Jack White new track “High Ball Stepper”

“High Ball Stepper” from Jack White’s new album LAZARETTO out June 9/10.  So it’s not actually the full song, just the instrumental version.  It’s still a good listen.  Jack White will be headlining the Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival.


Artist of the Week: Forlorn Strangers

942245_529069903826945_486815161_nForlorn Strangers is made up of Ben, Chris, Jesse, Hannah and Abigail. Hailing from different states around the country, they are united by their love for Americana music and their passion for songwriting. They are a heavy, harmony based, Americana influenced group that brings positive vibes to every show they play. Their first CD “While The Grass Grows” was released in September and they have since been touring the east coast. The writing and recording process is something special to them as they all contribute and get to watch a song come to life.

You are from Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, and Virginia, how did you all meet and form?

Chris: Ben, Hannah and I met at a college in West Palm Beach, FL called Palm Beach Atlantic University. Then we moved to Waco, TX and worked on a farm before making the move to Nashville.

Hannah: We met Jesse as soon as we moved to Nashville last Fall, a little over a year ago. Then we begged my sister Abigail to move here to be in the band. We were like “We need you!”

Abigail: We are kind of like a family band. Ben and Hannah are getting married in late April.


Why did you make the decision to move to Nashville?

Hannah: Nashville is kind of hub. We were from cool places like the middle of Texas and south Florida, but there wasn’t much of a music scene or room for growth as a band. Nashville seemed like the most central.

Jesse: There are a lot of people making music right now in Nashville and it is good to be around it.

What would you most compare your sound to? Most similar artist?

Jesse: I feel like it’s like Americana music.

Hannah: That’s a hard question.

Abigail: We did get Fleetwood Mac once.

Jesse: Yes, we got Fleetwood Mac.

Ben: The sound is vocal harmonies based.

Jesse: If there is a current artist we would like to be compared to it is Pokey LaFarge.

Ben: It’s a weird animal because it’s not a bluegrass band, but we have bluegrass instrumentation. It’s not gospel or barber shop or any of those vocal close harmony styles.

Jesse: It’s not pop, but some of it is written like pop songs.

Hannah: All in all, we want to be a mix of Pokey LaFarge and Fleetwood Mac.

How do you start writing a song?

Hannah: All five of us write so it’s different for each person. We all bring something to the table. I think the idea behind the band was as songwriters. I think we start with a song lyrically and bring it to the rest of the band to flesh out.

Jesse: And then I tear it down.

Abigail: But we do call it a skeleton. Somebody has a melody and maybe acoustic guitar and brings the skeleton to the band to fit in the other instrumentation and harmonies. Whoever writes a song sings lead.

Jesse: It ends up being a pretty beautiful process, like to learn about yourself and to learn about your family.

Hannah: I wrote “While The Grass Grows” after listening to a harp player and wrote it as a slow, minor song and we brought it and it was super fun the way everyone heard it different than I thought it would be.

Jesse: The way you wrote it was banging on a wall and singing.

Can you tell us about “While The Grass Grows” and how recording the album has been for you?

Hannah: It was great. Jesse our bass player let us record it in his home studio.

ForlornStrangers02Ben and Jesse: Yeah, Jesse recorded, mixed and mastered it.

Hannah: It was a fun process because talking about the songwriting we just trust one another. We are willing to give, in the creative process, control to everybody and even if it’s your song it is still everybody’s song. It’s fun to see the work come together and take shape in the studio.

Chris: Abby hadn’t come down here yet, so she came down for a week and we all took off to work on it.

You have been touring a lot on the east coast, where has your favorite place been and what has been your favorite part of touring?

Hannah: Oh man, we got back last night at 10 or 11 from tour.

Ben: My favorite part is thinking about all the logistics like talking to venues and figuring out driving and gas. You think it will be negative sometimes, but we experienced a minimum of that. We thought we would be eating like birds, and we just got stuff thrown at us.

Chris: Yeah, we went into some venues that didn’t seem friendly or hospitable but our music seemed to cut through. We played at this one venue where the opening bands were both punk and by the end of the night we were all hanging out and drinking together.

