the615 06/9/14 Episode 100.1 Celebration!

Episode100.1. the615 06/9/14
100.1 Celebration FREE show at Marathon Music Works sponsored by SouthlandSE

The Weeks – Brother In The Night- Gutter Gaunt Gangster
Leagues – Spotlight – You Belong Here
Buffalo Clover – Truthfullness – Test Your Love

Dj Picks
Hammel – Matt Hectorne & The Family Tree – Ease My Mind – Show Your Love
Wells – Thom Donovan – Shipwreck (Canon Album Release Party Wednesday 6/11/14 at The Basement)

This Just In
Jennie Willoughby – Honey – For The Birds
Sam Hunter & The Two Tones– Loveboat Baby
MBSB– Keys To The Kingdom- The Kids Are Gone

Moon Taxi – Running Wild (Playing SoundlandSE Wednesday 6/11/14 at Marathon Music Works FREE)

Bands Playing Bonnaroo!
EL EL – 40 Watt
Blank Range –
Last Crash Landing – Phase 2


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