the615 07/14/14

Episode106. the615 07/14/14

Local Artist of the week
Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes –
Phantoms – Kid Tiger ( Playin’ Live Friday 7/18/14 at Pourhouse Nashville at 6:30pm)

Dj Picks
Hammel – Golden Youth – Where’s Your Heart Gone? – (New Single)
Wells – That’s My Kid – Sugar – New demos

This Just In
Emerson Hart- Another Life- Beauty in Disrepair
Griffin Peterson– Living A Lie – Maybe Someday -(bluesy song, rest of the record is a bit more mellow)
Aliza Carter Band – Foxtrails – Clearer
David Curtis – Numbered Days

Bands Around Town (On Tap Thursday 7/17/14 at Tin Roof Nashville FREE)
Future Thieves – Secrets – Future Thieves E.P.
Kirsten Arian – Figured Me Out
James + The Wild Spirit –
Silver Tounge

Boy Named Banjo State Lines – Long Story Short (Played live 7/14/14 at The Basement)

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  1. DENA says:

    Would LOVE to hear some more Boy Named Banjo! They are great!!!!