What are your summer plans?

Ben: First and foremost, I’m getting hitched. Then we are recording and focusing on a fall tour.

Click here for the full interview at CollegeBookRenter.com


Lightning 100 Unplugged

ArtistSong TitleSourceSun 3/30/14
InxsNever Tear Us Apart
Ben LeeCatch My DiseaseNashville Sunday Night Live
Neil YoungI Am A ChildLive at the Cellar Door
The Wild FeathersGot It WrongLightning 100 In Studio, 11/25/13
Citizen CopeBullet and a TargetLightning 100 In Studio
PassengerLet Her GoLightning 100 Secret Show, 2013
Sugar and the Hi LowsRing of FireLightning 100 In Studio, 2/13/14
Lisa LoebStayLive From the Archives
Alt JFitzpleasureBackstage Bonnaroo
Frightened RabbitCandlelitLightning 100 In Studio, September 2013
Lord HuronTime To RunBackstage Bonnaroo
Umphrey’s McGeeThat’s the Way (Led Zeppelin cover)Backstage Bonnaroo
JemFalling For YouLightning 100 In Studio, 2004
Folk ImplosionFree To GoNashville Sunday Night Live
Pete YornLife on a ChainOn The Mountain 7
Norah JonesCome Away With MeAcoustic Café
Rhett MillerMurder or a Heart Attack
Toad The Wet SprocketFall DownAcoustic Dance Party
AdeleRight as RainBackstage Bonnaroo
Gary LourisWaiting For the SunBackstage Bonnaroo
Fitz and the TantrumsFool’s GoldLightning 100 Secret Show, 2013


The Tasting Bar 3/28/14 — “Sweet” 16


Is your March Madness bracket busted? Us too!  Drink your woes away with a couple “sweet” 16 options from Dave and Lisa from The Bottle Shop.  This week we try a few Sangria’s from Eppa and a delicious Dominican rum from Kirk & Sweeney.

Rum Cocktail


the615 03/24/14

Episode90. the615 03/24/14

Local Artist of the week- Brought to you by CollegeBookRenter.com
Kate Tucker & The Sons Of Sweden- Blue Hotel- The Shape The Color The Feel (Playin’ live Friday 3/28 at Soulshine Pizza at 7pm)

Dj Picks
Hammel - Tommy & The Whale – Blackout
Wells – Justin Klump- The Night Is Young – The Night Is Young

This Just In
Creature Comfort- All My Friends-Fox Tales
Stacey Randol- Fables – Fables
Staying For The Weekend- Roller Coaster

Bands Around Town
El El- 40 Watt – (Playin’ Live Sunday 3/30/14 at 3rd & Lindsley w/ Matrimone)
Jason White- The Alabi – (Playin Live Friday 3/28/14 at The Rutledge w/ Jace Everett and Leigh Nash)
Kyle Andrews- Turn Up The Radio- (Playin’ Live Thursday 2/27/14 at Foo Bar w/ Vitek andWinter Sounds)
Dave Barnes-Little Lies- (Playin’ Live Tuesday 3/25/14 at The Listening Room with Steve Moakler , Ben Rector and Andrew Ripp)
Los Colognes- Working Together – (Playin’ Live Wednesday 3/26/14 at The 5 Spot)


Kate Tucker & Sons of Sweden

KTSOS web IMG_8926Seattle-born, Nashville-based Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden have characteristics of The Cardigans, Cocteau Twins, and early U2 on their new album The Shape the Color The Feel. 

It began with a rebirth, as Tucker moved from Seattle to Nashville via NYC, where she met Wes Chandler and Ethan Place, two musicians recently relocated from southern Illinois. Their combined sound was closer to the first KT+SOS record than it was to Tucker’s solo Americana work, so with the blessing of the original Seattle lineup, the Sons of Sweden name was resurrected. 

