Dr. Dog performing “I Hope There’s Love”, “Too Weak To Ramble”, and “Turn Of the Century” (audio)

Toby, Scott, and Frank of Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog stopped by Lightning 100’s LC Studio to perform live before their show at Ryman Auditorium with MeWithOutYou on Friday March, 27th 2015.  Dr. Dog performs “I Hope There’s Love”, “Too Weak To Ramble”, and “Turn Of the Century”.  There are only a few tickets left for the show, click here to get your tickets.

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the615 3/23/15

Episode143. the615 3/23/15

Local Artist of the week
Kirsten Arian – Queen – Higher Than Heaven

Dj Picks
Hammel – Sol Cat – Body Like That
Wells – Behold The Brave – Rocky Mountain Strawberry – The Great American Challenge

This Just In
Jesse Lafser – Jack Hat Blues – Raised On The Plains (Release Date April 28th)
Ryan Culwell – Flatlands – Flatlands

Live in the LC studios
American Born Moonshine Tasting
Them Vibes – Shine On

Bands Around Town-
The Features – Fats Domino – (Playin’ Live Thurday 3/26/15 at Exit/In w/ Richie & The Lower Caves)
Striking Matches – CD release Thur @3rd&L
Photo Ops – It Makes You Cry ( Playin’ live Saturday at Mercy Lounge w/ Waterfall Wash, , Harpooner & Kiernan McMullan)
DeRobert & The Half Truths (live) – The Speech (Playin’ Live Saturday at Acme Feed & Seed w/ Oliver James, Back Pockets)


Father John Misty Secret Show (audio)


Live at William Colliers

Father John Misty performed a secret show for some very lucky Lightning 100 listeners. Warning, this recording contains adult content and language.  Father John Misty took requests from the audience, and his set included “I Love You, Honeybear”, “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)”, “Only Son of the Ladiesman”, “Holy Shit”, “I’m Writing a Novel”, and “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”.

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Richie performing “Wild Forces” and “I’ve Got a Crush On You” (audio)



RI¢HIE, also know as Richie, stopped by the LC studio before his show with The Features and The Lower Caves at Exit/In.  Richie performs “Wild Forces” and “I’ve Got a Crush On You” live on 100.1 FM.  Make sure to RSVP for $3 dollar tickets tickets at RedBullSoundSelect.com this Thursday at Exit/In.

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Sloss Music and Arts Festival 2015



Sloss Music and Arts Festival start off strong with an amazing first year lineup.  Only 3 hours away from Nashville, this festival will take place in Birmingham, AL on July 18-19th.   Tickets go on sale at Thursday, March 27th at 10am.


JD McPherson performing “North Side Gal”, “Dimes for Nickels”, and “Bossy”

Photo by Brian Waters

Photo by Brian Waters

During Nashville’s Snowpocalypse, JD McPherson squeezed his entire band into the LC Studio to help warm up the city via the Lightning 100 air waves.  Click here to watch JD McPherson perform “North Side Gal”, “Dimes for Nickels”, and “Bossy”.  Stay tuned, we have more videos on the way!

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Kirsten Arian debuts “Queen”


Twenty one-year-old Kirsten Arian has been singing her entire life. At the age of seventeen, she sang in front of an audience for the first time. From then on, she dabbled in music—everything from touring the Los Angeles nightclub scene to serenading herself, with only her guitar for company. It wasn’t a lonely occasion, because she discovered her love for creating and not just singing.

In August 2012, she spontaneously decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee. The songs she creates and writes simply happen. An idea strikes, inspiration will take hold of her, or passion will well up and a song is born. She never sets out with a goal in mind, but her unique sounds, melodies, and voice seem to come from another place. “I write songs,” she says, “from an overwhelming emotion. The music as well as the lyrics are meant to convey that emotion or passion.” There is no formula. There is only what works and truth.

Other than a grandmother who enjoyed singing, Kirsten Arian has no musical pedigree or background: she was born to a family with an unlikely gift. The gift is not only her voice, but her ability to capture the intangible in a new way, provoking others to inspiration of their own and to the beauty that comes even from out of pain.

