The War On Drugs – Red Eyes



The war on drugs

Philadelphia’s The War on Drugs reside at the blurred edges of American music: overexposing studio limitations, piling tape upon tape to maximum density, and then — with each song — they pull off the scaffolding to reveal what sticks, keeping only what’s absolutely necessary and dig into what sounds like the best kind of messed up. As on their 2008 debut, Wagonwheel Blues, central member Adam Granduciel takes small moments occurring over multiple tapes and multiple song versions, and puts every last drop of trust in his own keen instinct of momentum.That’s not to overshadow the sharp, personal songwriting at play here. There are certainly cues taken from our very best American bards (Dylan, Petty, Springsteen). Yet, The War on Drugs are wise enough to also implode those cues or send themselves into outer space when the moment calls for it. The driving organ riff that pushes “Baby Missiles,” from the band’s 2010 epic EP Future Weather, may well be inspired by a fever dream of Springsteen rather than any particular song in his catalogue.

And the endless layers of guitar melody and atmospherics of “Comin’ Through,” also from Future Weather, rather than add weight to the vessel, only work to fill its sails with warmer and warmer winds. The War on Drugs new album, “Lost In A Dream,” came out on March 18th, 2014 and Lightning 100 debuts their single “Red Eyes.”


Oliver & the Spectacles

oliver and the spectaclesOliver & The Spectacles Interview

With Chris Swartwood, Lead Singer

Oliver & The Spectacles bring back a distinctive look and excitement reminiscent of the time when mono was king and the 7 inch 45 ruled the airwaves. They have the lyrics and grooves that make a strong case for the next chapter of the soul-sound revival. The Spectacles bring a live show that never fails to get the crowd up out their seat and puts a groove in their feet. From the first break beat that opens the show, The Spectacles sound grabs the audience by the collar and doesn’t let go until they’re doing “The Spectacle Shake”. They respectfully nod their heads to the time of America’s love affair with the turntable and the artists it delivered. Good music is alive and well in the world…let the music and showmanship of Oliver & The Spectacles help show you where it has been living.

Cory: Are you currently working on new music?

Chris: “We are slowly, things are being written as time is available and as inspiration strikes. We’ve got some stuff, an EP’s worth of tracks that have been recorded and are in various stages of production and mixing. We don’t have any official plans of launching an album or anything, but we will have a seven inch that will be coming out here pretty soon called hit the ground running and another tune take a step.”

Cory: Are you excited about playing the Hootenanny on the 28th?

Chris: “Yeah, absolutely we’ve been looking forward to that. Robert Hamm has been super nice to the band and has gotten us a lot of cool shows, so were excited to see what type of relationship we forge between you guys, Robert Ham and other influential guys here in town.”

Cory: It’s been a little over a year exactly since the Basement Bootleg was released. Do you see a progression within your unique style continuing throughout the new projects?

Chris: “What has been most prevalent with me has been the cohesion of different versions of the band and because of that I don’t get to have a band photo, the line up is different for every show. So I’ve got like five versions of the band and each one has presented its own energy and style. So depending on whatever show you go to really dictates the kind of show your going to get, which used to be very scary to me but now I’ve learned to become excited to play with different sets of guys and girls.”

Cory: Who writes the songs typically?

Chris: “I generally come to the band with song ideas, lyrically and melodically. I generally do vocal demos for each part, just because I’m not a multi instrumentalist. So ill do vocal recordings on how I think the parts should sound. That will then get the juices flowing for everyone else. It is true that depending on who is playing that particular show, the song may change. Because we have so many people coming in or out, we only get about one dress rehearsal before a show, sometimes not even that. Literally when we play a show you are seeing the rawest form of the band, but because the level of musicianship is such great quality you don’t really feel that when you see it.”

Cory: Where do you get your inspiration?

Chris: “We listen to a lot of Stacks recordings, 60’s Stacks which we all have an affection for, and definitely comes through in the sound. But in the contrary to that we love pop, 70s funk, 80’s pop and 90’s R&B, so a lot of that comes into how it sounds. It used to feel like we were a 60’s soul band, but there’s only so many styles of songs that you can right until your completely pigeon holed with the sound. Trying to do that would just put you in the corner. We’ve tried to reach out and take more influence from what we currently listen to rather than what we are expected to listen to and sound like.”

