The Features performing “Two Hearts” and “Keepsake”


Live from the LC studio

The Features perform “Two Hearts” and “Keepsake” live in the LC studio. We look forward to hearing “Keepsake” off their upcoming new album.  The Features are currently recording the album, so stay tuned for new music from the band!  Click here to watch the HD videos or listen to the full interview and performance.

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the615 4/27/15

Episode148. the615 4/27/15

Local Artist of the week
Matt Haeck –  Lucky Cigarette – Late Bloomer

Dj Picks
Hammel - Liza Anne – Take It Back – Two (May 19th) (Loved Debut “The Colder Months”)
Wells - Natalie Prass – My Baby Don’t Understand Me – Natalie Prass

This Just In
Will Hoge -Desperate Times – Small Town Dreams
Down Home Band – Black Snake
Sky Temple Blues – Eclipse – The Bomb Shelter Sessions

Bands Around Town -Road To Bonnaroo
Sons of Sweden-
Blue Hotel
The Daily Howl-
1st World Problems
Easy Roscoe-
Alright; Regina
Oliver Ocean –
Wrong Here


Zella Day performing “Jameson”, “Sweet Ophelia” and “Hypnotic” [audio]


Zella Day in LC studio

Lightning 100 invited a few lucky listeners to Zella Day’s in-studio performance.  Zella was nice enough to perform three songs which included the hit single “Hypnotic” heard on 100.1 FM.  Check out the audio performance and interview which includes the unreleased song “Jameson” appearing on her upcoming album Kicker dropping on June 2nd, 2015.

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Natalie Prass performing “Bird of Prey” and “My Baby Don’t Understand Me” [audio]


Natalie Prass with Marvin and Lt. Dan

Natalie Prass performing live in the Lightning 100 LC Studio before her sold out show with Ryan Adams at Ryman Auditorium. Natalie talked about touring with Ryan, her new record, and where she’s been living these days.  Enjoy this audio performance of Natalie Prass performing “Bird of Prey” and “My Baby Don’t Understand Me”.

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The Apache Relay performing “Good As Gold” and “Katie Queen of Tennessee”


The Apache Relay in LC Studio

Our friends in The Apache Relay stopped by the LC Studio to play a few tunes.  Hope you enjoy the video performance of “Good As Gold” and “Katie Queen of Tennessee”.  Tune in to hear these songs on 100.1 FM.

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You Have Reservations w/ Chef Ryan from Margot

Roasted Chicken with Kale & Rhubarb Salad
for the roasted chicken:
one, under 4 pound fryer chicken, cut into breasts, legs, and thighs. (save the backs and wing tips for chicken stock)
salt and pepper
oil for the pan.

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Tame Impala debut “Let It Happen”


Tame Impala’s follow-up to 2012’s Grammy-nominated masterpiece “Lonerism” is on the way and we now have a taste of what the band’s third album, “Currents,” might sound like.

“Let It Happen” is a psychedelic, multi-part, progressive rock epic, a song that fulfills band leader Kevin Parker’s intimation that their upcoming release would feature a heavier emphasis on synthesizers and electronically manipulated sounds, which appears to be the zeitgeist of contemporary alternative music—from Alabama Shakes to Mumford & Sons. Recorded in the group’s native Freemantle, Australia, Parker said that “Let It Happen” is about “finding yourself always in this world of chaos and all this stuff going on around you and always shutting it out because you don’t want to be part of it. But at some point, you realize it takes more energy to shut it out than it does to let it happen and be a part of it.” The first official single from Tame Impala’s new album, the syrupy funk ballad “Cause I’m a Man” is also available now.

Tame Impala recently rocked a captivated audience at Coachella, and they are coming to Nashville and performing at Ryman Auditorium with Mini Mansions on May 11.

Written by Grant Gilbard



L100 DJ Picks Week 9


The Features performing “Two Hearts” and “Keepsake” [audio]


The Features in LC studio

The Features performing “Two Hearts” and “Keepsake” live in the LC studio. We look forward to hearing Keepsake off their upcoming album.

