Jared James Nichols – End Of Time


Happy Friday! Lani here with my DJ pick of the week from blues rocker Jared James Nichols with his song “End Of Time.”

You can’t teach the blues. It’s not something that can be codified in music books or learned on YouTube. It goes much deeper than that and it comes from the inside. It’s about the way the guitar strings are bent and the sound gets transmuted directly from a player’s soul. It’s simple at the end of the day. Either you’ve got it, or you don’t, and Nichols has definitely got it. The Wisconsin-born, Los Angeles-based singer, writer and guitarist’s new EP Old Glory & The Wild Revival channels blues grit and gusto through bombastic arena-size rock ‘n’ roll. It’s raw, raucous and righteously real. Listen to the single “End Of Time” below and let us know what you think!


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