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the615 6/08/15

Episode154. the615 6/08/15             

Dj Picks
Hammel – Repeat RepeatMostly
Wells – Turbo Fruits – Sweet Thang

Bonnaroo Locals!
Future Thieves – Secret – Thursday 6:15 Miller Lite Stage
American Hotel – Pretty Young Girl – Friday Midnight Cinema Tent
Moon Taxi –
All Day All Night –  Friday 5:30 Which Stage
Clear Plastic Masks – Baby Come On – Friday 8:30 The Who Stage
Sturgill Simpson – Turtles All The Way Down – Saturday 6:15 That Tent
Smooth Hound Smith – Young And Golden – Saturday Midnight Miller Lite Stage
All Them Witches –
The Urn – Saturday 10:15 The Who Stage
Sol Cat – Body Like That – Sunday 5:00 Miller Lite Stage


the615 6/01/15

Episode153. the615 6/01/15
Local Artist of the week
Golden Youth –  In A Dream ( Featuring Cardboard Kids)

Dj Picks
Hammel – Beau James – Indigo Road – Indigo Road
Wells – Moon Taxi – All Day All Night

This Just In
Leah Blevins – Part Of Me
James Wolpert – My Love – The Entire City
Eric Paul – Killer – Killer EP
Sol Cat – Tumbleweed – Uno
Repeat Repeat
– Mostly

Bands Around Town
Justin & The Cosmics – Cutter Blues (Playin’ Live Friday 6/5/15 at High Watt w/  James Wallace Brian Ritchey)
Josh Farrow – Tijuana Gal (Playin’ Live at Basement East Thursday 6/4/15 w/ Margot & The Pricetags, William Tyler, Great Peacock)
Los Colognes – Working Together (Playin’ Live Friday 6/6/15 at The  Acme)


the615 5/25/15

Episode152. the615 5/25/15

Local Artist of the week
Tony Lucca –  Delilah – Tony Lucca

Dj Picks
Hammel – Waterdeep – Til The End – Lori & Don
Wells – Rayland Baxter – Yellow Eyes

This Just In
Chris Stapleton – TravellerTraveller
Night Beds – Tide Teeth – Dead Oceans
Sawyer – Letting Go
Wilder – Tomorrow – Tomorrow EP

Live in the LC studios –
Nick from American Born Moonshine -Ginger Snap

Bands Around Town
The Weeks – King Sized Death Bed – Dear Bo Jackson ( Playin’ Live Wednesday 5/27/15 at Mercy Lounge)
Forlorn Strangers – Wandering Blues (Playin’ Live Tuesday 5/26/15 at 3rd 7 Lindsley)
Promised Land Sound – Empty Vase (Playin’ Live Thursday 5/28/15 at The Basement East)


the615 5/18/15

Episode151. the615 5/18/15

Local Artist of the week
Jesse Lafser –  Jack Hat Blues- Raised On The Plains

Dj Picks
Hammel – Kai Welch – Perpetually Out of Fashion – Perpetually Out of Fashion (EP release Saturday 5/23/15 @ Stone Fox w/ Agagail Washburn & Thomas Jamas)
Wells Langhorne Slim & the Law – Strangers (The Spirit Moves out Aug 7th)

This Just In
Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell
– The Traveling Kind – The Traveling Kind
Bandit – Losing In A SenseOf Life (Sat @ The End)

Live in the LC studios – Liza Anne
Liza Anne
(Live) – Northern Wind
Liza Anne – Take It Back – 2

Bands Around Town – On Tap Thursday at Tin Roof 5/21/15 8pm
The Orchardist – Break Us
Somebody’s Darling – Bad Bad
Foster Mcginty – Palmoa’s


the615 5/11/15

Episode 150. the615 5/11/15
Local Artist of the week
Anna Haas –  Woman of the Wild

Dj Picks
Hammel – Golden Youth – In A Dream
Wells – Tripple – Never Began

This Just In
Wilson – Feels Like Home
Darrell Scott – I’ve Got To Leave You Now – Songs of Ben Bullington