Cory: Are you guys currently looking to do a tour?

Chris: “It really depends on whether there is a need for it. This band formed out of a musicians therapy group in a sense. A Lot of the players are with other groups and those groups are what pay their bills, so there is no money to speak of in this band. It became a way for them to play in a group where they could breath and have fun while playing and not have to worry about anything that’s going on other than enjoying the music. So touring would be possible if there was a need for it. When your talking about six plus players there really needs to be a need for that. You really don’t want it to cost you to leave town. Nashville is such a big town that if we feel that we’ve satisfied the needs of Nashville, we may consider it. Nashville is a hard cookie to crack. It’s a feel good band for feel good people. This needs to be as low stress as possible, but if it gets bigger than that, then so be it, were just trying to have a good time.”

Cory: Do you think Oliver & The Spectacles is taking a step in making Nashville a more diverse town musically?

Chris: “If we were than it would be unintentionally, because I feel like everyone that lives here is aware that there is something more than country music here. The most rewarding thing is playing for people who don’t necessarily know who you are but came to the event for someone else and enjoyed what you did. That is a really fundamental part of local music in Nashville as a whole. You are sharing a musical experience with somebody else and a lot of bands in town we know and play with and were friends with. You’re sharing an audience and your sharing a stage, and that’s what makes Nashville so cool. Everyone is happy for each other’s accomplishments, and its cool to be in the mix, and your not really asking for anything more than that.”



Best of the615 Memorial Day Special 5/26/14

Episode99. the615 05/26/14

Local Artist of the week-Playing Pour House Nashville 05/30/14
Oliver And The Spectacles
– Hit The Ground Running

Best of the615 Memorial Day Special
Peyton Parker & Jon Latham – Braver Man
All Them Witches- Charles William
Lulu Mae- Memphis Woman
Phin- Those Killers
Shane Piasecki- Jackie O
The Alarms- The Axe
Smooth Hound Smith- Get Low
Juliana- Walkin – Slow Love
Elle King- Playing For Keeps -S/T EP
Arc And Stone- Control
Turbo Fruits- Gamble Tamble


Lightning 100 Unplugged, May 25, 2014

Thanks again to Americana’s Cross County Lines for sponsoring Lightning 100 Unplugged for the month of May! This show features Patty Griffin, John Hiatt, Luther Dickinson, Ashley Monroe, Brandy Clark, Joe Pug and Parker Milsap. It’s happening this Saturday, May 31 at the Park at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin! Tickets are only $35 and available now, children 12 and under a free with an adult. You can buy your tickets online – we have a link for you on’s Concert Calendar, or you can save the extra fees by walking up to the box office at the Franklin Theatre in downtown Franklin to buy your tickets. Gates will open at 3:30, music starts at 4:30. The show benefits the Americana Music Association.

Here’s my playlist from Sunday, May 25’s Unplugged show. I played a couple of minutes of my chat with Jed Hilly, the Executive Director of the Americana Music Association and wrapped up my conversation with John  Hiatt, one of the headliners at Americana’s Cross County Lines. He played the title track to his brand new album, Terms of My Surrender coming out in early July.

ArtistSong TitleSourceSun 5/25/14
MinistryFriend of The DevilBridge School Concerts, Vol. 1
The Delta SaintsParadise (John Prine cover)Lightning 100 In Studio
Ivan and AlyoshaBe Your ManLightning 100 In Studio, 2013
Rodrigo y GabrielaTamacunKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 15
Interview w/ Jed HillyAmericana Music Assoc. Exec DirectorLightning 100 In Studio
The Avett BrothersI And Love And YouLightning 100 In Studio
G. LoveNothing Quite Like HomeLightning 100 In Studio, February 2014
The RaconteursOld EnoughBackstage Bonnaroo, 2008
Mumford and SonsTimshellBackstage Bonnaroo, 2010
Amos LeeFlowerBackstage Bonnaroo
Justin ForrestCity LifeLightning 100 In Studio, May 22, 2014
John Hiatt
Bob Marley
Terms of My Surrender
Redemption Song
Lightning 100 In Studio, May 13, 2014
Ingrid MichaelsonParachuteLightning 100 In Studio, 5/22/14
Jack JohnsonFrom The Clouds
The ShinsSimple SongKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 19
Frightened RabbitCandlelitLightning 100 In Studio, September 2013
The NationalSea of LoveBackstage Bonnaroo, 2013
SoundgardenBlack Hole Sun
Band of HorsesThe FuneralLive From The Ryman, 2013
Ray LaMontagneBeg Steal or BorrowBackstage Bonnaroo
Erin McCarleyPitter Pat
John Butler TrioBetter ThanBackstage Bonnaroo, 2007
World PartyIs It Like Today?Backstage Bonnaroo
GomezSee The WorldBackstage Bonnaroo


