Nashville Shreds – Joe Robinson

Smokin’ Joe Robinson joins us for the first edition of King Jewelers‘ Nashville Shreds.  Joe shows us what he can do with a Rock Royalty Custom Gibson Les Paul Guitar, and yes it was impressive.  Rock Royalty Custom Gibson Les Paul Guitar. Rock Royalty customized one-of-a-kind Gibson Les Paul guitar with factory painted black body and white trim. Features four handmade Rock Royalty custom guitar volume knobs with 24.56 carats total black and white diamonds set in sterling silver finished with black ruthenium and handmade 22kt yellow gold rims; a handmade Rock Royalty custom guitar selector switch containing 2.01 carats black and white diamonds set in sterling silver finished with black ruthenium and a 22kt yellow gold rim, and six handmade Rock Royalty custom tuning keys with 17.52 carats black and white diamonds set in sterling silver Read more


Joe Robinson shreds the WRLT studio

Smokin’ Joe Robinson returns to the Lightning 100 studio before playing Nashville Sunday Night!  Joe performs two new songs entitled “Emily” and “One Heart at a Time” from his upcoming album.  Joe expands his fast-paced fingerpicking instrumental performance to now include vocals.  We believe that it is completely unfair for Joe to have such an amazing voice being one of the best guitarist in Nashville.  He already has the title of “Senior Grand Champion Performer of the World.”   Not sure what type of deal Joe made with the devil, but it was worth it.  Thanks for making such great music.


Smokin’ Joe Robinson – Daddy Longlicks

Are you wondering how Smokin’ Joe Robinson got his nickname?  Lightning 100’s camera crew could barely keep up with his fast licks from the Lightning 100 in-studio and Live On the Green performance.  What do you think?


Smokin’ Joe Robinson

Week 3 of LiveOntheGreen was our most heavily attend show this year and even last year by far.  The Wailers, Moon Taxi and Smokin’ Joe Robinson brought people out in doves.  I had the pleasure of having Smokin’ Joe on my show and well…Get ready for the next great guitar player.  This guy is 19 years old, from Australia and was tought by Tommy Emmanuel.  He won Australia’s got talent at 16.  He is now currently residing in Music City, watch closely- cus his fingers move faster than the camera can capture.  Here is Smokin’ Joe doing his song called “Daddy Long Licks.”

Here is another original from Smokin’ Joe Robinson- “Royal Flush”


Smoking Joe Robinson backstage at Bonnaroo


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