Fans of Kirsten Arian typically remark on the continuity of her sound, but at the same time seeing how different each song is by itself. “Yeah, they sound so similar, like, I can tell it’s the same artist, but I don’t feel like I could get songs on the album mixed up you know? They’re different but still Kirsten. And truly inspiring.” “I just want to make something stunning,” Kirsten says. “Something that moves people to reevaluate, their life? I want the music to go a little deeper than normal.”


L100 DJ Picks Week 5


Brandi Carlile Secret Show

Brandi Carlile made a special stop to Nashville to perform a secret show for Lightning 100.  Brandi performed five songs for a few extremely lucky listeners backstage at 3rd and Lindsley.  Setlist includes “The Things I Regret”, “The Eye”, “Wilder (We’re Chained)”, “Wherever is Your Heart”  and she covered “Murder in the City” by The Avett Brothers.  Click here for photos from the show.

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Peyton Parker debuts “If It Was Worth Fixing”


See Payton live this Friday

Award-­‐winning producer/publisher Charlie Peacock has signed singer-­‐songwriter Peyton Parker to an exclusive artist development agreement with his company Twenty Ten Music. Peyton is a bright light among Nashville’s developing talent. A native of Georgia, she moved to Nashville in 2013 to pursue her musical path. She has appeared in concert with Walker Hayes, Jana Kramer, Parmalee and David Nail. In addition to winning the Southern Ground Social Club’s Open Mic Showdown, Peyton was a recent finalist in Puckett’s Rising Star Singer Songwriter contest. Peyton is currently co-­‐writing, performing, and preparing for her country music debut.

With a unique voice and an easy charm, Peyton Parker knew what she wanted to be at a young age and is quickly establishing herself as a rising folk/americana artist.


the615 3/16/15

Episode142. the615 3/16/15

Local Artist of the week
Peyton Parker - If It Was Worth Fixing  – Out Next Week on itunes
Dj Picks
Hammel - Hotpipes – Rattle Cats
Wells - Milk People – Leave A Little Piece Of You Behind

This Just In
Mac Leaphart – Wrong Side of the Wind
Lilly Hiatt –
Get This Right – Royal Blue
Zach Vinson – You’re The One – How We Spend Our Days

Live in the LC studios
The guys from American Born Moonshine
Bands Around Town
Alanna Royale – Cop Show (Playin’ Tuesday 3/17/15 for the No Country for New Nashville Night St. Patrick’s Day Edition at Acme Feed And Seed
Shady Sister – Second Guessing (Playin live Thursday 3/19/15 at Tin Roof w/ Natural Forces and Dee James)
Delta Saints – Cigarette – (Playin’ live on Saturday 3/21/15 at Tin Roof’s 13 Anniversary Party featuring , Phin, Sam Lewis, and Logan Brill)
Future Thieves – Secret (Playin’ Live w/ Heathen Sons, Animal People, & and Jacob Furr at The Basement Thursday 3/19/15)
Maureen Murphy – Won’t Wait Around (Playin’ live Monday 3/16/15  with Phoebe Elliot and Alicia Michilli at The Basement)


Win tickets to Sweetwater 420 Fest


L100 DJ Picks Week 4


Free download from Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield

Hope you enjoy this free download of “Baby Britain” from Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield upcoming release Sing Elliott Smith.  Get the full album on March 17th.  Tickets are still available for their show at TPAC on March 17th.


Sam’s Mad Marchness

sam's-bracketClick here to print off your bracket.  Please write Lightning 100 on the bracket for extra prizes.  Registration for Sam’s Mad Marchness Contest begins March 16, 2015 at 11 a.m. CST at each location

(Hillsboro Village, Hendersonville, Old Hickory and Murfreesboro) and the deadline for registering

and submitting a bracket is March 17, 2015 at 10 p.m. CST. Completed brackets and registration form

will NOT be accepted at any location after this specified cut-off time.

How to Play:

Sam’s Mad Marchness Contest is open only to adults 18 years of age or older. Entrants under the age of

18 are not eligible to win any prizes. Only ONE entry per person, per Sam’s location (Hillsboro Village,

Hendersonville, Old Hickory and Murfreesboro) is allowed.

