Albert Hammond Jr – Far Away Truths


Lt Dan Buckley back from vacation with a great DJ pick for you this week. It’s more solo action from The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. Check out his single If you like this track, don’t miss him this Sunday at Exit/In! Buy your tickets here.

Albert Hammond Jr’s fourth solo album, Francis Trouble is available everywhere globally. The album explores a deeply personal topic – the stillborn death of Albert’s twin brother, Francis, and the lingering effects that event has had in his life and music. 

Taking a page from Bowie, Hammond Jr says: “What the music says may be serious, but as a medium it should not be questioned, analyzed or taken too seriously. I think it should be tarted up, made into a character, a parody of itself. The music is the mask the message wears and I, the performer, am the message.”

Working within this mentality, Hammond Jr created Francis Trouble, an homage to both the death of his twin and his own birth, as well as the complexities of identity that arise because of their intermingling. The number 36 became especially relevant, as he had learned more of Francis’s story at that age, and because he was born on the 9th day of the 4th month of the year. Significantly, the album is exactly 36 minutes long.

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