Produced by Konrad Snyder (Kopecky Family Band) at The Brown Owl in Nashville, with additional production from Jordan Lehning, The Shape The Color The Feel was a collaborative effort from the beginning. Original Son of Sweden Nic Danielson joined the new lineup in Nashville to put his signature spin on the tracks, and singer-songwriter Matthew Perryman Jones lent his voice to a song, as did Wilder Embry, and Hannah Holbrook of SHEL. 

Q: Tell us about your sound. Who do you sound like?

A: We play thickly layered ‘indie rock’ with sparkling melodies and shimmering soundscapes. We have some electronic synthy things happening, a little like Metric and Phantogram, and our songs are moody and often dark in the vein of The National and Interpol. We tend toward guitar over synth, but we like using them both.

Q: Tell us about the path you took to get where you are now?

A: I started Sons of Sweden in Seattle, and then I moved to NYC to make a solo record. In New York, I learned that the New York I wanted to live in was Patti Smith’s and Bob Dylan’s NYC in the seventies, and not what it is now. I was looking for a place where I’d have a little more creative space.

Q: Why did you choose Nashville over other cities?

A: My lease was up in NYC, so I packed all my belongings in a car and was traveling back home to Seattle, but decided to stay in Nashville for a week. In less than a week’s time I fell in love with the city. I met so many amazing people and wrote some good songs with them, so I knew it was where I wanted to be.

Q: How would you describe your writing process?

A: Usually Wes Chandler, our guitar player, and I sit down with our guitars and start with an idea, chasing melodies. We get the structure sorted out and then we bring it to the band with whatever visual and sonic ideas we have to help take the song in the direction it wants to go. Then with those cues, we arrange the song and give it its texture and feel.

Q: Do you have a favorite track off the new album?

A: I would say Wide Open Plain is my favorite. I love how the chorus opens up like a highway with nothing on it and everything moves so quickly. I also really love singing about Orion the constellation, speeding in a car on the interstate. It feels like a movie I’d want to watch.  

Q: Could you tell us a little about The Shape The Color The Feel visual exhibit that goes with the album?

A: We asked Australian artist Jessie English to create a series of wet process photograms based on the songs and then form the album art from that series. The Shape The Color The Feel visual exhibit opened in Nashville on February 16, 2014 and is currently on display at Crema. You can see the mini-doc about the installation on our youtube channel. The exhibit will travel across the country to several cities throughout 2014.

Q: Will you about the Kickstarter project, and the short films that go along with the album?

A: We launched the The Shape The Color The Feel, on Kickstarter, to raise funds for the album and the production. In an effort to stand out among the myriad of bands looking to fund a record, we decided to make it more collaborative and since our songs often begin with film references and visual ideas, we thought, why not see if some of our favorite filmmakers might want to take the songs and give them their own unique visual form. We enlisted 10 filmmakers to each choose a song from the record and make a music video or short film based on it. The first of these, by Silver Point Studios owner Jason Smythe, premiered on the Vinyl District in November and the most recent, ‘Best Friends’ Love’, shot at the Cannery, premiered on Esquire. Overall, the project includes 10 music videos, 3 short films, and a documentary in addition to the full length album out now on vinyl and CD.

 Q: How have you separated yourself from all the other bands here in Nashville?

A: I don’t know, I think we sound like we sound and they sound how they sound. It’s kind of like a bunch of different families on the same street.

Q: What’s your advice for others following their dreams?

A: Know your story and stick to it. Whatever is unique to your experience, whatever is honestly and truly you, that’s what you do best and that’s what you know best. No one will believe you unless you do. You have to believe in yourself first and show everyone else how to do it.

Interview by Mitchell Manning.

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Patrick Carney of The Black Keys — “Turn Blue”

Patrick Carney of The Black Keys came into the Lightning 100 studios to talk about Justin Bieber, Bruce Jenner, Captain Beefheart, clowns, his Instagram account and the new Black Keys record called “Turn Blue.”


Korby Lenker In-Studio

Korby Lenker stopped by the Lightning 100 studio before his album release party at The Rutledge.


Lightning 100 Unplugged

Here’s the playlist for Sunday, March 23rd. Tune in Sunday mornings at 9:30am!

