Local Boys Doing Good…

The Apache Relay – American Nomad


House Party: The Apache Relay & Mumford & Sons

Congratulations to The Apache Relay on their #1 showing in Deli Magazine’s fan poll for Nashville bands (#7 on the overall poll and it’s interesting to note that the Jury was oddly, literally out for this terrific little group. But I digress). To celebrate, they threw a house party at guitar player Mike Harris’s Granny White Pike home and major celeb sightings abounded with members of Mumford & Sons and Cadillac Sky showing up to perform, and a late night jam with actor Jake Gyllenhaall made the gossip websites, lol.

Mumford and Sons / Apache Relay party

Look and listen for The Apache Relay to show up on Lightning 100’s airwaves on March 11 and be a part of our next Anniversary month (yeah, that’s March) celebration. And keep an eye out for their new album, American Nomad, due to arrive in April.


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