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The Lone Bellow Secret Show


Andrew Combs debuts “Foolin”


Like a character in a dreary West Coast short story by Raymond Carver, Nashville songwriter Andrew Combs moves through a hazy modern world, trying to find the meaning in life on his sophomore album, All These Dreams. “I sometimes find myself wondering what the hell I am doing with my life and what it all amounts to,” Combs says, explaining the album’s opening track, “Rainy Day Song,” which sets the narrative tone for the album.

“Although I don’t know the answer to this, I believe it lies in the path I take, not the actual destination,” says Combs. “I can’t say whether I’m looking for a god, or love, or art, or all of the above, all I know is I am wading through some murky water trying to find the answer.”

While the album may adhere to this darker internal script, its musical inspiration comes from vintage 1970s production: California-tinged AM Gold; the Laurel Canyon tones of Jackson Browne and The Eagles; and Paul Simon’s Muscle Shoals-laced R&B funk.

And with its sweeping string arrangements and sophisticated charm, the album evokes other earlier eras, like 1960s Hollywood or Roy Orbison-era Nashville Sound. Listeners may also hear the faint glimmer of male vocalists like Jim Reeves, Glen Campbell, Jimmy Webb, perhaps even Frank Sinatra.

All of it amounts to a huge step forward for the Nashville-based singer-songwriter, who released his debut album, Worried Man, in 2012, which American Songwriter named one of the year’s best, while Southern Living praised Combs for being “well on his way to becoming a preeminent voice in his genre.”

For the new album, Combs worked with producers Jordan Lehning and Skylar Wilson — who recently co-produced Caitlin Rose’s The Stand-In and have worked with Justin Townes Earle — and recorded the album in Nashville with many of his longtime musical collaborators, including lead guitarist Jeremy Fetzer and pedal steel guitarist Spencer Cullum Jr. (of the instrumental duo Steelism).

“I feel like this record has a much different thread that ties the songs together than my first album, Worried Man, which was more raw and bare-bones, in songwriting as well as production,” says Combs. “All These Dreams explores more complex arrangements, lyrics and musical tones.

With straight-talking narrators and glimpses of poetic realism, All These Dreams at times might recall the gritty Southern literature of writers like Larry Brown and Barry Hannah, both of whom Combs cites as influences. On “Pearl,” the songwriter celebrates the underbelly of society, while on “Suwannee County,” his narrator strikes up a mundane conversation with a Florida fisherman at a gas station, which leads to a deeper discussion about spirituality.

There’s plenty of dark humor here too. On “Strange Bird,” Combs sings about an elusive lover, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, and uses a buoyant arrangement to explore some unusual musical effects, such as a whistling solo.

Combs has been identified with a new crop of Nashville-based songwriters, who have also looked back to the ’70s for songwriting inspiration. Combs is featured in the upcoming documentary Heartworn Highways Revisited, alongside Nashville-based songwriters like John McCauley, Jonny Fritz and Robert Ellis — as well as one of his heroes, Guy Clark.

While he acknowledges his debt to fellow Texans like Clark, Mickey Newbury and Townes Van Zandt, Combs is also moving in a new direction, carving out his own singular path as an artist. The 28-year-old songwriter is also quick to point out that though there is a similar sense of camaraderie in Nashville today, “The songs and writers were much better in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.”

“I’m not saying there aren’t talented people in Nashville now, but I don’t think we pay near as much attention to the song as they did back then,” adds Combs. “Maybe it’s ’cause we’re too busy tweeting about our latest gig or wardrobe purchase.”

Ultimately, All These Dreams finds Combs in a league of his own, wholly focused on perfecting his own songwriting and storytelling, and delivering it all in a rich musical style that’s much more than the sum of its parts.


Sturgill Simpson’s live broadcast at Nashville Sunday Night

Click here to listen to the full show

Lightning 100 was pretty excited to get Sturgill Simpson on Nashville Sunday Night.  Sturgill quickly sold out two nights over at 3rd and Lindsley.  Nashville Sunday Night is WRLT’s oldest running live broadcast featuring national and local talent.