Live in the LC studios – Great Peacock
Great Peacock
(Live) – Broken-Hearted Fool
Great Peacock – Making Ghosts – Making Ghosts

Road To Bonnaroo Nashville WinnerMoving on To Knoxville
Future Thieves – Secret (live)

Bands Around Town
Firekid – Magic Mountain (Communion Nashville – Thurs 8 PM @ High Watt – Peter Matthew Bauer, Marty O’Reilly, Modern Inventors, Lost Lander, & Firekid)


the615 5/04/15

Episode149. the615 5/04/15

Local Artist of the week
Myyra –  All about You

Dj Picks
Hammel – Cassidy Ford – Pick You Up
Wells – The Band Lewis – Down in the Palace

This Just In
Sugar and the Hi Lows – High Roller – High Roller
Jordan Hull – King Of Swing – Who’s Gonna Teach You How To Live
Colin Elmore & the Danville Train – The Wild Blue

Live in the LC studios – Nick from American Born Moonshine “Moonshine Margaritas”

Bands Around Town – Road To Bonnaroo Exit/In Wednesday 5/6/15 at 7pm
Super Shaker – Kong
Natural Forces – Got And Gone – Animal
That’s My Kid –  Come On
Future Thieves – Secret


the615 4/27/15

Episode148. the615 4/27/15

Local Artist of the week
Matt Haeck –  Lucky Cigarette – Late Bloomer

Dj Picks
Hammel – Liza Anne – Take It Back – Two (May 19th) (Loved Debut “The Colder Months”)
Wells – Natalie Prass – My Baby Don’t Understand Me – Natalie Prass

This Just In
Will Hoge -Desperate Times – Small Town Dreams
Down Home Band – Black Snake
Sky Temple Blues – Eclipse – The Bomb Shelter Sessions

Bands Around Town –Road To Bonnaroo
Sons of Sweden-
Blue Hotel
The Daily Howl-
1st World Problems
Easy Roscoe-
Alright; Regina
Oliver Ocean –
Wrong Here


the615 4/13/15

Episode146. the615 4/13/15

Local Artist of the week
Elliot Root – Punks And Poets – II

Dj Picks
Hammel – Jeff The Brotherhood – Karaoke TN or Coat Check GirlWasted On The Dream
Wells – Luella – Set The Record Straight ( Playin’ The Basement tonight w/ Rachel Hester,  The Western Shore)

This Just In
Matt Haeck – Lucky Cigarette – Late Bloomer
Boy Named Banjo – Long Story Short- Long Story Short
Tiger Panther – St. Augustine

Live in the LC studios – Jeffery James
(Playin’ Communion Nashville Presents Thursday 4/16/15 at Mercy Lounge w/ Hey Rosetta!, Kevin Garrett and Soft White Sixties)
Jeffery James (Live) – Walls
Jeffery James (Live) – Good Friends

Bands Around Town (Playin’ Thursdays 4/16/15 at Tin Roof FREE SHOW!)
Easy Roscoe – Alright ; Regina
Liz Cooper & the Stampede – Monsters
Willie and the Giant – Loose Ends


the615 4/6/15

Episode145. the615 4/6/15

Local Artist of the week
Ryan Culwell – Flatlands – Flatlands

Dj Picks
Hammel – Mikky Ekko – Burning DovesTime
Wells – Foreign Fields – I Have Your Weapons – What I Kept Hiding

This Just In
Blackfoot Gypsies – Pork Rind
Stacey Randol – Abducted
Arc & Stones – Wait For You – (Single)
Daphne & The Mystery Machines- Learn To Fall (NSN Ben Miller Band)

