Live On The Green Weekend Video

Lightning 100’s Live On The Green 2014 on September 5th and 6th in 2014 with Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, Augustana, G. Love & Special Sauce, The Wild Feathers, Phin, Sugar & The Hi Lows, Ingrid Michaelson, LP, The Lone Bellow and Jake Bugg.

Spring Block Party “Party” video

Who knows how to party, Lightning 100 know how to party.  Lightning 100 presented Spring Block Party at Marathon Music Works.  The Spring Block Party is a celebration of the new season featuring music, performance, food, and art that will be curated & brought to you by some of the people who give our great…

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Live On the Green Preview for 9/12

 Live On The Green preview is sponsored by Atkinson Remodeling. In reference to last weeks Live on the Green I’ve heard phrases such as, “Largest Live on the Green crowd ever.” If it wasn’t the largest crowd that was being talked about it was the massive LCD screen that was put up so even the people…

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Hangout Music Fest Coverage 2013

After cleaning all of the sand out of our camera lenses, tripods, computers(some how), and other places we don’t care to mention, Lightning 100 is able to start posting our backstage performances at 2013 Hangout Music Fest.  Nashville artists were definitely representing at the festival this year performing at small/major stages and even the shuttle…

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Wild Feathers – The Ceiling

“They’re like if Led Zeppelin & The Band had a baby in Joshua Tree that grew up listening to Ryan Adams covering the Stones 70’s country influenced songs” Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Preston Wimberly, grew up steeped in music; playing solo gigs, touring with local bands and working at venues. The four guys came…

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The615 12/04/12

Episode22. The615 12/04/12 LOCAL ARTIST OF THE WEEK Ravello – The Fire – Nostalgia DJ PICKS Hammel – The Weeks – Slave To The South – Gutter Gaunt Gangster Wells – Old Crow Medicine Show– My Good Gal- Big Iron World Featured Guest- The Wild Feathers Wild Feathers playing our Miller Lite live showcase Saturday…

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