Andrew Leahey and The Homestead Debut “Little in Love”

Andrew LeahyLocal musician, Andrew Leahey, brings a story of strength and celebratory music to the table following his year long hiatus, to recover from having brain surgery in 2013.

“Coming back from tour in the summer of 2013, I was having hearing problems, and what I expected to be ear wax or something was diagnosed as an acoustic neuroma, which is a slow growing tumor on your hearing nerve,” said Leahey. “The operation was 12 hours long, and I had a 50% shot of losing my hearing, but I didn’t. Two and a half months later, I went back on tour. To come that close to losing my hearing, I wanted to do something to celebrate.”

Leahey grew up in a musical household, his mother a classical vocalist, and he began his life as a musician at the tender age of six, simply because it gave him something to do.

“My older brother started taking guitar lessons,” said Leahey. “We had to wait outside for him at his guitar lessons, but it was boring, so I asked my mom to take lessons too. She made me agree up front that I’d stick with it.”

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