NSN – Humming House (audio)

For our first Nashville Sunday Night broadcast at the newly expanded 3rd and Lindsley, I almost expected something to go wrong.  After knocking down a wall, erecting a brand-new stage and moving all the sound equipment, a bug was bound to pop up, right?  I didn’t expect it to be the stage lights going out!  Humming House had to play the first few songs of their set in the dark!  They were troopers about it, and sounded great anyway.  Audience members were holding up cell phones to shed a little light on them!  The new computer that controls the lights had a power failure, then refused to boot up properly about three times, before it finally did, and the lights came back on!  Humming House is a great new Nashville group, led by Justin Wade Tam and Kristen Rogers (pictured below).  Listen to the SoundCloud clip of the finale of their set, a rousing live performance of their first single “Gypsy Django,” from their forthcoming album.  The full setlist was:  Cold Chicago, Mrs. Worley, Stop We Will, Tower Park, Southern Seamstress, Dawn, Young Enough, Chim Chim, Gypsy Django (audio).


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