Bands Around Town-
Omega Swan – Hate Love (Playin’ Live Thursday 4/9/15 at Exit/In w/ That’s My Kid and Kat Milk Blu)
KOA – Cool It Down (Playin’ Live Friday4/10/15 at Exit In w/ Family and Friends, and Caleb Groh)
Milktooth – Wild Before Our Eyes (Playin’ live Saturday 4/11/15 at Exit/In w/ Apache Relay)
Griffin House – I Remember (Playin’ Live  Saturday 4/ 11/15 at City Winery)


the615 3/30/15

Episode144. the615 3/30/15

Local Artist of the week
Heathen Sons – Futures – Queen – Higher Than Heaven

Dj Picks
Hammel – Strking Matches – Nothing But The Silence
Wells -MYYRA – All About You

This Just In
Pilot Rouge – Fighter
Aubryn –  Nothin’ Civil

Live in the LC studios
Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden (Playin’ Live Saturday 4/4/15 at the High Watt w/ Bandit, Blue Matches, Asheira)
Kate Tucker (Live) – Blue Hotel
Kate Tucker (Live) – Wide Open Plain

Bands Around Town
Josh Farrow – Devil Don’t You Fool Me (Playin’ Live Monday 3/30/15 at The Basement w/ John Wesley Satterfield, The Crumbs and Actual Wolf)
Humming House – Gypsy Django (Playin’ Live Friday 4/3/15 at 3rd & Lindsley)
Alanna Royale – Animal (Playin’ Live Sunday 4/5/15 at 3rd & Lindsley w/ DeRobert & the Half Truths)
How I Became The Bomb – Secret Identity (Playin’ Live Saturday 4/4/15 at Mercy Lounge)


the615 3/23/15

Episode143. the615 3/23/15

Local Artist of the week
Kirsten Arian – Queen – Higher Than Heaven

Dj Picks
Hammel – Sol Cat – Body Like That
Wells – Behold The Brave – Rocky Mountain Strawberry – The Great American Challenge

This Just In
Jesse Lafser – Jack Hat Blues – Raised On The Plains (Release Date April 28th)
Ryan Culwell – Flatlands – Flatlands

Live in the LC studios
American Born Moonshine Tasting
Them Vibes – Shine On

Bands Around Town-
The Features – Fats Domino – (Playin’ Live Thurday 3/26/15 at Exit/In w/ Richie & The Lower Caves)
Striking Matches – CD release Thur @3rd&L
Photo Ops – It Makes You Cry ( Playin’ live Saturday at Mercy Lounge w/ Waterfall Wash, , Harpooner & Kiernan McMullan)
DeRobert & The Half Truths (live) – The Speech (Playin’ Live Saturday at Acme Feed & Seed w/ Oliver James, Back Pockets)


the615 3/16/15

Episode142. the615 3/16/15

Local Artist of the week
Peyton Parker – If It Was Worth Fixing  – Out Next Week on itunes
Dj Picks
Hammel Hotpipes – Rattle Cats
Wells – Milk People – Leave A Little Piece Of You Behind

This Just In
Mac Leaphart – Wrong Side of the Wind
Lilly Hiatt –
Get This Right – Royal Blue
Zach Vinson – You’re The One – How We Spend Our Days

Live in the LC studios
The guys from American Born Moonshine
Bands Around Town
Alanna Royale – Cop Show (Playin’ Tuesday 3/17/15 for the No Country for New Nashville Night St. Patrick’s Day Edition at Acme Feed And Seed
Shady Sister – Second Guessing (Playin live Thursday 3/19/15 at Tin Roof w/ Natural Forces and Dee James)
Delta Saints – Cigarette – (Playin’ live on Saturday 3/21/15 at Tin Roof’s 13 Anniversary Party featuring , Phin, Sam Lewis, and Logan Brill)
Future Thieves – Secret (Playin’ Live w/ Heathen Sons, Animal People, & and Jacob Furr at The Basement Thursday 3/19/15)
Maureen Murphy – Won’t Wait Around (Playin’ live Monday 3/16/15  with Phoebe Elliot and Alicia Michilli at The Basement)


the615 3/9/15

              Episode 141. the615 3/9/15

Local Artist of the week
Andrew Combs – Foolin’ – All These Dreams

Dj Picks
Hammel – Dead Deads
Wells – Joshua Black Wilkins – Late Night Talks – Settling The Dust

