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Un-predictable and un-scripted, informative and always entertaining!  A “must listen” for anyone interested in music.  That’s how our audience is describing Music Business Radio, a syndicated weekly one-hour specialty program spotlighting the inside workings of the music business.  The show is hosted by music market expert, consultant, and author, David Hooper, and features interviews with various industry professionals giving the listeners their insight and expertise into the business.  Our wide-ranging guest list include Grammy Award winning producers, artists, musicians, and songwriters….as well as, record executives, promoters and artist managers. Click here to go to the official Music Business Radio website!

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  1. How about a segment on the Musical Instrument industry that has a lot of presence here in Nashville (Summer NAMM show and several companies, including: Hohner, Mapex, Jupiter, Gibson, Pearl, etc.

  2. John Blanks says:

    I have a request. Please do an interview with Alyssa Bonagura. She is an amazing talent here in Nashville as a singer/songwriter. Her story is an amazing one. She is the daughter of an 80’s Country group and grew up writing. Due to her writing experience, she couldn’t get excepted into the writing major at the London Institute of Performing Arts, so she entered in the sound engineering field. Sir Paul McCartney handed her diploma and she developed a nice following while in London. Her music is raw talent that fits well into the Lightning sound. A true Nashville native worthy of this program.

  3. Ellee-Mae says:

    Thanks Music Business Radio for the up to the minute information on the Industry. I was compelled to call Mr. Kraen(MBR) and Lisa Harless(Regions Bank Music Row)after listening to #171 episode(8/12/13). I was more than impressed to hear her knowledge of Finance in the Industry as well as her wealth of knowlege of Industry movers and shakers.
    I am honored to atend the University of Music Buisness Radio and will keep telling others in the Industry about this must have/ will make it happen 4U. If you are serious stay tuned in and you will be hooked and increase your chances of being booked with a gig or two . . .

  4. Leah Till says:

    Could someone let me know if Sunday’s (February 12, 2012)
    show will have Conner Oberst?
    I heard the spot on the way to work yesterday, and missed what
    Sunday morning show it would be on.

    Thank you for your time.

    Leah L Till

  5. Paul Fischer says:

    Love the show!

    Thanks to David for the positive mention of MTSU’s Recording Industry/Music Business program in the latest episode. If he’d like me, any of the other faculty, or a panel from our Department as a guest(s), I’m certain it could be arranged.

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