The Black Cadillacs at Hangout Music Fest


The good ole boys from Tennessee, The Black Cadillacs, decided to surprise some fans with an acoustic performance after their set.  The band setup in the giant Hangout chair that has been at the festival every year!  Check out this world premiere of “Methodrone” live at Hangout Music Fest.  Lightning 100 first found out about the band after winning Red Bull Sound Select‘s battle of the bands for the chance to go to Austin during SXSW.   Click here to see photos from the show in 2013.


Click here to see photos from the show! This video was produced by Lightning 100 and filmed/edited by Make It Pop Creations.

Want to see more videos from The Black Cadillacs?  Here are some in-studio videos live from the Lightning 100 studio!


The Tasting Bar — BBQ Wines 5.23.14

In preparation for the long holiday weekend, Dave from The Bottle Shop stopped by the morning show to tell us about three wines that are perfect for a BBQ!


All Them Witches

all them witches nashvilleNashville-based ALL THEM WITCHES impress in both their cohesiveness of sound and their obvious drive toward an individual approach. Their blend of blues rocking grooves and heavy psych-derived jamming comes through clearly, and has wasted no time in getting to the public’s ears thanks to two stunning albums.


Their debut LP, Our Mother Electricity was released in early 2012, making them the first American band to release an album through Germany’s Elektrohasch, heavy psyche innovator Stefan Koglek’s personal imprint. They soon became known for their engaging live shows. They quickly followed this up in July of 2013 with the Extra Pleasant EP, recorded direct to a four-track cassette tape with two microphones with their DIY aesthetic firmly established.


When their sophomore effort, Lightning At The Door, was informally released as a surprise to hungry fans in November of 2013, they quickly sold through their physical stock of discs, receiving more praise for their ability to balance dense, chugging tracks like “Swallowed by the Sea” with soulful, bluesy ones like “The Marriage of Coyote Woman.”


Not ones for taking a break, ATW recorded a live album in early March of 2014 to fully reflect the raw and unyielding nature of their stage show. ATM is not slowing down, and that’s just the way they like it. They’re hitting the road hard in the coming months, we’ll see if the road can take it.



John & Jacob live at Hangout Music Fest


Lightning 100 partnered with Hangout Music Festival and Red Bull Sound Select for the chance to get out of Nashville and to go film some bands on the beach!  John & Jacob kicked off the festival to a pretty large crowd at the Red Bull Sound Select Stage.  The guys decided to surprise a lovely group of ladies with a beachside performance of the song “Ride With Me”.  The ladies repaid them with hugs and sandwiches.  Click here to watch the video!  John & Jacob recently played Nashville Sunday Night for Lightning 100.  Make It Pop Creations also filmed their performance live performance from 3rd & Lindsley!

Click here to see photos from the show!  This video was produced by Lightning 100 and filmed/edited by Make It Pop Creations.


To Kill A King – Cold Skin


To Kill A King are a five piece hailing from Leeds and consist of Ralph Pelleymounter (vocals/acoustic guitar), Josh Platman (bass), Jon Willoughby (drums), Ian Dudfield (electric guitar), Ben Jackson (synths and keys).Taking their name from a British film about the English Civil War, Leeds natives To Kill A King wear their emotions heavily upon their shirt sleeves. Frontman and prime songwriter Ralph Pelleymounter formed the skeletal frame of To Kill A King at university in Leeds with friends Ian Dudfield and Josh Platman before completing the current line-up when they moved down to London at the tail end of 2009. Ralph and To Kill A King wanted to make music that mattered. Citing literary greats such as Dylan Thomas and the NYC beat-poet era of Allen Ginsberg alongside musical reference points like Grizzly Bear and Mystery Jets, the band place equal emphasis on both melody and lyrics. Blogged about almost as soon as they had started layering songs to 8-track, there’s an immediacy and melodrama to these first recordings that shoots straight for the heart.Their first single, “Fictional State”, was released on 29 May 2011 and their first EP, My Crooked Saint was released on 16 October 2011. 

