Listener Appreciation Show featuring Ed Sheeran

Did you catch Ed Sheeran open up for Snow Patrol at Ryman Auditorium?    Tune in to Lightning 100 for your chance to win tickets this week.  The show is free, but there is a $10 minim in the venue.  The show is 18+ unless you are accompanied by a parent.


Sarah Jarosz-Run Away. 2 alt. live versions

Check out these two alternate versions of “Run Away,” the second song we’ve started playing from Sarah Jarosz’ new album Follow Me Down.  The video version teams Sarah with Alison Krauss and Jerry Douglas for a live-in-the-studio performance in Scotland.  We’ll be playing this version on Lightning 100 Unplugged on Sunday morning!  The audio version is from Sarah’s Nashville Sunday Night show on June 5th.  It’s how she kicked off her set on our broadcast that night.



Elenowen – NSN highlights (audio)

Fast-rising Nashville duo Elenowen (Josh & Nicole Johnson), who made a national splash competing on NBC-TV’s “The Voice,” gave us a great, full-band performance when they headlined our Nashville Sunday Night broadcast 10-30-11.  The set was full of new songs coming on their new album next spring.  You can hear 3 highlights on the SoundCloud reel below.  Elenowen’s full setlist was:  Blood and Bones (audio), What We Hope, Honey Come Home (audio), Head To My Heart (audio), Ghost Of Beauty Divine, Save Me, Stars Go Blue, Hallelujah/Cripple Me, Storm, Where The Waters Meet.  After our broadcast ended, the audience at 3rd and Lindsley was treated to these two more:  I’m On Fire, Nashville.


Imelda May – NSN 10-9-11 (audio highlights)

3rd and Lindsley was packed and rockin’ on 10-9-11 for our Nashville Sunday Night broadcast headlined by hot new Irish singer/songwriter/musician Imelda May.  She won Ireland’s 2009 Meteor Award (their equivalent to the Grammy) for Best Female Artist.  In 2010 she performed on the Grammys with Jeff Beck.  Her new album Mayhem shows off her unique fusion of musical genres such as surf, blues and rockabilly.  This is her time to break big in America.  The audio highlight reel below from our show gives you the live performance of “Mayhem,” the single you’ve been hearing on Lightning 100, plus a great rockabilly treatment of “Train Kept A’ Rollin'” and the live “Sneaky Freak,” one of the other many great songs on Mayhem.

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Zee Avi – NSN 10-2-11 (video & audio)

Sensational Maylasian songbird Zee Avi brought her exotic sound to our Nashville Sunday Night broadcast at 3rd and Lindsley on 10-2-11.  The video highlight here is the performance of her song “The Book Of Morris Johnson” from her new album Ghostbird.  Listen how she incorporates some of Foster The People’s smash hit “Pumped Up Kicks” into her song near the end.  The audio highlight reel below also includes “Book” and what she calls her masterpiece, “Honey Bee.”



Van Hunt – NSN 9-25-11 (audio)

Grammy-winning musician/songwriter and producer Van Hunt moves seamlessly between rock and funk and he brought it to our Nashville Sunday Night broadcast at 3rd and Lindsley on 9-25-11.  Check out this performance of “Eyes Like Pearls” from his third album What Were You Hoping For?


Melissa Ferrick – NSN highlights (audio)

Melissa Ferrick returned to 3rd and Lindsley and Lightning 100’s Nashville Sunday Night broadcast just days after releasing Still Right Here, her first new album in five years.  She was joined on-stage for a good portion of her set by opening act Ria Mae, a fine emerging singer-songwriter from Nova Scotia and Ria’s friend Margot Durling for backing vocals.  You can listen to 3 highlights from the show in the SoundCloud reel below – the opening song, “Welcome To My Life” from her 2001 album Valentine Heartache and the two set-closers from her new album, “Headphones On” and the title cut “Still Right Here.”  The full setlist was: Welcome To My Life (audio), Seconds Like These, Weightless and Slow, I Will Back You Up, Singing With The Wind, ‘Til You’re Dead, Will You Be The One, Checking In, You Let Me Be, Headphones On (audio), and Still Right Here (audio).


