Jess Nolan – Full Set Live at Nashville Sunday Night


Jess Nolan is a local R&B/soul artist making her debut at 3rd & Lindsley opening for Muddy Magnolias. In only a couple of years in Nashville she has already made a name for herself, winning Music City Big Break and recently being nominated for a Nashville Industry Music Award for Best Live R&B/Soul Performer. It wasn’t hard to see why, as Nolan dazzled the crowd with her prowess on the piano and her soulful vocals. Her EP, Strike a Match, is available everywhere now, including the single “Your Gravity” spinning on Lightning 100, along with a few of her other songs.

Nashville Sunday Night is a special presentation of Nashville’s Independent Radio, Lightning 100. Each Sunday night Lightning 100 broadcasts a concert from 3rd and Lindsley, one of Nashville’s finest live music venues. Along with Muddy Magnolias, the July 2nd show featured Jess Nolan.

Written by Eitan Snyder


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