Check out how we celebrate our independence!

Lightning 100 celebrates our independence at Tin Roof Nashville with our 2nd Annual Independence Rocks show! Check out our highlight reel featuring Brett Dennen, Kyle Andrews, Alanna Royale, Jacob Jones, and John and Jacob.
Music: Kyle Andrews – The Way To Wonder
Filmed and edited by Ben Wright


Jacob Jones performing “Now That I Found You” and “Good Timin’ in Waynetown”

Jacob Jones performs “Now That I Found You” and “Good Timin’ in Waynetown” off his recent release Play It Loud, Ray live at Lightning 100.


Jacob Jones – Play It Loud, Ray!

Jacob JonesJacob Jones has spent his entire life on the move and so between alt-country music and his GQ-approved KEEP ON MOVIN! Dance Party DJ sets, so pursuing a life of a troubadour wasn’t quite the stretch for him as it might be for others. Having lived in various Indiana, Kentucky and Georgia towns by the age of ten and spending a brief stint of time in New York City before recently making Nashville his home, Jones has been pursuing Americana rock ‘n roll in earnest for over half a decade now.

Thus far Jones has found success with his LP Bound For Glory and EP Volume One EP, consecutively. “Jacob’s brand of whiskey-fueled, hangover loomin’ country tunes (chased with rock and roll roots) makes for a raucous good time at his live show and supreme listening on his self-released LP,” said American Songwriter.

But this January 29th 2013, Jones will be releasing his next full length, Good Timin’ In Waynetown. This record combines the alt-country tones of Jason Isbell and the raw rock sensibilities of Chuck Berry to make for the sounds of the perfect southern gentleman.

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