Between April and July 2012, To Kill A King uploaded videos for the songs “Funeral”, “Let It Die” and “Rays”, which were videos that they had made during rehearsals of the tracks. The Word Of Mouth EP was released on 23 July 2012. The band signed with Xtra Mile Recordings in August 2013 and re-released their debut album Cannibals With Cutlery as a deluxe version adding 4 additional tracks which reached number thirteen in the Official Record Store Chart. In September 2013 the band had another change in line-up as Ian Dudfield and Jonathan Willoughby left. Grant McNeill (electric guitar) and Joshua Taffel (drums) stepped up in their places.


Hangout Music Fest 2014 Photos

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the615 05/19/14

Episode98. the615 05/19/14

Local Artist of the week- Playing Pour House Nashville 05/23/13
All Them Witches
– Charles William

Dj Picks
Hammel - Pale Houses – Wayward Sire
Wells - Josh Farrow- Tijuana Gal

This Just In
Pujol- Dark Haired Suitor-Kludge
Whyte Noyse- Hands Up
Screamin Eagle- From The South- Brand New Ford

Bands Around Town
*Music City Mudbug Saturday 5/24/14 at Cannery Complex–Mikky Ekko, AJ & The Jiggawatts, DeRobert & The Half-Truths, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, Kyle Andrews, El El, Kansas Bible Company, The Get Togethers, What Up English, Sol Cat
Mikky Ekko- It’s Only You
What Up English- Come Down Slow

Cardboard Kids- Echoboomer (CD Release w/ Golden Youth & Others –  @ High Watt)
Shy Guy- Off And On- (Playin’ Live Friday 5/23/14 at The 5 Spot with Penicillin Baby,, Dogtooth, Churchyard)


Pale Houses — Wayward Sire

Hammel’s pick for #the615!  Brand new video from Pale Houses!!


Lightning 100 Unplugged, May 18, 2014

For the month of May, we welcome our generous sponsor, Americana’s Cross County Lines, featuring John Hiatt, Patty Griffin, Ashley Monroe, Brandy Clark, Luther Dickinson, Joe Pug and Parker Milsap. Tickets on sale now at, at the Franklin Theatre Box Office or through Lightning 100’s Concert Calendar. Saturday, May 31 at the Park at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin. Gates at 3:30, music at 4:30. Tickets are only $35.00 in advance, children 12 and under admitted free!

ArtistSong TitleSourceSun 5/18/14
Delta SpiritTrashcanLightning 100 In Studio
John HiattLong Time Comin’ and interviewLightning 100 In Studio, 5/13/14
Amanda ShiresBulletproofLightning 100 In Studio, 2013
G. LovePeace, Love and HappinessKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 15
The WhigsWaitingLightning 100 In Studio
MatrimonyLast LoveLightning 100 In Studio, 2/24/14
Holly WilliamsHappyLightning 100 In Studio, May 2013
EchosmithCool KidsLightning 100 Secret Show, 2014
Walk The MoonThis Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)Backstage Bonnaroo, 2013
Them VibesLoreleiLightning 100 In Studio, 4/18/14
Eric HutchinsonWatching You Watch HimKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 19
Jason IsbellTraveling AloneBackstage Bonnaroo, 2013
John HiattCrossing Muddy Waters and interviewLightning 100 In Studio, 5/13/14
Patty GriffinChiefAcoustic Café
Neil YoungI Am A ChildLive At The Cellar Door, recorded 1970 released 2013
Jackie GreeneI’m So GoneBackstage Bonnaroo, 2006
Rhett MillerCome AroundNashville Sunday Night Live
Kiernan McMullanCan’t Sit StillLightning 100 In Studio, 5/16/14
PassengerLet Her GoLightning 100 Secret Show, 2013
Death Cab For CutieI Will Possess Your HeartKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 15
LuciusTwo Of Us On The RunLightning 100 In Studio, 5/12/14
CalexicoAcross The WireBackstage Bonnaroo, 2004
Blue MerleBurning In The SunBackstage Bonnaroo, 2005
Father John MistyI’m Writing A NovelBackstage Bonnaroo, 2013
Landon PiggCan’t Let Go2006


