Dinning with John & Jacob

John & Jacob treat Adam to a classy dinner of Miller Lite and tacos!  Hear about John & Jacob’s tour with Kacey Musgraves, how the band formed, the possibility of a name change and their favorite part of the creative process. Check out John & Jacob beach performance from Hangout Music Fest last year!

Check out how we celebrate our independence!

Lightning 100 celebrates our independence at Tin Roof Nashville with our 2nd Annual Independence Rocks show! Check out our highlight reel featuring Brett Dennen, Kyle Andrews, Alanna Royale, Jacob Jones, and John and Jacob. Music: Kyle Andrews – The Way To Wonder Filmed and edited by Ben Wright

John and Jacob

by Kaitlyn Crocker, EVOLve       Facebook      Twitter Since 11th grade, these bandit brothers John Davidson and Jacob Bryant have been stealing every possible moment of their lives to give to making music. From sneaking off to the music room at their high school to relocating to follow their dreams, they’ve roped along…

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