ArtistSong TitleSourceSun 3/23/14
DawesTime Spent In Lost AngelesLightning 100 In Studio 10/20/11
RaconteursOld EnoughBackstage Bonnaroo
SoundgardenBlack Hole SunThe Roads We Choose – A Retrospective
The NationalSea of LoveBackstage Bonnaroo
Alanis MorissetteHand In My PocketFeast On Scraps
Nickel CreekJealous of The MoonBackstage Bonnaroo
Vance JoyRiptideLightning 100 Secret Show, 2013
Glenn Tilbrook and The FluffersTemptedAcoustic Café
Walk The MoonTightropeBackstage Bonnaroo
Paul SimonSound of SilenceLive from Webster Music Hall, NYC 6/6/2011
Justin Townes EarleWanderin’Backstage Bonnaroo
Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersJammin’ MeLive From the Archives, Vol. 4
World PartyIs It Like Today?Live at Massey Hall, 1971
Mike DoughtyLooking At The World From The Bottom of A WellBackstage Bonnaroo
The WallflowersOne HeadlightOn The Mountain 7
Toad The Wet SprocketSomething’s Always WrongAcoustic Dance Party
Moon TaxiThe New Black
Ryan AdamsChains of LoveiTunes Session
Bruce SpringsteenBorn To RunTougher Than The Rest of Us CD Single


The Tasting Bar 3/21/14

Now that Spring has officially sprung, Dave and Lisa from The Bottle Shop stopped by the morning show to talk refreshing gin cocktails and four great red wines that you can get for under $10.

1920 Gin Fizz Uncle Val's Bot Refreshener


the615 03/17/14

Episode89. the615 03/17/14

Local Artist of the week- (“Brought to you by CollegeBookRenter.com Rent the book own the knowledge”- Playing Soulshine 01/28/13)
Jillian Edwards- Daydream-(Playin’ live Friday 3/21 at Soulshine Pizza at 7pm)

Dj Picks
Lt. Dan – Roman Candle- End Of The Street- Debris
Wells –  The Apache Relay- Don’t Leave Me Now- The Apache Relay( Out Saturday 4/22/14)

This Just In
Afterlife Parade- Black Woods, White Beach-  Death & Rebirth
Repeat Repeat- Not The One
Wild Cub- Colour- Youth

Live in the Lightning 100 Studios – Space Capone
Space Capone Live- Dudes Approve
Space Capone- Back To The House- Space Capone

Bands Around Town
Kate Tucker & The Sons Of Sweden- Blue Hotel- The Shape The Color The Feel-  (Playin’ Live Thursday 3/20/14 at Tin Roof Nashville w/ Dear Salem, Easy Rosco)
Great Peacock- Take Me to The Mountain- (Playin’ live Sunday 3/23 w/ Lindi Ortega at 3rd & Lindsley Sunday)


Jillian Edwards – Apologies

jillian edwards nashville

Jillian Edwards is a 25-year old Nashville based singer-songwriter originally from Dallas, TX. Edwards has had the chance to work with or open for a number of acts, including: Drew & Ellie Holcomb, Josh Garrels, Ben Rector, David Ramirez, The Civil Wars, and Bethany Dillon. Edwards released her first EP, Galaxies & Such, Edwards’ in 2009 and released her second effort, Headfirst, in 2011, which held the #1 spot on singer-songwriter charts for its entire release week. She married Will Franklin Chapman and the pair along with her brother-in-law, Caleb Chapman, both members of the band Colony House, created an indie-folk side project called “The Inlaws.” Edwards co-wrote and sang on the title track of Ellie Holcomb’s latest album, “With You Now.” She also sang vocals on “How Great Thou Art,” a track from Steven Curtis Chapman’s bluegrass record, “Deep Roots.”  The title track from her latest work, “Daydream,” is featured on an iTunes compilation album and her most recent effort was released on March 11, 2014. I had the chance to chat with Lightning’s artist of the week about her latest piece of work and how this Texas native made her way to Nashville.