Hangout Music Fest Live

Lightning 100 is down at Hangout Music Festival for the weekend.  Stay tuned for backstage performances from some of your favorite Lightning 100 artist!


The Tasting Bar — World Whiskey Day

In honor of World Whiskey Day this Saturday, Dave from The Bottle Shop stopped by the morning show to talk Whiskeys from around the world.  On this episode of The Tasting Bar Wells and Dave taste Japans Yamazaki Single Malt, Frances Brenne and Scotland’s Monkey Shoulder.  All weekend The Bottle Shop will be hosting tastings of these delicious single malt whiskeys!


Broken Bells – Control


Though Broken Bells featured two of the bigger names in indie and alternative music, the Shins’ singer/guitarist James Mercer and producer/multi-instrumentalist Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse. The duo managed to keep their project secret for a relatively long time. The pair were inspired to collaborate when they met at 2004’s Roskilde music festival in Denmark, where they discovered they were fans of each other’s work. However, they didn’t start writing and recording together as a band until March 2008, when Mercer holed up in Burton’s home studio in Los Angeles. The duo took a different approach to their work together than they had with their other projects: Burton avoided the sample-heavy style he used on The Grey Album and Beck’s Modern Guilt, and played only live instruments, while Mercer broadened his vocal style to include falsettos and deeper registers. Mercer and Burton announced they were Broken Bells in fall 2009, and late that year they released their debut single, “The High Road.” Their self-titled debut album arrived in spring 2010. A year later, the Meyrin Fields EP arrived, featuring previously unreleased tracks as well as the title track, which had been the B-side to the single The Ghost Inside. In late 2013 the duo released a teaser for a forthcoming second album, entitled After the Disco, in the shape of a retro-futurist short film starring Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara. The album was preceded by the singles “After the Disco” and “Holding on for Life,” which had an old-school, psychedelic ’70s feel, right down to the production, with the latter track sounding uncannily like the Bee Gees. After the Disco arrived in February 2014. The next single off their album is “Control.” Be sure to check out the video below of the band performing live on Conan.


the615 05/12/14

Episode97. the615 05/12/14

Local Artist of the week
Kiernan McMullan
– Can’t Sit Still

Dj Picks
Hammel - Kyle Andrews – Great Big Life – One Plus One E.P.
Wells - Robert Ellis- Good Intentions- The Lights From The Chemical Plant

This Just In
Charlie- Hey Love- Hey Love
Robby Hecht –
Papa’s Down The Road Dead – Robby Hecht
Emily Hearn
-  Found A Heart- Promises

Scale Model – Album Listening Party tonight after the615!
Scale Model – Live It UpStar

Bands Around Town
On Tap- Thursday at Tin Roof Nashville 5/15/14 at 8pm
Scott Revey-
Roads To Rio
Lower Lakes-
Come In Close
Goodbye June-

Live in the Lightning 100- Holly Williams
Holly Williams- Drinkin’- The Highway



John Oates Live

Recently John Oates headlined Nashville Sunday Night live from 3rd & Lindsley.

He spent an hour before the show on air with Lt Dan talking about his new album and performing tracks from it.

Here is the full Nashville Sunday Night performance!


Lightning 100 Unplugged, May 11, 2014

For the month of May, we welcome our generous sponsor, Americana’s Cross County Lines, featuring John Hiatt, Patty Griffin, Ashley Monroe, Brandy Clark, Luther Dickinson, Joe Pug and Parker Milsap. Tickets on sale now at, at the Franklin Theatre Box Office or through Lightning 100’s Concert Calendar. Saturday, May 31 at the Park at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin. Gates at 3:30, music at 4:30. Tickets are only $35.00 in advance, children 12 and under admitted free!