Gabe Dixon (NSN highlights – live)

Gabe Dixon returned to Lightning 100’s Nashville Sunday Night broadcast on 9-4-11 to celebrate the release of his new solo album One Spark.  3rd and Lindsley was standing-room-only for Gabe, the biggest crowd for a NSN yet in the newly expanded version of the club.  Saving several old favorites for a 2nd set after the broadcast, the first set was planned to be all new songs from the new album, but near the end, Gabe slipped in “Find My Way” from the 2008 album Gabe Dixon Band, in order to time things out for a big show-ending version of “My Favorite,” the first single from One Spark.  You can listen to those two highlights in the SoundCloud reel below.  The full NSN setlist was:  Strike, Losing You, On A Day Like Today, Release Me, Running On Fumes, (next 4 with Sarah Siskind) Even The Rain, Burn For You, Holiday, Lucky To Be Lost, I Can See You Smile, Perpetual Motion, Find My Way (audio), My Favorite (audio).  After the broadcast, the 3rd and Lindsley audience also got to hear: Five More Hours, Far From Home, More Than It Would Seem, And The World Turned, All Will Be Well, Sirens, ‘Til You’re Gone, Disappear.”


Joe Robinson (NSN highlights – audio)

Phenomenal young Australian guitar virtuoso Joe Robinson has spent some quality time in Nashville collaborating with some of our elite writers.  He’s been recording a new album which will be his first with vocals and features more electric guitar.  Here’s a couple of highlights on this SoundCloud reel from Joe’s outstanding set on our Nashville Sunday Night broadcast 8-28-11.  The two songs Joe chose to end his set with were “Barely Hangin’ On,” with vocals, and the instrumental “Daddy Longlicks.”  If you’ve seen Joe, you know he can play fast and “shred,” but he can play very tastefully understated when he chooses.  Did you catch the show?  How would you rate Joe Robinson among the guitar greats?


Jason Reeves – Sticks & Stones (NSN audio)

Multi-platinum songwriter from Iowa City Jason Reeves says he’s one of us now.  He makes Nashville home.  He made his second visit to our Nashville Sunday Night broadcast on 8-21-11 to celebrate the release of his new album The Lovesick.  Jason performed the album’s songs track-for-track in order and had time to wrap up the show with a song from his 2007 album The Magnificent Adventures Of Heartache.  You can listen to the SoundCloud clip of his performance of the new song “Sticks and Stones.”  Jason’s complete setlist was:  Helium Hearts, Simple Song, Save My Heart, Infinity To One, Sticks and Stones (audio), No Lies, Only With You, Always Want More, No One Ever Taught Us, Alone, Truth, Just Friends.

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Rosi Golan – Paper Tiger (NSN audio)

After spending a week in Nashville, which she said she loved, Rosi Golan played our Nashville Sunday Night show at 3rd & Lindsley on 8-21-11.  The Israeli-born singer/songwriter, who grew up in L.A., and now lives in New York played songs from both her 2008 album The Drifter & The Gypsy and her new album to be released on 8-30-11 Lead Balloon.  Check out the SoundCloud clip of her performance of the first single from the new album, “Paper Tiger.”  With Jake Phillips backing her on guitar and background vocals and a couple of guest artists on various songs, Rosi’s setlist was:  I Don’t Wanna Wait, Paper Tiger (audio), I Like You, C’est L’amour, Flicker (with Jason Reeves), Fly Away, Think Of Me, Seeing Ghosts, Lead Balloon (with Natalie Hemby), Can’t Go Back (with Kate York).


Andy Davis “Capital Letters” (NSN video)

Andy Davis recently treated us to two live performances of the brand-new as-yet-unreleased song “Capital Letters” on Lightning 100.  Webmaster Brian Waters shot video of the in-studio performance on 8-12-11 and David Hall shot video of the same song during Nashville Sunday Night on 8-14-11.  Brian then combined the two performances into this cool video of a song that will be on Andy’s forthcoming album…hopefully this fall.  Do you think this song would make a good next single for Andy?


NSN – Andy Davis (highlights – audio)

Andy Davis has been one of Nashville’s top independent artists for a decade now and he’s always a welcome performer on our Nashville Sunday Night broadcast.  This highlight reel from 8-14-11 gives you the brand-new song he kicked off the show with, “Heartbreak Yellow,” and another brand-new song “Capital Letters.”  Both will be included on an album to be released Fall 2011.  You can also hear two old favorites, “Let The Woman” and “Brown Eyes,” which were on his 2007 album Let The Woman.  Andy and his band had fun rocking for their first time on the big new stage at the newly expanded 3rd and Lindsley.  The full setlist was:  Heartbreak Yellow (audio), Hush Money, Capital Letters (audio), Thinnest Ice, Let The Woman (audio), Sweet Lorraine, Black Keys, Get Higher, Brown Eyes (audio), Good Life, Get Back (Beatles cover), and Story Just Starting.  After the broadcast, the live audience wanted more, so Andy did a two-song encore that ended with a song I requested, “Believeable Doubt,” which was a perfect ender for a great night.