Q: You are originally from Dallas, TX and recently moved to Nashville. How does the music scene differ in these two cities and how has it influenced your style of music?

A: My transition was more from college to Nashville because I started playing shows while in college. There is a combination of growing up in Dallas and the college culture. It’s more common for people to make a living through music in Nashville. You can view it either as encouraging or be intimidated and act competitively. Everyone wants to help people here.

Q: How did you get to where you are now?

A: I grew up singing in school and church, and had parents who sang. Music has always been in my family’s blood. I have always known that’s what I wanted to do, but also wanted to go to college. I went to college knowing that I wanted to be an artist, as I believe that to be my purpose, but studied communication. I had planned to move to Nashville as soon as possible. I lived in Nashville summer before my senior year at Waco. There were a few mentors that encouraged and believed in me. Being a student highlighted my desire to pursue being an artist full time. It felt like the right time and I was ready to go. Moving to Nashville was the natural next step in my career. Now living in Nashville and not being a student, it feels like home.

Q: You’ve worked with or opened for a range of artists (Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Ben Rector, The Civil Wars, David Ramirez, etc.), who is your favorite collaborator?

A: Ellie Holcomb is one of my favorite people to write with. If I write with her, I know I am going to like the outcome of it. I was able to open for those artists on their tour stops through Texas. There was one venue in Waco, called Common Ground, that these artists played at and I made myself available to open for any artists of the artists coming through.

Q: Your last EP was released two years ago, how does it differ from your new EP, if at all?

A: I really love the sound on this record. It matches what I hoped it to be and it feels very organic. There are things about each record that I want to keep progressing. This 8-song EP was produced by Joe Causey, and he was able to capture my sound and highlight it.

Q: Do you have a favorite track?

A: There is a live version of “In Just A Little While,” which is a song I wrote for my husband. It’s sort of me speaking to him and speaking words that both of us live by. They are all special to me, but that one stands out because of its truth.

Q: Some of your influences are Allison Krauss, Patty Smith, and Mindy Smith. Would you consider these your influences or consider yourself in the same genre?

A: I consider my genre as singer/songwriter. I don’t like to label my music as pop, folk, or country as some songs vary in their sound.

Q: Your voice and style have been described as a blend between Allison Krauss and Norah Jones, how would you describe your sound?

A: I am really delighted to hear that someone would complement my voice to that degree. I would love for that to be true! I hope that’s true, but I also hope to be my own unique voice. I could see similarities vocally. There are parts of their voices that I am definitely influenced by.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: Everything I surround myself with influences or inspire my songwriting. Basically, I am inspired by people who run after their sound. If it moves me, I am going to be inspired by it. Allison Krauss has one of my favorite voices, and there’s an element of respect attached to her name.

Q: Your husband is in a band and your father-in law is artist Steven Curtis Chapman. How is the dynamic of being in a musical family?

A: I couldn’t have imagined a better combination of elements in my family. It works really well to work in the same industry as my husband, but doing different things (he is the drummer for Colony House). Going into our relationship, we both felt strongly that performing was our purpose. The understanding of that has helped our relationship. One of my favorite songwriters is my dad. Having a musical family encourages and fuels me more and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Q: What is your long-term goal as a musician?

A: I want to be able to sustain a career in music for my whole life. Right now, I am in a place in my life where I am ready to put in the work. In a few years, we will definitely want to have kids, but I hope to be writing and releasing records for the rest of my life.

Q: Describe your writing process.

A: I kind of go with the flow. It ends up being relational songs, love songs, some of my songs are prayers, but most are about life. I never sit down with the intention to write a song, but let something come to me and write about it

Q: What is a personal highlight of your career?

A: My latest album is something I’m very proud of. Since Will and I got married (the couple just celebrated a year in December), he has been involved in the process of this album and having that to share is special. Right now I am most grateful for where I am at in my career. I’m not sure what the future will look like, but I know that I am blessed.

Q: What is your advice for others following their dreams? (not just in music).

