Best Lightning 100 videos of 2011

Lightning 100 has captured some pretty amazing performances in 2011.  Check out our Top 11 videos from 2011!  Which videos do you think made it to our Top 11?  Click here to find out.

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Andrew Belle performing “The Ladder” and “Sky’s Still Blue”

Local artist Andrew Belle played our Nashville Sunday Night broadcast at 3rd & Lindsley on 1/16/11.   Check out this performance of the title track from his CD “The Ladder” with a little explanation from Andrew Belle.  Listen to the full live performance from Andrew Belle below posted with SoundCloud.

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Andrew Belle performing “Static Waves”

Lightning 100 voted “Static Waves” by Andrew Belle as one of the best Local Lightning songs of 2010.  Andrew Belle stopped by our studio to play it for us and he’ll play our Nashville Sunday Night show with Matthew Mayfield and Amy Stroup.  Stay tune for footage from the show!


Andrew Belle

Song: Static Waves
Album: The Ladder
Air Date: 1/3/11
Upcoming Shows: Nashville Sunday Night
Venue: 3rd & Lindsley
Date: 1/16/11
Time: 9pm

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