Rebecca Roubion – What Love Looks Like

rebecca roubionRaised in the Heart of Dixie, Rebecca Roubion is more than a pretty face with a song. At times, a sleight, speckled songbird commanding affection to a sprightly, weightless tune; at others, Roubion presents as a barely-hinged crooner, bearing her heart in a soaring, emphatic ballad. Carol King and Eva Cassidy are anything but strangers, and while she borrows from these soulful matriarchs of yore, there’s something fresh and enticing about her interpretation of folk-infused indie-pop.

“There’s a beautifully fresh voice on the Nashville music scene, and it belongs to Rebecca Roubion. It’s time to be introduced to the sweet sounds of this emerging artist with tastings of soul and folk that mark the start of a promising future for this independent Nashville artist.” – John Tumminello, Musicians Corner

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