Eddie Vedder on Portlandia

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder appears on the second season of Portlandia,

the sketch show that airs on IFC Friday nights at 9:00 p.m.

Vedder’s episode isn’t on until next Friday, but you can watch it here now:

Fast forward to about 15:45 to see the sketch involving Vedder and a tattoo.


This episode features Aimee Mann & Sarah McLaughlin

Thanks to DJ Justin Hammel for pointing this one out to me. 

Check out his blog when you get a minute!!! :-)


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Birds to Eels…

Portlandia – Put A Bird On It

The Eels – Birds

The Eels – Things Your Grandchildren Should Know

That’s how my mind works sometimes… oh the little avenues we walk down in our brains.


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