Ben Cameron – I Think I Know I Love You

Ben CameronHalf-blind kid moves to Nashville to go to school. Sticks around. Writes songs. Gets sad. Gets happy. Starts a band. Makes a joyful noise.
“This is rare and special music, and unlike anything coming out of Nashville right now.” 
–  Jack Silverman, Nashville Scene

“Ben Cameron possesses two of my favorite new voices. He sings with one and writes with the other. And now he’s made an album worthy of praise and envy.”
– Peter Cooper, The Tennessean

“More relevant to my beat was that our Vietti artist last night, Ben Cameron, exceeded all expectations. In fact I can’t remember one of our “emerging artists” having more impact. He brought a big band, with two gal backup singers, and filled the barn with a joyful, uplifting sound. He gets a lot of comparisons with Paul Simon, because of his powerful high-register voice and his often intricate use of language. Ben does evoke Simon, but also any number of great artists from that era who straddled genres and worked with bold strokes – Van Morrison, Bruce Cockburn, James Taylor, etc. The song ‘I Think I Know I Love You’ just hit all my buttons with its epic arrangement, fat sound and genuinely moving lines. Can’t wait to see what Ben does next.”
– Craig Havighurst, Music City Roots

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