the615 01/13/14

Episode80. the615 01/13/14

Local Artist of the week
Smooth Hound Smith– Get Low- Smooth Hound Smith

Dj Picks
Hammel – All Them Witches – Charles William – Lightning at The Door
Wells – Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes– Sun Goes Out- Kid Tiger(Single release 1/14/14)

This Just In
The Pedal Stills– Dreaming- (Playin 12th & Porter 1/25/14)
Codaphonic– Oh Radio!- Oh Radio! ( Playin’ 5 spot on 1/18/14 w/ Photo Ops & Harrison Hudson)

Live in the Lightning 100 Studios- Harrison Hudson
Harrison Hundson Live- Curious
Harrison Hudson– Love Will Leave Me- Curious

Bands Around Town
DeRobert & The Half-Truths – Beg Me – I’m Trying (CD release @ Music City Tippler Thursday Night)
Los Colognes– Long Time Comin’ – Working Together– (Playin’ Nashville Sunday Night 1/19/14 w/ John & Jacob)
Them Vibes– Loreai (Playin’ Live at Foobar on Friday 1/17/14 w/ Guthrie Brown, Justin Kalk Orchestra, The Cunning, P4 @Foobar in East Nashville 1/18)
Bill Eberle– If I had a Nickel (Playin’ Live at The Basement 1/15)

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  1. DAVID SAWYER says:

    I have been listening to Lightning 100 for a long time esp @ work. I have noticed, esp since the first of the new year 2014 they are being very repetitive on the song format. i have heard some selections 4 -5 times played within an hour . is this a new decision made by the station…i’m still going to listen…just noticed a difference