the615 9/30/13

Episode65. the615 9/30/13

Local Artist of the week
Black Sea Royalty- War Cry

Dj Picks
Hammel – Zeke Duhon- Open My Eyes (Playin’ live Tuesday 10/8/13 at Basement 7PM free!)
Wells – Kenzie Greg- No Quarter

In studio band Sol Cat- New record out called Welcome to Cowabunga – (Playin’ Live Thursday 10/3/13 at Mercy Lounge CD Release show)

Sol Cat- Keep Your Heart- Welcome to Cowabunga
Sol Cat’s Pick- The Jag- White Horse

Sol Cat- What’s Wrong with What?- Welcome to Cowabunga

This Just In
Smooth Hound Smith- Get Low
Bashly – Don’t Need – Alone E.P.

Bands Around Town
Those Darlins- Optimist- Blur The Line- (Playin’ Live Friday 10.4.13 at Mercy Lounge)

Granny Whites- Easier

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  1. P Brian says:

    Just listened to Smooth Hound Smith’s Get Low – freakin awesome. Went to their website and their other cuts are also most excellent!
    Please bring more Smooth Hound Smith to Lightning 100!