This Just In
Jessie Baylin – Black Blood – Dark Place (Out on April 7th – Grimeys 6pm- 3rd & Lindsley April 11th)
Jake Shane – The All Night Boys – Evening Sounds
Pilot Rouge – So Much More

Live in the LC studios
Justin Klump  (Playin’ The Basement on Wednesday 3/11/15, Musicians Corner Presents)
Justin Klump (Live) – Sticks and Stones
Justin Klump – Ghost Town (Single out 3/10/15)

Bands Around Town
Jeff The Brotherhood – Six Pack ( Playin’ Live Saturday 3/14/15 at Exit/In “Freakin’ Weekend VI)
Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires – I Follow Rivers (Amanda Shires playin’ live Saturday 3/14/15 at 3rd & Lindsley w/ Sean McConnell and Ben Danaher)
Easy Roscoe – Alright Regine (Playin’ Live Tuesday 3/9/15 at The Basement)


the615 3/2/15

Episode139. the615 3/2/15


Local Artist of the week
Lucie Silvas – Letters To Ghosts

Dj Picks
Hammel – Shady Sister – Second Guesses – Always The Same
Wells – Elliot Root – Punks And Poets – EP2

This Just In
Music Band – I Was Like
Jackie Gray – Addicted To You – Gray Skies
Phin – Pieces

Live in the LC studios
The guys from Project 615
Wild Cub
(Live) – Thunder Clatter

Bands Around Town-
Andrew Combs – Foolin’ – All These Dreams (CD release show at The Basement Thursday 3/4/15)
Sol Cat – Fishing With John (Playin’ Live Tuesday 3/3/15 at The High Watt w/ Desert Noises)
Odessa – Hummed Low – Odessa EP (Playin’ Live Friday at Exit/In w/ Lone Bellow)
Goodbye June – Daisy ( Playin’ Live Tuesday 3/315 at The Basement w/  Earl Burrows, Boys On The Radio, & Silent War)
Desert Noises – Mice In The Kitchen (Playin’ Live Tuesday 3/3/15 at The High Watt w/ Sol Cat)

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the615 2/23/15

Episode139. the615 2/23/15
the615 22215
Local Artist of the week
Waterfall Wash – Foreign Chords – Foreign Chords
Dj Picks
Hammel – Adam Faucett – Walking Home LateBlind Water Finds Blind Water
Wells – Trent Dabbs – Goes Without Saying – Believer

This Just In
Humming House – Great Divide (coming out March 24th)
Vitek – Gloss – Eunoia
Cheyenne Medders – Coffin’s NailDay Stood Still

Live in the LC studios
Vespers – New record out now! Sisters And brothers
The Vespers (Live) – Signs
The Vespers ( Live) – Sisters And Brothers

Bands Around Town-
Magnolia Sons – Baby That’s You (Playin’ Live Friday 2/27/15 at Mercy Lounge w/ Alanna Royale, Allen Thompson Band and  Shannon Labrie)
Simo – What’s On Your Mind (Playin’ Live Saturday 2/28/15 at The High Watt)
Reno Bo – There’s a Light (Playin’ Live Friday 2/27/15 at The 5 Spot w/ Sadler Vaden & Great Peacock)

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the615 2/16/15

Episode138. the615 2/16/15           

the615 2-22-15

Local Artist of the week
Lucie Silvas – Letters To Ghosts – Lucie Silvas

Dj Picks
Hammel – Inland Sky – Little Hands
Wells – Turbo Fruits – sweet thang- butter

Live in the LC studios
American Born Moonshine

This Just In
Natalie Prass – Bird Of Prey
Lance & Lea – Not A Day Goes By

Bands Around Town- On Tap- Playing Tin Roof on 2/19/15 at 8pm
Joanna Barbera – New York City
Matt Walberg & the Living Situation – Two Old Hippies
Kristen Cothron & The Darkside – Anthem