  Value yourself in what you’re running after. If it’s something that is life giving to  you, putting in the hours will be worth it. Make sure that what you are doing is for the right reasons. Don’t look for the end product, but for the journey.

Jillian Edwards Interview conducted and written by: Lexie Deeb 



Lightning 100 Unplugged

Get up early on Sunday morning, brew a nice big pot of coffee and check out our  morning shows – Nashville By Nicole at 7am, then The Acoustic Cafe followed by Lightning 100 Unplugged at 9:30am.  Here’s what I played on Sunday, March 16, 2014:

ArtistSong TitleSourceSun 3/16/14
Ben HarperDiamonds on The InsideLive from The Mountain Music Lounge
Delta SpiritTrashcanLightning 100 In Studio
WilcoOutta Mind (Outta Sight)KFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 4
Black KeysToo Afraid To Love YouBackstage Bonnaroo
Amanda ShiresBulletproofLightning 100 In Studio, October 2013
Need To BreatheThe OutsidersLightning 100 In Studio
Birds of TokyoLantersLightning 100 In Studio, March 10, 2014
Father John MistyOnly Son of A Ladies ManBackstage Bonnaroo
John Butler TrioBetter ThanBackstage Bonnaroo
Local NativesYou and IBackstage Bonnaroo
Amos LeeFlowerBackstage Bonnaroo
Black CrowesShe Talks to AngelsCroweology
Neil YoungOld ManLive at Massey Hall, 1971
Ray LaMontagneBeg, Steal or BorrowBackstage Bonnaroo
Zach HeckendorfAll The Right PlacesLightning 100 In Studio, 2012
Gary Clark, Jr.Don’t Owe You A ThingBackstage Bonnaroo
Jimmy Eat WorldThe MiddleGood To Go
Colin HayOverkill
Bob MarleyRedemption SongUprising


The Tasting Bar — St. Paddy’s Day Special

Just in time for St. Paddy’s Day, Dave and Lisa from the The Bottle Shop show us how to “class up” St. Paddy’s Day!

Fair Maiden Irish Ginger Tipperary

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Music City Mayhem tracks

Lightning 100 wants to thank every band that enter into Music City Mayhem.  We had over 340 bands submit and we could only accept less than 10% of these bands for the contest.  Take some time to listen to the tracks!  Voting begins on March 17th.


the615 3/10/14 Music City Mayhem Selection Show 2014

Lightning 100 Presents the 6th annual Music City Mayhem! The on air competition begins Monday 3/17/14 at 9am. 32 artists will participate in this year’s tournament. This year’s grand prize winner gets a spot at Live On The Green 2014, 3 days studio time with an engineer from Soundstage Studios and a song played in heavy rotation on Lightning 100 for a month! Here are the final 32.


Lewis – Flex


Both raised in Indianapolis, IN they unknowingly attended the same high school. Chris left to study music in Bloomington, IN, and Peter to study music in Evanston, IL. They met through a mutual friend and relocated to Chicago where they formed Peter Terry & The City Profits in 2010, having set out to find a blend between folk/rock & soul. In 2011 they relocated once again to Nashville, TN. As PTCP, the guys began receiving acclaim after being featured on indie radio station, Lightning 100, with their single “The Lawyer”. After 3 years of being on the scene, they soon realized their sound was evolving into what is now known as “LEWIS”.

As a duo, LEWIS released their debut self-titled EP in February 2014 with help from former member Stephen Juergensen on cello and Zach Allen at the production helm.
LEWIS is a bit more electronic and fresh compared to their first album “I Am Jackson” when they were known as PTCP. Mixing their numerous musical influences (from jazz, classical, rock, blues, electronic, to folk) has produced a fresh, adventurous sound. They’re using their roots of blues, soul, and rock as a foundation to further explore afro-beat and synth pop. LEWIS is very excited to share their latest EP as they delve into this new chapter.


