3 new videos you will Love!

It’s Lightning 100’s Lt. Dan and I wish I could share these videos with the whole world! Well, I kind of am aren’t I? You know what I mean, right? Anyhow, I just discovered three videos from my show that I think will blow you away.

This is a video of Chris Thile’s band, “The Punch Brothers”. They are tremendously talented musicians. I love how the stand up bass sounds in the mix. They brought their own mic’s too, which didn’t work as well for the interview portion, but sound great with the instruments.

This is Abigail Washburn. She is a Nashville based musician (married to Bela Fleck) that has a really interesting story. After a disappointing trip to China, she became inspired to return and soak in the culture. It led her to learn the language and she almost went to law school there. Instead she’s been on a musical adventure and just released her third full length studio effort. It’s her first album without any Chinese lyrics. She worked with former, “Tommy and the Whale” songwriter, Kai Welch. I really enjoyed having them on the show and think the video turned out great.

Here is a video of Nashville based band, “The Apache Relay”. This song is on their forthcoming album, “American Nomad”. These guys are definitely on their way to big things. Their friendship with, “Mumford and Sons”, isn’t going to hurt them either. The album comes out next month and they also have an in-store at Grimey’s in the near future.

What do you think?


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