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the615 1/19/15 – Episode 134

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.07.48 AM         
Local Artist of the week
The Daily Howl – Make Your Colors Run

Dj Picks
Hammel – Hot Pipes – Where Is The Shore
Wells – Gavin Shea – What A Fool Will Eat – Saw Michael McDonald eating

This Just In
Kink Ador – Faithful –
The Orchardist – Break Us – Dirt On Your Hands
Chris Cole – Your Love Brings Me Home – Again & Again EP

Bands Around Town- On Tap
Kyle Cox – I Ain’t Been Lonely, Until I Met You
The Aquaducks – Just Keep Living
Golden Youth – Where’s Your Heart Gone

That’s My Kid – When You Gonna Go

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the615 1/12/15

Episode133. the615 1/12/15
Local Artist of the week
That’s My Kid – Come Over-  TMK

Dj Picks
Hammel – Easy Roscoe – Alright; Regina
Wells – The Busks – Ugly Girlfriend – Spare Change

This Just In
Diamond Carter – Duende – Duende
Louisa Wendorff – Every Little Thing – Arrow
A Secret Policeman’s Ball – A Young Stephen Dorff – Teenage Crimewave
Zach Wolfe & The Coyotes – All The Time – The Tri-State Series Vol. 1 : Tennessee

Live in the LC studios – Lines In The Sky – (Playin’ Live Saturday 1/17/15 at Rocketown)
Lines In the Sky (Live) – Panzerkardinal
Lines In the Sky (Live) – Dig Deeper

Bands Around Town-
Anderson East – Only You (Playin’ Live 1/12/15 at The Basement)
Fly Golden Eagle – You Look Good To Me (Playin’ Nashville Sunday Night 1/18/15 w/ Strand Of Oaks)


the615 1/5/15 The Best of 2014 Pt. 1

Episode131. the615 1/5/15 The Best of 2014 Pt. 1

Dean Fields – More Than I Deserve
Liza Anne – Thin Ice
Bobby Bare Jr. – North of Alabama By Morning
Future Thieves – Secret
Bird Dog – Faux Coup
Peyton Parker & Jon Latham – The Braver Man (Live@Jed’s)
Candle Kid – Waiting For Death
The Harmaleighs – I Keep Ticking On
The Alarms – The Axe
Kynlie – Hangin’ Round
Sexx – Surf City
Robert Ellis – Tour Song


the615 1/5/15 The Best Of 2014 Pt. 2

Episode132. the615 1/5/15

Local Artist of the week
Clemency – Runaways-  You’ve Got the Fire EP (Out 2/10/15)

The Best of 2014 Pt.2
Phin– Those Killers
Fly Golden Eagle – Stepping Stone – Quarts Bijou
Daniel Ellsworth And The Great Lakes – Phantoms – Kid Tiger
The Whistles And The Bells – Transistor Resistor
All Them Witches – Live In the Lightning 100 Studios
The Weeks – Buttons
Alanna Royale – Cop Show – Achilles

Live in the LC studios – Zeke Duhon – (Playin’ Live Thursday at Mercy Lounge w/ Civil Twilight and Knox Hamilton)
Zeke Duhon (Live) – Carry Me
Zeke Duhon (Live) – Faith And Hope
Civil Twilight – Letters From The Sky


the615 12/22/14 Holiday Special!

Episode130. the615 12/22/14 – Holiday Special
Boom Forest – The Christmas Song – Boom Forest invites you to a Very Cookie Christmas Vol. 2
Sexx – Santa Can’t Die
John Prine – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa
Sol Cat – This Christmas
Ben Folds – Bizarre Christmas Incident
Rebecca Roubion – Christmas Lights –
James Wallace & The Naked Light – Colored Lights
Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers – Yo Ho Ho
Moon Taxi – It’s Only Christmas
Daniel Ellsworth And The Great Lakes – Happy Holidays From the615
Aaron Wright– Christmas Ain’t Christmas
Graham Stoner – Do you Hear What I Hear


the615 12/15/14

Episode129. the615 12/15/14

Local Artist of the week
The Modern Royals – Only You To Blame – The Modern Royals

