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Sheepdogs were the first unsigned band to ever to be on the cover of Rolling Stones.  The band competed agains 15 other independent artists and received over 1.5 million votes in the contest.  Lightning 100 debut “The Way It is” a few weeks ago on 100.1 FM.  Check out this video that Justin Hammel posted on his blog. Now we want to share the entire album with our listeners before it is released on 9/4/12.  Let us know if you want to hear a deeper cut off the album by posting a comment below.  Sheepdogs will be in town on September 27th at the Exit/In.  Click here to listen to the entire album!

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The Way It Is…

Funny video for the new Sheepdogs tune.

The Sheepdogs – The Way It Is

The Sheepdogs-"The Way It Is" - watch more funny videos


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