12.27.09 – Finally, Something Local

Here in Nashville, I have many good friends that are musicians. That aside… there are many great artists here in town. Friends or not, this is one of my favorites. He’s a transfer here from Chicago and I’m so glad that he’s around. This kid is amazingly talented and recorded his last record pretty much in his house. Also, it is appropriate that he is the first local artist I write about since he is really the reason I got into local music here in Nashville in the first place. I thought it was all country (like many of you) and heard this kid while interning at the radio station (Lightning 100). It was a track called ‘Radio Symphony’ and was completely different than anything we had listened to. I quickly found out his name was Kyle Andrews. Soon after, he released an album called ‘ Amos In Ohio’ and I knew this kid was the real deal. We played the track ‘Your Tester Bunny’ on the station and I personally used just about every song from it on compilations I made during college. Such a great record. Dark but playful and highly recommended. Then came a small change in his sound… and I still loved it. It was an E.P. called ‘Find Love, Let Go’ and featured great songs like ‘Give Up The Anger’, ‘Get Mad’, & my personal favorite that is completely different than most all of his songs, ‘Lackluster Love’. On that track, it’s basically Kyle and a guitar and in my opinion (sorry Kyle if you are reading this) should only be played that way :). The song stands on its own. No need for bells and whistles. It’s an intimate look inward. The simplicity of the recording and instrumentation reflects that sentiment perfectly. It’s so personal, but yet universal in it’s lovelorn message. The perfect song. Again, just my opinion. Moving on. ‘Real Blasty’ came out in 2008 and he embraced the electronic experimentation he had been hinting at for years… and it was brilliant. Easily one of my top 2 favorite records of that year. Front to back, awesome dance party rock your face off and slow it down goodness. Which brings me to the video I am posting. The first track is ‘Sushi’ and the video is great. It’s a YouTube mosaic and you can click the videos they use to take you to something random in the internet video world. So here it is…

Kyle also just released an X-mas E.P. called ‘Damn Baby, You’re Cold’ which I think works year round for the most part. So much fun.
On a personal note:
Kyle… you are one of the most interesting and talented people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. Keep at it, b/c you have what it takes to be doing what you love for a long, long time. And I will always be eagerly awaiting to hear what you come up with next.


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