Ben Folds Interview

Ben Folds stopped by the Lightning 100 studio to chat with Lt Dan about the debut of his piano concerto with the Nashville Symphony this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Fold’s concerto consists of 3 movements and took 9 months to create. This concerto was originally written with the thought of being performed through Ballet. This May the Nashville Ballet and Ben Folds will perform the concerto together.

For more information please check out: www.benfolds.com/


Lightning 100 Unplugged

Here’s what I played Sunday, March 9, 2014:

ArtistSong TitleSourceSun 3/9/14
Neil YoungUnknown LegendNeil Young Unplugged
LuciusDon’t Just Sit ThereBackstage Bonnaroo
Vance JoyPlay With FireLightning 100 Secret Show
EchosmithCool KidsLightning 100 Secret Show
Snow PatrolChocolateKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 15
Delta SaintsParadise (John Prine Cover)Lightning 100 In Studio, February 28, 2014
CalexicoQuattroKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 14
Erin McCarleyPitter PatAcoustic Archive
Laura MarlingMaster HunterLightning 100 In Studio, November 11, 2013
Black PrairieThe Song Remains The SameBackstage Bonnaroo
The CureJust Like Heaven
Amos LeeWindows Are Rolled DownBackstage Bonnaroo
A3Woke Up This Morning
Matt NathansonFasterAcoustic Café
Old Crow Medicine ShowWagon Wheel
The NationalDon’t Swallow The CapBackstage Bonnaroo
Donavon FrankenreiterMove By YourselfBackstage Bonnaroo
G. LoveNothing Quite Like HomeLightning 100 In Studio, February 25, 2014
Greg LaswellTake EverythingAcoustic Archive
Ingrid MichaelsonBe OKAcoustic Archive
Duncan SheikBarely BreathingKFOG Live From The Archives
The DamnwellsGolden DaysKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 14


The Wood Brothers – Live

The Wood Brothers stopped by the Lightning 100 studio for an interview and performance before their 2 night run at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN.

All 3 members of the band are officially calling Music City home now!

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The Tasting Bar 3/7/14 with Brooklyn Brewery

Join us this Friday morning for a special episode of The Tasting Bar with Andrew Gerson from Brooklyn Brewery.  Today we are going to talk high gravity beers and make a really tasty drink called the “Brooklyn Squall.”

Brooklyn Squall


Colony House – Keep On, Keepin On

841228_247179208772444_1325660462_oColony House is a three piece rock band from Franklin, TN founded by brothers Caleb and Will Chapman, and shortly thereafter joined by friend/guitarist Scott Mills. From the beginning, the chemistry between the three young men has defined their approach to music and the road.

The members of Colony House are joined together by many things, and it has developed into a unique brotherhood where three stories have melded into one.

“We believe we have a story to tell – a story of hope and perseverance. That’s what we want to leave people with.”

With three EP’s setting the framework of this story – Colony House EP (2010), Trouble (2010), and To The Ends Of The World (2011) – Colony House is currently writing the next chapter in the form of their debut full length album, When I Was Younger, scheduled to release later this year.


LT DAN & JARED underground podcast

Lightning 100′s Lt. Dan Buckley and Nashville’s own Jared Corder from *REPEAT REPEAT go way underground into Nashville’s indie scene. Join them for over an hour as they listen to deep tracks and unreleased material from Nashville’s best.

Lightning 100′s Lt. Dan Buckley and Nashville’s own Jared Corder from *REPEAT REPEAT go way underground into Nashville’s indie scene.  They listen to deep tracks and unreleased material from Nashville’s best and talk about the current music scene in Nashville.  Discussions on upcoming events lead to insights on show promotion and working within the Nashville music scene.  Jared talks about the upcoming release of his album Bad Latitude by his band *REPEAT REPEAT and Dan learns how a network of Nashville known musicians started their careers at Burger Up on Twelve South.

