the615 8/12/13

Episode58. the615 8/12/13

Local Artist of the week
Ben Cameron- ­ I Think I Know I Love You-­ Pas Tout La

Dj Picks
Hammel- ­ What Up, English- ­ Come Down Slow ­
Wells- ­ Diarrhea Planet­- Kids­- I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams ­(Playin’ Live Saturday 8/17 at 8pm at Exit/In CD release show)

This Just In
Granny Whites­- Easier­ – Granny Whites
Those Darlings­– Optimist-­ Blur The Line (10/1 release)
TH5-­ Off Track ­

Live In The Lightning Studios
Luella & the Sun­– I Got Soul

Bands Around Town
Derobert & The Half Truths– I Swear I’m Not A Fool- (Playin’ Live Friday 8/16 at The High Watt)
Heavy Sole– Tear It Off- (Playin’ Live Friday 8/16 at The Basement)
Great Peacock­ – Take Me To The Mountain­ (Playin’ Live Thursday 8/15 at The Basement)
Haunted Device– You Need Me- (Playin’ Live Sunday 8/18 at The End)

Commitment Bells– Double Secret Agent


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