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Matt Haeck debuts “Lucky Cigarettes”

Playing up the whole Saturday Night/Sunday morning spiritual schism is as much part of Nashville music as Lower Broadway, The Ryman, and Music Row. It’s a conceit especially prevalent in roots music circles, where audiences naturally consist of churchgoers and curse-spewers alike.

Matt Haeck comes by his layers honestly; that is, his is a life and a music that feed off of each other — indeed, without the other, you get the sense that either would cease to exist.

With “Late Bloomer” (which may or not prove to be true; kid’s had the goods for years), Haeck’s put his backstory up front: the songs here were written both before and in the midst of an almost four-year struggle with addiction. There’s a song or two post-surfacing too, addressing that pink-elephant-question in the room: just who the hell are we, when we’re who we really are?

Born in Barbados to missionary parents — his dad’s “real job” was selling insurance of the more tangible, home-and-hearth variety — Haeck says his first introduction to the magic of music came while watching his mother sing alto harmony in the church choir. (His first introduction to the magic of secular music came at the ripe old age of 21, when he dove headlong into the oeuvre of Mssrs. Dylan, Cash, and Lennon.)

His introduction to the traveling life  came much earlier. Haeck spent time in Kansas, Southern Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri and Michigan as a child, and has since called Austin, Texas — where he once paid the rent by “working” as a nude model — San Diego, Indianapolis, Pennsylvania, and (finally) Nashville, Tennessee home.

Fast-forward (or is that swipe right?) to today. On the strength of Haeck’s well-received stage turns in Studio Tenn’s “The Hank Legacy” and “The Cash Legacy” and the Crackerfarm-filmed video of he and Avett Brother Paul DeFiglia doing a new number of their own composition, 2014’s “Couldn’t Say Yes (Till I Learned To Say No)”, Haeck has finally begun his flowering. One highly successful Kickstarter campaign later, and “Late Bloomer” (produced by David Mayfield, and featuring the likes of DeFiglia, Critter Fuqua of Old Crow Medicine Show, and Caitlin Rose) is seeded, watered, and ready to go.

Or grow, perhaps better put.


Win tickets to Shaky Knees Music Festival


The Black Cadillacs performing “The Sea”


Will Horton (Left) and John Phillips (right)

Are you excited about The Black Cadillacs‘ show this Saturday with All Them Witches, American Hotel, Smooth Hound Smith, and Sol Cat?  We had the guys from The Black Cadillacs to perform “The Sea” off their recent release self titled EP.  The Black Cadillacs are a 5-piece rock band from Tennessee with an original sound that includes influences from 60‘s era rock and roll to more modern grunge and indie rock.  Click here to get your $15 ticket to the show, it goes to $20 at the door.

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The Aquaducts debut “Nightlife”


Since their inception in 2012, The Aquaducks have been bringing the party to the southeast with their unique blend of funk, rock, and reggae. Combining catchy hooks with impressive instrumental work and relentless jams, the Ducks are constantly improving their sound and making each show more memorable than the last. They can make you laugh, they might make you cry, but they will most definitely make you dance. Dishing out one of the most high-energy experiences around, The Aquaducks will find a way to get your feet moving—so please, don’t try to resist.


Jessie Baylin performing “Black Blood” and “Creepers”


Courtney Jaye (left) and Jessie Baylin (right)

Jessie Baylin stopped by the LC studio to debut new tracks off her recently released Dark Places.  Jessie was joined by her good friend Courtney Jaye to perform “Black Blood” and “Creepers (Young Love)”.  Click here to purchase Jessie Baylin’s new album and tune in to 100.1 FM to hear her single “Black Blood”.

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L100 DJ Picks Week 8


Willie and the Giant performing “Loose Ends” and “Poor Boy”


Lt Dan with Willie and the Giant

Nashville’s Willie and the Giant stopped by the studio to play a few tunes.  The band performs “Loose Ends” and “Poor Boy” live in the LC Studio at Lighting 100.  See Willie and the Giant perform with Liz Cooper and Easy Roscoe for FREE at Tin Roof Nashville on April 16th.  Click here to listen to the interview and performance!

