NSN – Jen Foster (highlights – audio)

Jen Foster returned to Nashville Sunday Night on 8/7/11 with her band to headline on the big new 3rd and Lindsley stage. Jen’s been one of Nashville’s top indie artists for nearly a decade. Her song “Taking Bob Dylan” made Lightning 100′s Top 20 for the year in 2006. Since then she’s won numerous songwriting awards and had many songs featured in TV shows and movies. Her set this night included some old favorites and some brand-new songs she’s recently recorded but has yet to release. The SoundCloud highlight reel below features four songs from this set: Let Me Give You My Coat, Taking Bob Dylan (audio), Amen, Secondhand Love (audio), There For You, The Least I Can Do, Venice Beach (audio), Closer To Nowhere (audio), and Last Call.


NSN – Amy Stroup (highlights – audio)

One of Nashville’s top independent artists, Amy Stroup celebrated the release of her album The Other Side Of Love Sessions on our 7-31-11 Nashville Sunday Night broadcast from 3rd and Lindsley.  Here’s a 5-song highlight reel you can enjoy, culled from this outstanding setlist:  Wait For The Morning, Redeeming Love, Backed Into The Corner (audio), Quiet Hearts, Just You (audio), Two Day High, Sugar, Alas We Aspire, Chin Up (audio), Just Takes A Little (audio) and Hold Onto Hope Love (audio).  This was just the latest of several visits Amy Stroup has made to Nashville Sunday Night over the years.  She’s had her songs featured on more than 20 TV shows as well as national TV ads.  She’s previously released several digital EPs and singles and this first physical album release gathers some of her best together for the first time.  It was a great celebration in front of her home town crowd for our second show on the new stage at the newly expanded, bigger and better 3rd and Lindsley.


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