Sturgill performs tracks from his critically acclaimed debut High Top Mountain and captivating and unique sophomore album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.  Click here to listen to the full concert.


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the615 3/9/15

              Episode 141. the615 3/9/15

Local Artist of the week
Andrew Combs - Foolin’ – All These Dreams

Dj Picks
Hammel - Dead Deads
Wells - Joshua Black Wilkins - Late Night Talks – Settling The Dust

This Just In
Jessie Baylin – Black Blood – Dark Place (Out on April 7th – Grimeys 6pm- 3rd & Lindsley April 11th)
Jake Shane – The All Night Boys – Evening Sounds
Pilot Rouge – So Much More

Live in the LC studios
Justin Klump  (Playin’ The Basement on Wednesday 3/11/15, Musicians Corner Presents)
Justin Klump (Live) – Sticks and Stones
Justin Klump – Ghost Town (Single out 3/10/15)

Bands Around Town
Jeff The Brotherhood – Six Pack ( Playin’ Live Saturday 3/14/15 at Exit/In “Freakin’ Weekend VI)
Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires – I Follow Rivers (Amanda Shires playin’ live Saturday 3/14/15 at 3rd & Lindsley w/ Sean McConnell and Ben Danaher)
Easy Roscoe – Alright Regine (Playin’ Live Tuesday 3/9/15 at The Basement)


Laura Reed performing “Wake Up” and “Struggle”


Watch “Wake Up” and “Struggle”

Laura Reed stopped to debut a few tunes with producer Shannon Sanders.  Laura just released The Awakening on vinyl.   Check out this video performance of “Wake Up” and “Struggle” live on 100.1 FM.  If you want to hear more from Laura Reed, click here to listen to the full audio interview.

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Lord Huron debuts “Fool For Love”


It all started over four years ago as a solo visual music project led by singer-songwriter Ben Schneider. After moving out to LA to pursue a career in visual arts, Schneider quickly found that his passion for music was leading him in a slightly different creative direction. In 2010, Schneider took a week off from his life in Los Angeles to return to his home state of Michigan. He recorded several songs during his stay at Lake Huron, and created the visuals for what would later act as the artwork for his newest project. Realizing that he needed a band, Schneider called up all of the musicians that he knew, which included a group of his childhood friends from Okemos.


While his visual artwork may have taken a backseat to his music, his artistic background continues to have a huge influence on his albums. Over the years, he’s found that the two passions seem to complement one another. In an interview with Songwriting Magazine, he explains how he developed images to accompany the music while he was in the process of writing new songs.



Growing up, Schneider had an interest in world music as well as American folk music. He credits artists such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young as musical influences. Lord Huron’s newest single, “Fool For Love,” tells the tale of a man fighting to win a woman’s heart. The lyrics depict the heartache and hopefulness that come with the pursuit of love. “I’m leaving this place behind, and I’m heading out on the road tonight,” sings lead vocalist Ben Schneider. “Before I commence my ride, I’m askin’ Lily to be my bride.” The full-length album, “Strange Trails,” is set to be released on April 7th, 2015.


L100 DJ Picks – Week 3


Lucie Silvas performing “Letters to Ghost”, “How to Lose It All”, and “You Got It” [audio]


Listen on-demand

Lucie Silvas stops by the studio before her show at Soulshine Pizza for Friday Afternoon Live.  Check out this performance with Lightning 100’s local artist of the week performing her single “Letters to Ghost”.  Lucie Silvas also performs “How to Lose It All” from her self-titled EP and a cover of “You Got It” by Roy Orbison.

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Sam’s Biggest Fan Contest


Bernhoft performing “Come Around” and “Esiwalk”

bernhoft video

Click here to watch the HD videos

Grammy nominated artist Bernhoft joins us in the LC studio before his show at The High Watt.  Jarle Bernhoft is a multi-instrumentalist from Norway.  Bernhoft performs “Come Around” and “Esiwalk” from his recent release Islander.  Are you amazed at Jarle’s looping skills?

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