in one of America’s greatest parks. Each year, festival organizers ensure that every facet of the event highlights the Bay Area and all of the components that make it one of the most desirable places to live and visit. They also like to the say thank you to the city and the local communities surrounding the park by giving back in substantial ways. In its first six years, Outside Lands has raised over $8.3 million for the benefit of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department. Based on a 2011 economic study, it is estimated that the festival generates over $70 million annually to the San Francisco economy.



The confirmed Outside Lands 2014 lineup is below:

Kanye West, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Killers, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Arctic Monkeys, Tiësto, Death Cab For Cutie, Disclosure, The Flaming Lips, Ray LaMontagne, Spoon, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Atmosphere, Cut Copy, Tegan & Sara, Duck Sauce, Haim, Chromeo, Ben Howard, Lykke Li, Chvrches, Paolo Nutini, Capital Cities, Kacey Musgraves, Local Natives, Jenny Lewis,Grouplove, John Butler Trio, Tycho, The Kooks
SBTRKT, Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers, Boys Noize, Phosphorescent, Run the Jewels (El-P & Killer Mike), Deer Tick, Holy Ghost!, Warpaint, Flume, Lucius , Typhoon, Dum Dum Girls, The Soul Rebels, Gold Panda, Christopher Owens, Bleachers, Big Freedia, Jagwar Ma

Greensky Bluegrass, Imelda May, Watsky, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Valerie June, Mikal Cronin, Woods, Vance Joy, The Brothers Comatose, Gardens & Villa, Jonathan Wilson, Tumbleweed Wanderers, Givers, Are, Courtney Barnett, Bear Hands, Finish Ticket, The Districts, RayLand Baxter, Night Terrors of 1927, Trails and Ways, Nocona

More artists, restaurants, wineries to be announced in the coming weeks; check out  www.sfoutsidelands.com


the615 4/7/14

Episode92. the615 04/7/14

Local Artist of the week- Playing Soulshine Friday 4/11/13 at 7pm
Justin Forrest – City Life – Chapters

Dj Picks
Hammel – All Them Witches – Charles William – Lightning At The Door
Wells – Sam Palladio- Driftwood- (Playin Live Sunday 4/13 at 3rd & Lindsley w/ Ben Taylor)

This Just In
Trapper Haskins & the Bitter Swill- Hard Luck Angel- Alluvium
Earl Burrows – Set The Sail
Mateja- Bones And Flesh- Mateja EP

 Live in the Lightning 100 Studios – Repeat Repeat *repeat repeat ALBUM RELEASE PARTY w. BLANK RANGE // EL EL // CHURCHYARD- Playin’ Live 4/12 Mercy Lounge Saturday- 8pm
Repeat Repeat- Chemical Reaction- Bad Latitude

Bands Around Town
Marathon Village Block Party- Saturday 4/12 – Gates open at 3, music at 5. The Wild Feathers, The Apache Relay, Sol Cat, Roots Of A Rebellion, Matt Walberg & The Living Situation. Tickets here
The Wild Feathers- How


Fenwick Photo Arts LLC


With a rich background in fine art gallery shows, Fenwick Photo Arts brings a level of artistic quality to Nashville from the artist’s native Chicago that transcends fine art prints to weddings, album art, & family sessions.


Lightning 100 Unplugged

ArtistSong TitleSourceSun 4/6/14
Amos LeeWindows Are Rolled DownBackstage Bonnaroo
Ingrid MichaelsonThe Way I AmLive acoustic
Richard Thompson1952 Vincent Black LightningAcoustic Café
Laura MarlingMaster HunterLightning 100 In Studio, November 2013
Bob MarleyRedemption SongUprising
CureLove SongGreatest Hits, Limited Edition
David GrayFugitive
LuciusDon’t Just Sit ThereBackstage Bonnaroo
Lindsey BuckinghamNever Going Back AgainRare on Air
John HiattHave A Little Faith In MeLive From the Archives
MatrimonyLast LoveLightning 100 In Studio, 3/31/14
Avett BrothersI and Love and YouAcoustic
Lenny KravitzFly AwayLive acoustic
Brett DennenWhen We Were YoungLightning 100 Secret Show, 2/21/14
Alpha RevNew MorningAcoustic
James MorrisonNothing Ever Hurt Like YouLive
The Civil WarsI Had Me a GirlBare Bones ep
The DecemberistsDown By The WaterBackstage Bonnaroo
G. LoveHot Cookin’Backstage Bonnaroo
PhoenixLisztomaniaLightning 100 In Studio, 4/23/10