Dj Picks
Hammel – Ranch Ghost – Black Caboose – S/t EP
Wells -Field Division – Faultlines – Reverie State ( Communion – Soil & the Sun, Gabriel Kelley, Count This Penny)

This Just In
Kyle Cox – I Ain’t Been Lonely, Until I Met You – The Plan, The Mess

Live in the LC studios – Rebecca Roubion – New Christmas Record out now called Christmas Lights
Rebecca Roubion (Live) – Joy To The World
Rebecca Roubion (Live) – Christmas Lights

Bands Around Town
The Future – Baby You’re Golden (Playin’ Live Wednesday 12/17/14 at Tin Roof Nashville at 8pm FREE show)
Guthrie Brown– Lakeside (Playin’ Live Wednesday 12/17/14 at Tin Roof Nashville at 8pm FREE show)
Super Shaker – Kong (Playin’ Live Wednesday 12/17/14 at Tin Roof Nashville at 8pm FREE show)
The Switchmen – I Don’t Know (Playin’ Live Thursday 12/ 18/14 at 12th & Porter Quixotic II)


the615 12/8/14

Episode128. the615 12/8/14       

Local Artist of the week
Laura Reed – Wake Up – The Awakening

Dj Picks
Hammel – GGOOLLDD – Gold
Wells – Dan Auerbach – Whispered Words – Keep It Hid

Communion Club Night at Mercy Lounge Thursday 12/11/14
Daniella Mason – Technicolor
Albatross – I’d Give It All Up For You – Out From Under

Live in the LC studios – Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes – Playin’ Live Red Bull Sound Select Saturday 12/13/14 at High Watt
Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes (Live) – the615 Christmas Song
Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes (Live) – Static – Kid Tiger

Bands Around Town
The Delta Saints – Heavy Hammer(Playin’ Live Saturday at Marathon Music Works 3rd Anniversary Celebration w/ Deep Fried 5 and The Wans)
Basecamp – Shutter – (Playin’ Live Saturday at 12/13/14 at High Watt)


the615 12/1/14

Episode127. the615 12/1/14

Local Artist of the week
Forlorn Strangers – Wanderin’ Blues – EP American Magic Tricks

Dj Picks
Hammel – THENVOY – Colors As Of Wine – Gold In A Silver Setting E.P.
Wells Dean Fields – Timmy & The Train

This Just In
Alex Vucelich – Woman
Ira Wolf – In The Dark – Fickle Heart
Heidi Feek – Trail Pop – Featured on RollingStone Country
Jen Starsinic – Stay – The Flood & The Fire (May 27th release)

Bands Around Town
Mikky Ekko – It’s Only You – Strange Fruit (Playin’ Saturday 12/6 at Marathon Music Works for Festivus)
The Weeks – House We Grew Up In (Playin’ Saturday 12/6 at Marathon Music Works for Festivus)
Sam Palladio – Driftwood – (Playin’ 3rd and Lindsley 12/7/14


the615 11/24/14

Episode126. the615 11/24/14

Dj Picks
Hammel – Jet Black Alley Cat – Memphis Blues (Out 11/25/14)
Wells – Griffin House – I Remember – Flying Upside Down

This Just In
Young Brother – Kamikaze
Sky Temple Blues – Eclipse – The Bomb Shelter Sessions (EP) (Basement Tom & Rutledge Thurs)
The Red Headed Indian – January – Honey E.P.
New Wave Rebellion – That’s The Ticket – Transmogrification

Live in the LC studios – Langhorne Slim (Playin’ Live Friday 11/28/14 at  City Winery)

Bands Around Town
All Them Witches – The Urn – (Playin’ Live Sunday 11/30/14 at 3rd & Lindsley)
Turbo Fruits – Sweet Thang – (Playin’ Live Sat 11/29/14 at  Mercy Lounge w/ The Whigs)

The Features – This Disorder