On Tap Local Preview


Lightning 100 love introducing you to new music in town!  Join us this week for On Tap Showcase sponsored by Jackalope Brewing Company featuring One Arm Train, Lauren Strange, and Them Vibes.  RSVP for the show on Facebook!

One Arm Train, like so many great artists, got their start in Memphis Tenn. Grant Vogelfanger and Witt McKay met at the early age of 10 years old. By the time they were 12 years old they were putting together bands and learning the early lessons of being a musician.After several starts and stops they realized they were a duo. Growing up in suburban Memphis they weren’t riding tractors and bailing hay but they were soaking up a lot of music from the roots of the cradle, that is Memphis. Because their melodies had range and their voices were still young most people around them suggested that they must be pop singers, so the boys took off to LA and quickly got involved with the young pop scene.

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