Win Maui Jim Shades with Your Last Request. Or Not.

last margarita

Last Margarita?

Okay, so.

The world may or may not be ending next Friday, with all that Mayan calendar business. Don’t know about you, don’t know about what the skeptics say, but I intend to hedge my bets.

It’s entirely possible Friday, December 21st may be my last airshift. Ever. Yup. Or not. Either way, I’m going to indulge myself. And I’m bringing you with me.

Tell me. What’s your last request?

If there was one song in the world that you’d want to hear just one last time before the fit all hits the shans, what would it be? I’ll work in what I can. No, really.

I’m going to throw in a prize, for those of you who plan on being around December 22nd and on: a sweet pair of Maui Jim Cliff House shades! Random drawing from request entries. Winner must be able to pick them up at the station.


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