Here’s a rundown of the music that was played and what those artists are up to:

Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes – “Fits and Starts” (from Kid Tiger; released March 4th along with an in-store performance at Grimey’s; kick off their tour March 8th at Exit/In)

Roman Candle – “Small Time” (from Debris; they opened for Wild Cub at 3rd and Lindsley March 2nd)

The Gills – “Feel It” (unreleased)

Hotel War – “Illuminate” (unreleased; upcoming shows at FooBar Too on March 10th and The Basement on April 10th)

Blank Range – “Roommate’s Girlfriend” (They won the first round of Road to Bonnaroo at the Mercy Lounge.  They will also be playing with Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes at their album release show on March 8th at Exit/In)

RIcHIE – “I Got A Crush On You” (released new album Night Game on March 1st)

Brancho – “Try Me Out Sometime” (from Can’t Get Past the Lips. Band out of Oklahoma City)

el el – “Kiss Kiss” (Going on the road with Repeat Repeat)

DeRobert and the Half-Truths – “My Momma Told Me” (from I’m Tryin’ ; they played at The Basement on March 1st)

*REPEAT REPEAT – “Not The One” (from their debut album Bad Latitude releasing March 11th along with an in-store performance at Grimey’s.  It was recorded in four days in a house in East Nashville.  They are getting ready to go on their “Spring Spring Tour Tour with *repeat repeat and el el.”)

Wild Cub – “Color” (from their new album Youth.  They played Nashville Sunday Night at 3rd and Lindsley on March 2nd, were featured on the late night talk shows, and are currently on tour with American Authors.)

Written by Dan Buckley & Chris Godley


the615 03/3/14

Episode87. the615 03/3/14

Local Artist of the week- Playing Soulshine 03/7/14
Colony House- Keep On Keeping On-(Playin’ live Friday 3/7 at Soulshine Pizza at 7pm)

Dj Picks
Hammel – Kyshona Armstrong- Al Marie
Wells – The Delta Saints- Paradise (John Prine cover)

 This Just In
Jeffrey James- I’m Wide Awake- I’m Wide Awake EP(Out this Tuesday- Playin Live April 9th, at 12th and Porter with Justin Forrest)

Live in the Lightning 100 Studios
St. Paul & the Broken Bones- Call Me- Live from our Not so secret show

Bands Around Town
Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes- Sun Goes Out- Kid Tiger (Playing Live Saturday 3/8/14 at Exit In w/ Blank Range and Alanna Royale)
The Young International- More Of The Same (Playing live tonight 3/3/14 Road to Bonnaroo 2014)
Robert Ellis- Tour Song- (Playing tonight at the Basement w/ T Hardy Morris and Sam Smith)
Diamond Carter- Let Yourself Be Loved- Playin Live Wednesday 3/5/14 at 12th & Porter)
The Wood Brothers- Luckiest Man- Playin Live Friday 3/7/14 at 3rd & Lindsley with Brigitte DeMeyer
Repeat Repeat- 12345678 (Playing live tonight 3/3/14 Road to Bonnaroo 2014)

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Lightning 100 Unplugged

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ArtistSong TitleSourceSun 3/2/14
BahamasCaught Me Thinking
The Head and The HeartLost In My MindLightning 100 Secret Show
Mumford and SonsTimshellBackstage Bonnaroo
JohnnySwimHome/JacksonBackstage Bonnaroo
Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic ZerosMan on FireBackstage Bonnaroo
Sister HazelAll For YouBefore The Amplifiers
Counting CrowsMr. Jones
Jason Isbell and Amanda ShiresCover Me UpNashville Sunday Night, October 6, 2013
The NationalThis Is The Last TimeBackstage Bonnaroo
Band of HorsesNo One’s Gonna Love YouAcoustic at The Ryman
LuciusGo HomeLightning 100 In Studio, January 23, 2014
Landon PiggCan’t Let Go
Matt CostaCold DecemberBackstage Bonnaroo
The Wild FeathersLeft My WomanLightning 100 In Studio, 2013
The WhigsWaitingLightning 100 In Studio
TrainSave Me, San Francisco
O.A.R.Love and MemoriesBackstage Bonnaroo
PassengerLet Her GoLightning 100 Secret Show
CalexicoAcross The WireBackstage Bonnaroo
Ruby AmanfuUnbreakableLightning 100 In Studio


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