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Elliot Root debuts “Punks and Poets”


Elliot Root is an american alternative music group based in the heart of Music City Nashville. Challenged by the surrounding music scene, Elliot Root has received attention for their eclectic mix-up of impactful melodies and an ever changing variety of soundscapes influenced by the bands many musical heroes of all genres.

Link for Pre-order :


Shaky Knees Sing-Off Rules

Shaky Knees Sing-Off Tickets-  Contest  Rules
Sponsored By Sam’s Sports Grill
Contest Dates- 4/18/2015 and 4/25/2015

  1. Entry Procedure:
    Only the first 20 people to sign up at Sam’s Sports Grill in Hillsboro village will be guaranteed a chance to perform.  Sign up starts at12:45 PM on April 18, 2015 and April 25, 2015.
  2. Where to Register:
    Contestants can register at Sam’s Sports Grill in Hillsboro Village, 1803 21st Ave SNashville, TN starting at 12:45 PM CT.
  3. Contestant Age:
    Contestants must be 18 years or olderfor the “Shaky Knees’ Sing Off” contest. Grand prize winner must be 18 years or older. There is no cost to contestants to participate. And there is no purchase necessary.Must be present to win.

Contestants will be allowed one (1) free entry for attending the contest during the contesting period and one (1) additional entry for performing. The maximum number of performers will be 20, signed up on a first come first served basis, starting at 12:45 PM CT.

  1. Performance: The following applies to any and all “Shaky Knees’ Sing Off contests”:
  • Contest open to individual performers only. No duets, trios, bands or live instruments.
  • Entrants can sign up to perform one song each day of the contest, and will be allowed to perform additional songs as time allows, as determined by Lightning 100.
  • No live instruments will be accepted
  • Performers will choose from a list of songs provided by Lightning 100. Song selection will be on a first come first served basis. Once a song is selected, it will be removed from the list for that day. Each song can be performed up to one (1) time per contest day. Lightning 100 will allow write-in song requests solely at the hosts discretion.
  • No special lighting, props or special effects may be used.
  • This contest is a family friendly event. All performances must be age appropriate, and no content which Lighting 100 or affiliated sponsors deem inappropriate or offensive may be performed. Lighting 100 reserves the right to disqualify any contestant or Entrant for any reason at the sole discretion of Lightning 100 and it’s on-site staff.
  1. Local Contest Prize, Value, and Odds of winning:
    A grand prize of 2 General Admission tickets to Shaky Knees Music Festival, May 8 – 12 2015, will be given to the winner of the event eachSaturday.

A “3 Full Day Pass” admission ticket to Shaky Knees Music Festival 2015 is valued at $215 not including tax. The grand prize value is around $430 + tax. The grand prize does not include travel, lodging or any other accomodations. Odds of winning depend on number of Entrants added and participants on a given contest day.

  1. Assumption of Risk:
    By entering the contest, and Entrant and/or participant assumes all risks of property damage, act of got, or bodily injury (including death) that might occur during the event. Entrants, and/or participants agree not to bring against any national sponsor or Lightning 100 (Tuned In Broadcasting Inc.) any claim for property damage or bodily injury (including death) that might occur during local events.
  2. Good Character:
    Entrant understands that he/she may be disqualified immediately from any level of competition if they commit any act or become involved in any situation that negatively affects Lightning 100, Sams Sports Grill, or any sponsors. Lightning 100 reserves the right to disqualify any Entrant at any time for any reason. All decisions made by Lightning 100 will be final and binding.
  3. Eligibility:

By entering and/or participating in this contest, Entrant confirms that he/she:
Is at least 18 years old and eligible for the Grand Prize.
Is not an owner, controlling stockholder or employee of any of the contest sponsors.
Has not won anything from WRLT in the past 30 Days.

Does not live in the same household as any local judge, the radio station sponsoring the contest, or any employee, controlling stockholder, owner, officer or agent of any of the contest sponsors.