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NSN – Jen Foster (highlights – audio)

Jen Foster returned to Nashville Sunday Night on 8/7/11 with her band to headline on the big new 3rd and Lindsley stage. Jen’s been one of Nashville’s top indie artists for nearly a decade. Her song “Taking Bob Dylan” made Lightning 100′s Top 20 for the year in 2006. Since then she’s won numerous songwriting awards and had many songs featured in TV shows and movies. Her set this night included some old favorites and some brand-new songs she’s recently recorded but has yet to release. The SoundCloud highlight reel below features four songs from this set: Let Me Give You My Coat, Taking Bob Dylan (audio), Amen, Secondhand Love (audio), There For You, The Least I Can Do, Venice Beach (audio), Closer To Nowhere (audio), and Last Call.


NSN – Amy Stroup (highlights – audio)

One of Nashville’s top independent artists, Amy Stroup celebrated the release of her album The Other Side Of Love Sessions on our 7-31-11 Nashville Sunday Night broadcast from 3rd and Lindsley.  Here’s a 5-song highlight reel you can enjoy, culled from this outstanding setlist:  Wait For The Morning, Redeeming Love, Backed Into The Corner (audio), Quiet Hearts, Just You (audio), Two Day High, Sugar, Alas We Aspire, Chin Up (audio), Just Takes A Little (audio) and Hold Onto Hope Love (audio).  This was just the latest of several visits Amy Stroup has made to Nashville Sunday Night over the years.  She’s had her songs featured on more than 20 TV shows as well as national TV ads.  She’s previously released several digital EPs and singles and this first physical album release gathers some of her best together for the first time.  It was a great celebration in front of her home town crowd for our second show on the new stage at the newly expanded, bigger and better 3rd and Lindsley.


NSN – Pat McLaughlin (audio)

On 7/24/11, Pat McLaughlin headlined our first Nashville Sunday Night broadcast in the newly expanded 3rd & Lindsley (which looks and sounds spectacular!)  When they were setting up on the new bigger and better stage, I spotted Kenny Greenberg getting ready on guitar, Michael Rhodes on bass and Greg Morrow on drums.  I said to Pat, “I see you brought the A-team to play with you tonight.”  Pat joked “My regular band wasn’t available, so I had to settle for these guys.”  Ha!  We all know you can’t get any better than them!  This show from Pat was a long overdue return to Nashville Sunday Night by one of Nashville’s finest artists.  I was hoping he’d have “Little Grass Shack” in the setlist, and he didn’t disappoint me.  Listen to the SoundCloud clip of this latest live performance of the song from his 2003 album Next Five Miles.


NSN – Humming House (audio)

For our first Nashville Sunday Night broadcast at the newly expanded 3rd and Lindsley, I almost expected something to go wrong.  After knocking down a wall, erecting a brand-new stage and moving all the sound equipment, a bug was bound to pop up, right?  I didn’t expect it to be the stage lights going out!  Humming House had to play the first few songs of their set in the dark!  They were troopers about it, and sounded great anyway.  Audience members were holding up cell phones to shed a little light on them!  The new computer that controls the lights had a power failure, then refused to boot up properly about three times, before it finally did, and the lights came back on!  Humming House is a great new Nashville group, led by Justin Wade Tam and Kristen Rogers (pictured below).  Listen to the SoundCloud clip of the finale of their set, a rousing live performance of their first single “Gypsy Django,” from their forthcoming album.  The full setlist was:  Cold Chicago, Mrs. Worley, Stop We Will, Tower Park, Southern Seamstress, Dawn, Young Enough, Chim Chim, Gypsy Django (audio).


NSN – Jason White (audio)

Really looking forward to our first Nashville Sunday Night show in the newly expanded 3rd & Lindsley on 7/24/11!  Our last broadcast from the “old” 3rd & Lindsley was 7/3/11 when we welcomed back Jason White for his first NSN since 2004.  Jason opened the show with one of our old favorite songs of his, “At The Alibi,” and he sang some verses that didn’t make it onto the Shades of Gray album in 2001.  Enjoy listening to this exclusive live version from our broadcast.


NSN – Sarah Jarosz (video)

Earlier, we posted audio of Sarah Jarosz performing “Come Around” from this 6/5/11 Nashville Sunday Night broadcast.  Now here’s video of “Gypsy” from the same night.  You get a 2nd chance to see and/or hear her on the 6/22/11 Music City Roots broadcast.


NSN – Gary Clark, Jr. (audio, video)

Gary Clark Jr. was fresh from a performance at Bonnaroo the day before when he came up to play our Nashville Sunday Night broadcast on 6/12/11.  This young blues-rock guitar phenomenon from Austin, Texas is turning heads with his powerful performances and is an emerging artist to watch!  Listen to this extended 7 minute performance he gave us of “Don’t Owe You A Thing.”  (6/22/11 update.  Now see the video, too!)


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