Bad Suns – Cardiac Arrest

bad-suns 2

Southern California rock band Bad Suns formed in 2012 and in the short time since inception, have managed to be musically beyond their years. Made up of Christo Bowman (vocals), Gavin Bennett (bass), Miles Morris (drums) and Ray Libby (guitar) the four piece ranges from ages 19-22 yet has a sound reminiscent of rock stalwarts from generations past.  “I grew up with a lot of world music playing in the house. When I was 10, I started getting heavily interested in the guitar, and my dad began introducing me to his records from the 70’s and the 80’s. Initially Elvis Costello, then to The Clash, The Cure, and so on,” notes Christo. “All of these artists and bands had a big impact on me, at a young age, as far as song composition goes. “ Influences are apparent on the band’s upcoming EP Transpose, where angst-ridden riffs and ethereal yet charismatic vocals pay tribute to post-punk legends of the early 80’s. “ I started writing my first songs at that time,” Christo continues, “Though we can now reflect on that era of music, those artists were ahead of their time in a lot of ways. That’s what’s most inspiring.”

Transpose was recorded in the studio with producer Eric Palmquist (The Mars Volta, Wavves, Trash Talk) and serves as a prelude to the band’s debut full-length slated for 2014. “The writing and recording process is always exciting, because it’s constantly changing and unique to each song. Inspiration comes and goes as it pleases, so a night when a song gets written is a very good night,” says Christo. Comprised of four tracks, Transpose flows effortlessly from start to finish showcasing the band’s stadium ready anthems and undeniably catchy hooks. “Music has the ability to evoke certain feelings in people, a way that not much else can. The pairing of words and sounds can be an extremely powerful tool, when done right. I think the ultimate goal for this band is to make music that causes people to really feel something.”

Transpose will be released everywhere in the early months of 2014. The band will be playing ‘Nashville Sunday Night’ at 3rd and Lindsley on July 6th.


Kongos – Come With Me Now

kongos (1)Kongos is a South African alternative rock band consisting of four brothers: Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Daniel. They spent their childhoods in the city of London and in South Africa. They compose, record, and perform in Phoenix, Arizona. The four men are the sons of multi-million-seller British singer-songwriter John Kongos.

They are of Greek origin and have attended the Greek Saheti school in Gauteng, South Africa. Their song “Come with Me Now” was used in the official trailer for the film Holy Motors used.

The band’s debut album Lunatic was released in 2012. With the single “I’m Only Joking”, from the album topped various South African charts including all three of Tuks FM’s charts and received copious airtime on 5FM and on many other stations in South Africa. The music video for the song debuted on TV 5 on SABC 3 and was in rotation on MKTV. Their second single “Come with Me Now” was in rotation on both 5FM and Tuks FM. The song appeared on the 5FM Top 40 and the Tuks FM Top 30 charts.

In late October 2013, the band self-released Lunatic in the United States. In 2014, both “I’m Only Joking” and “Come With Me Now” began receiving noticeable exposure in the United States, gaining momentum in airplay on radio and being featured in television commercials there. As a result, the band was signed by Epic Records in late January 2014 and the band re-released Lunatic. “Come With Me Now” has sold more than 70,000 copies as of March 2014.


LP – Night Like This


After playing a ‘Nashville Sunday Night’ and coming into the Lighting 100 studio in February 18 to play live, there is no doubt LP is a gripping performer. LP is a curly-headed force of nature who looks like a cross between a young Bob Dylan and Marc Bolan, albeit often wielding a ukulele. A rockin’ ukulele, in front of a dynamic, versatile band, that is. And her voice is instantly ear-catching, a natural instrument of power and grace.