Will Hoge performing “Little Bitty Dreams” and “The Last Thing I Needed”


Will Hoge live in the LC studio

One of our favorite locals, Will Hoge stopped by the LC studio to debut a few new tunes from his recent release Small Town Dreams.  Lt. Dan was glad to get Will back on 100.1 FM airwaves.  WRLT filmed Will performing “Little Bitty Dreams” and “The Last Thing I Needed” live in studio.  Click here to watch some of Will’s earlier performances on Lightning 100.

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the615 4/13/15

Episode146. the615 4/13/15

Local Artist of the week
Elliot Root – Punks And Poets – II

Dj Picks
Hammel - Jeff The Brotherhood – Karaoke TN or Coat Check GirlWasted On The Dream
Wells - Luella – Set The Record Straight ( Playin’ The Basement tonight w/ Rachel Hester,  The Western Shore)

This Just In
Matt Haeck – Lucky Cigarette – Late Bloomer
Boy Named Banjo – Long Story Short- Long Story Short
Tiger Panther – St. Augustine

Live in the LC studios – Jeffery James
(Playin’ Communion Nashville Presents Thursday 4/16/15 at Mercy Lounge w/ Hey Rosetta!, Kevin Garrett and Soft White Sixties)
Jeffery James (Live) – Walls
Jeffery James (Live) – Good Friends

Bands Around Town (Playin’ Thursdays 4/16/15 at Tin Roof FREE SHOW!)
Easy Roscoe – Alright ; Regina
Liz Cooper & the Stampede – Monsters
Willie and the Giant – Loose Ends


L100 DJ Picks Week 7


Ryan Culwell debuts “Flatlands”


Ryan Culwell


“I reached some plains so vast, that I did not find their limit anywhere I went . . . with no more land marks than if we had been swallowed up by the sea . . . . there was not a stone, nor bit of rising ground, nor a tree, nor a shrub, nor anything to go by.”—Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, 1541

Ryan Culwell grew up in a forgotten place. His songs were forged in the great void that is the panhandle of Texas—The Great In-Between, a land so desolate that few even thought to settle there until oil was discovered beneath the emptiness. And the solitude of the plains comes pouring out of him when he opens his mouth to sing. Like an approaching dust storm, Culwell’s songs whisper and howl and embed the dirt of the flatlands deep into your skin.

Growing up in the middle of all that flatness seems to have amplified Culwell’s soul; his songs shine forth like the stars in West Texas on a clear night. Culwell spent most his life among the company of roughneck oilfield men in a small town near the epicenter of the Dust Bowl. “My dad and brother have always worked the kind of jobs that required them to wake up at three in the morning to fix whatever went wrong, even if the wind was blowing sixty miles per hour and it was five degrees. People think I exaggerate this kind of work ethic, and they damn sure think I exaggerate the weather in the panhandle.”

Like an oil rigger drilling for crude, Culwell’s songs penetrate deep into the essence of the Great Plains. In “Darkness” he sings: “Wind ain’t blown here in days, it’s strange and lonely/

the only sound is some old men in the diner talkin bout rain/ but that’s only hearsay/ don’t believe we’ll see no rain/ then again I seen stranger things/ like a whole world that’s flat.”

Despite hailing from a place that ignores the presence of the outside world, Culwell has become something of a searcher, an intellectual nomad. Amid his tales of oilfields and honky- tonks, he’s likely to quote the poet Geoffrey Hill (“Can Absence be a god, or have we made an idol of our emptiness?”) or the French mystic Simone Weil: “We must be rooted in the absence of a place. We must take the feeling of being home into exile.”

It was only when Culwell went into exile in Nashville that he truly got in touch with the “absence of place” that is his home. Ryan Culwell is no rhinestoned Texas troubadour—he counts Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker, and Woody Guthrie as influences. In fact, Culwell hails from the same stretch of prairie where Guthrie spent his most formative years, and like Guthrie, he has emerged as a poet of the plains. Of the legendary songwriter from Pampa Culwell says: “Guthrie was defined by the whole experience [of the Dust Bowl in the Texas Panhandle] but expressed that identity in leaving. We hear a lot about the trail of people leaving. We know the sound of exodus, but what does it sound like to stay?”

