Bahamas in-studio performance

bahamas-video1Bahamas perform “Caught Me Thinking” and “Already Yours” live in the Lightning 100 studio.   Afie Jurvanen mentions a secret pizza party before playing “Caught Me Thinking”.  Don’t worry, Afie is not slowly going crazy, he is referencing the Calaxico sound check/pizza party.  Add Lightning 100 on facebook to win tickets to the next secret pizza party!  We’ve also included the full interview and performance via soundcloud!

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Bahamas – Caught Me Thinking

You’ve been hearing “Caught Me Thinking” by Bahamas on 100.1 FM.  Lead singer, Afie Jurvanen isn’t from the Bahamas. He’s a Finnish-Canadian from Barrie–a working class town in rural Ontario. But his chosen epithet is fitting. Since 2009 he’s been making music under the name Bahamas–writing songs about sunsets, love affairs, and making out with crooked smiles. Through simple arrangements, he charts an escape route from the snow belt to the coral reefs. His new album, Barchords, was released on February 7, 2012.


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