Coldplay release their first comic series

Really?  Really?  Coldplay are gearing up to release their first comic series, based on the fictional story in their most recent album, Mylo Xyloto.

The first issues of the six-comic set will debut at Comic-Con this week, with The Guardian reporting that the story will revolve around Mylo, a hapless ‘Silencer’ fighting a “war against colour and sound.”

Kung Fu Panda helmer Mark Osbourne has co-written the comic, explaining “There were always key words and phrases from Chris [Martin] that drove the story process, things like ‘glowing in the dark’ and ‘dreaming of paradise’.”

Osbourne had hoped to turn the album into a Yellow Submarine-style animated feature before settling on the comic-book medium, but revealed that he still hopes to adapt the story for film.

Alejandro Fuentes has illustrated the series with Dylan Haggerty on co-writing duties. Issue one is released this week with the rest of the series published monthly from February 2013.


COLDPLAY: “Paradise” Video Out Today

Chris Martin rides a unicycle in an elephant costume in the clip. He says it “could be the biggest mistake we’ve ever made, but it’s definitely the most elephant-y unicycle-type video I’ve ever seen.” What do you think??


Coldplay release info on new album


Coldplay releases the date for their next album release on October 24th with a hand written note from the band.  What do you think “Mylo Xyloto” means?  We’ve heard some theories on  Visit Coldplay’s website to pre-order the new album.

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You don’t always have to spend an astronomical amount of money when you creating a music video.  Check out Coldplay’s new single, taken from Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall EP (featuring two more new tracks). Download it from


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