But there’s much more to it. There’s just something about the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter-artist that grabs hold — a spirit, an exuberance, and a belief in her gifts as a musician and in the power of music to reach people. It comes through in her songs, whether written for Rihanna (the 2011 hit “Cheers”) and Christina Aguilera (“Beautiful People” from the movie Burlesque), or for herself, such as “Into the Wild” (the song that has tantalized ears through its use in a Citibank Card TV commercial) and the hauntingly epic “Tokyo Sunrise,” also from the “Live At EastWest Studios” EP (6-song CD + DVD) released April 24th, 2012.


While writing songs for others was rewarding,her most natural habitat is on stage. It was playing the L.A. club gigs that reenergized LP’s drive to write songs for herself as a solo artist. Fueled by a contagious, pure love of performing, LP’s stage presence is inherently powerful with a free-flowing, infectious confidence honed through her years of touring.


LP — born and raised in New York and now a Los Angeles — came to music early, despite hailing from a “family of doctors and lawyers.” Her mom loved to sing, though, and the youngster was not to be deterred. She was drawn heavily to transformational artists, those who blended mystique with the rare ability to make an instant connection with listeners, both as performers and writers.


When LP talks about the music and artists who have provided inspiration, she says: “I’m a huge Jeff Buckley fan. Kurt Cobain is another one — he was able to make the most unique music that stands on its own. I also love Chris Cornell’s voice and Chrissie Hynde’s swagger. I love Joni Mitchell, Jim Morrison, and Robert Plant; and I really appreciate rappers like Jay-Z. The wordplay is really important to me. I’m into so much music and I draw from everywhere.”

LP’s highly anticipated full length album will be released on June 3rd, 2014 via Warner Bros. Records. The album is titled Forever For Now and was produced by Grammy Award winning producer, Rob Cavallo. The album’s first single, “Night Like This,” is out today.



The Tasting Bar — Repeat Wine and Casamigos Tequila 4.4.14

This week on The Tasting Bar– Lisa tells us about an Australian red wine blend from the good folks at Repeat and Dave mixes us a margarita from George Clooney’s tequila called Casamigos! Make sure to visit The Bottle Shop to taste all of these amazing drinks!

Cranberry MargaritaMi Casa


Justin Kalk Orchestra

Nashville’s own Justin Kalk Orchestra play Mercy Lounge tonight!

We debuted their new song, “Dirty Thing” this week on our local show the615.

Now you can see the video that is a claymation masterpiece!


Holly Williams Live

Nashville’s own Holly Williams performing live in the Lightning 100 studio

Holly Williams came by the perform live and help us unveil the 2014 Musicians Corner lineup


the615 03/31/14

Episode91. the615 03/31/14

Local Artist of the week- “Brought to you by CollegeBookRenter.com Rent the book own the knowledge”- Playing Soulshine 03/28/13
Forlorn Strangers – While The Grass Grows – While The Grass Grows


Dj Picks
Hammel – Samantha Harlow – Locket – Give And Take
Lt. Dan – The Apache Relay – Valley of the Rivers (April 22nd)

This Just In
Neulore – Shadow of a man
Patrick Lehman- Oh I- Electric Soul Kitchen Vol. II
The Vespers – New Kids
Of Archers – Settle Down – Of Archers EP
Audrey Rose – Run The Bomb Shelter Sessions
Justin Kalk Orchestra – Dirty Thing VoLcanO

Live in the Lightning 100 Studios -

Bands Around Town

The Lonely Biscuits – Pool Day
Sharona – Mean Machine

Justin Kalk Orchestra, Shake the Forest, Red Wine Hangover – Thurs Mercy
Volcano Single Release
American Authors, Wild Cub, Oh Honey – Wed Exit/In
Aer, The Lonely Biscuits, Ground Up – Sun Exit/In
Daddy – Wed Basement
Johnny P, Caleb Hawley, Josh Harrison – Next Mon Basement
Andrew Leahey & Friends – Thurs 5 Spot
Terryfest ft. Slick, Blackfoot Gypsies, Little Bandit, Magnolia Sons, Banditos – Sat 5 Spot


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Wild Cub In Studio

Catch Wild Cub live tonight for a hometown show at Exit/In.


Matrimony in studio w/AnaLee

Matrimony interview and live performance of Last Love, Southern Skies, See The Light in the Lightning 100 studio.


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