ArtistSong TitleSourceSun 5/11/14
John HiattDrive SouthLive From The Mountain Music Lounge
Sarah JaroszOver The EdgeNashville Sunday Night Live 9/29/13
Paul McCartneyBlackbirdMTV Unplugged – The Official Bootleg
Black PrairieThe Song Remains The SameBackstage Bonnaroo, 2013
Local NativesBreakersBackstage Bonnaroo, 2013
John MayerGravity
TrainDrive ByKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 19
JetAre You Gonna Be My Girl
Lyle LovettIf I Had A BoatLive From The Mountain Music Lounge
Cage The ElephantPsycho Killer
Shawn MullinsLullabyNashville Sunday Night Live, 2003
Jason IsbellTraveling AloneBackstage Bonnaroo, 2013
Temper TrapSweet DispositionBackstage Bonnaroo, 2010
Drew and Ellie HolcombFire and DynamiteLightning 100 In Studio, 10/06/11
Amos LeeEl CaminoKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 19
BahamasCaught Me ThinkingLightning 100 In Studio, 1/30/03
Mike Doughty27 JennifersBackstage Bonnaroo, 2006
Ingrid MichaelsonMaybeCities 97 Sampler, Vol. 21
Vance JoyPlay With FireLightning 100 Secret Show, 2013
Dave Wakeling & Mike PetersSave It For LaterAcoustic Archive
Frank TurnerRecoveryBackstage Bonnaroo, 2013
KeaneSilenced By The NightKFOG Live From The Archives, Vol. 19
Gabe Dixon BandAll Will Be WellNashville Sunday Night Live, 2006
Sara BareillesKing Of AnythingLightning 100 In Studio, 8/23/10
LuciusDon’t Just Sit ThereBackstage Bonnaroo, 2013
Donavon FrankenreiterMove By YourselfBackstage Bonnaroo, 2006


Tasting Bar — “Fine” Box Wines & Buzz Balls

Dave from the Bottle Shop returns to the morning show to talk booze on our new feature called The Tasting Bar.  With Steeplechase and pool/beach season upon us and Bonnaroo right around the corner, we thought we would talk about some drink options that are easy to travel with.  Today we try a few really nice box wines and pre-made mixed drinks called Buzz Balls.


Click it for tickets – The Weeks


Casual Encounters – Patron Saint of Pigeons

The Lightning 100 intern band known as the Casual Encounters are back again this week with another Craigslist Missed Connection song.  If you love the casual Encounters make sure you come to Soulshine Pizza Friday!  They will play all of their hits at 6pm! Benjy Davis plays at 7pm!

I SAW YOU COVERED IN PIGEONS – w4m (Centennial Park)

I saw you in Centennial feeding bread to the pigeons. With

your arms out like Christ, hundreds perched onto your

limbs. Patron saint of pigeons and I wish I’d gotten your



Benjy Davis – Here I Go

1010732_381965495274057_1580048252_nBenjy Davis is a singer-songwriter with roots in Louisiana, with influences that range from Motown to rock, country and folk music. He characterizes his style as “pop music that tells a story, and usually a pretty personal one.” In the summer of 2011, after 10 years of touring with his band The Benjy Davis Project, Benjy moved to Nashville to immerse himself in the writing scene, and has expanded his fan base in playing live shows at popular Nashville venues. Currently Benjy is recording his first solo album, to be released in January 2014.

Tune in all this week for “Here I  Go” by Benjy Davis sponsored by


Written & performed by Benjy Davis
Get it on iTunes now at
Video by J.P. & Hunter Dice for


Band of Horses at Symphony

“I’ve seen a lot of cool stuff in my day, this just topped the list” said by Wells Adams.  Recently, Band of Horses performs a rare acoustic version of “The Funeral” live at Schermerhorn Symphony Center.  Here is the “Funeral”, the first song in the set.  We have more to come!  Just waiting on the guys at Make It Pop to finish the songs….JK.  Click the link below to download Band of Horses live at Ryman.


Music City Mayhem 2014

Lightning 100 went from 340 bands submitting to Music City Mayhem down to just 32.  Nashville then selected the final 5 bands and out emerged….Phin!

Check out their FREE online sampler “Those Killers”.


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