At the age of thirty-one, after moving from Amarillo Texas to Music City, Culwell began playing what he calls “bigger” songs. But he heard the flatlands calling to him, and he found himself writing secret songs about his roots on the open plains—songs about “what it sounds like to stay,” thought he hadn’t. Soon enough, these were the only tunes anyone wanted to hear. These songs became Flatlands, Culwell’s debut album from Lightning Rod Records (Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires, Billy Joe Shaver, James McMurtry).

On the opening track of the record, “Amarillo,” Ryan comes out swinging: “What am I gonna do with this? Just walk around waving two white fists?/ Am I throwing punches or singing

songs?/ Have I been here for way too long?” The song is a paean to those who choose to live their whole lives in a place where “most people won’t even stay the night.” Songs like this have garnered Culwell almost prophet-like status among the disaffected youth of the Llano Estacado. But his songs are not regional. The high plains are Solitude Amplified; we have all, at one time or another, felt the kind of epic absence that Culwell spins so effortlessly into song.

Listening to these songs about the empty plains, we also encounter something unexpected: hope. In many ways, Flatlands is an optimistic record, like a lighted window seen from many miles away. On the eponymous track Culwell sings: “The earth can break a man/ But I will take my stand/ I’ll climb my mountains/ Out in the Flatlands.” And on “I Will Come For You” when he cajoles, “Let’s head on out to the front porch/ And wait for the cold to come,” an almost giddy joy can be heard behind his lonesome Texas drawl.

The tenderness on this record will surprise listeners who first encounter Culwell’s weather-beaten resolve. But this, too, comes from Culwell’s dualistic relationship with his home. Like many from West Texas, he loves this land and he hates it. He’s not unlike Tom Joad: tough, but gentle. But tough. A Culwell song brings to mind an old sharecropper who limps into the town diner on a Sunday morning. The man’s weary face commands respect, but his limp puts you at ease somehow.

While Culwell is poised to take American music halls by storm with these “secret” songs, he remains humble: a man devoted to his wife and daughters and enthralled by the art of songcraft. “I don’t want to tell the world that I’ve worked harder than other artists. I probably haven’t. But I have kept my head in the game long enough to write a couple of decent songs. It’s not really different than the farmers who stuck it out in years of drought or just pushed their necks out when the wind blew all their topsoil away.”


Rhiannon Giddens Secret Show and Photos


Rhiannon Giddens at City Winery

Rhiannon Giddens helped us celebrate our 25th birthday at the City Winery on April 4, 2015.  A few lucky listeners won the opportunity to enjoy this intimate show live.  If you weren’t able to win enjoy the Rhiannon Gidden’s Secret show on demand now!  We also have photos from the show posted below.

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the615 4/6/15

Episode145. the615 4/6/15

Local Artist of the week
Ryan Culwell – Flatlands – Flatlands

Dj Picks
Hammel - Mikky Ekko – Burning DovesTime
Wells - Foreign Fields - I Have Your Weapons – What I Kept Hiding

This Just In
Blackfoot Gypsies – Pork Rind
Stacey Randol – Abducted
Arc & Stones – Wait For You – (Single)
Daphne & The Mystery Machines- Learn To Fall (NSN Ben Miller Band)

Bands Around Town-
Omega Swan - Hate Love (Playin’ Live Thursday 4/9/15 at Exit/In w/ That’s My Kid and Kat Milk Blu)
KOA – Cool It Down (Playin’ Live Friday4/10/15 at Exit In w/ Family and Friends, and Caleb Groh)
Milktooth – Wild Before Our Eyes (Playin’ live Saturday 4/11/15 at Exit/In w/ Apache Relay)
Griffin House – I Remember (Playin’ Live  Saturday 4/ 11/15 at City Winery)


Father John Misty performing “I Love You, Honeybear”, “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)”, and “Only Son of the Ladiesman”


Live at William Colliers

Father John Misty performed a secret show for some very lucky Lightning 100 listeners. Warning, this recording contains adult content and language.  Father John Misty took requests from the audience, and his set included “I Love You, Honeybear”, “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)”, and “Only Son of the Ladiesman”.

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