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Tune in Monday at 6:15pm for Lightning 100’s local show called the615. Every week Hammel bring you an hour of radio dedicated to only the best artist and bands that Nashville has to offer.  the615, your favorite local music from your favorite local radio station!  Interested in performing at a Lighting 100 showcase?  the615 is sponsored by American Born Moonshine and Project615.  Click here for more info.

Please send us your stuff! Send us physical copies of your record to:

Lightning 100

Care of the615

1310 Clinton St. Suite 215

Nashville, Tn. 37203

Don’t forget, Hammel take request every week for #the615 on Lightning 100’s facebook page and twitter page.  Follow the  Justin Hammel on twitter. If you have any questions you can email us at the615 (at) lightning100 (dot) com.

The 615


the615: Episode 187

Local Artist of the Week: Simo – “Long May You Sail” DJ Pick: Hammel: Crease Reader – “Yo Egg” Adam Culver: Sun…

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the615: Episode 186

Local Artist of the Week: Erin Rae – “Soon Enough” (Live at Musicians Corner) DJ Pick: Hammel: Pineapple Tours – “Brothers” Adam Culver: Katie Herzog &…

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the615: Episode 185

Local Artist of the Week: Shelly Colvin – “I Want To” DJ Pick: Hammel: Jill Andrews – “Get Up, Get On” Adam Culver: The…

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john laham

the615: Episode 184

Local Artist of the Week: Jon Latham – “Anesthesia” DJ Pick: Hammel: Mikky Ekko – “Bruning Doves” Adam Culver: Dead Cures – “Say Everything New”…

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the615: Episode 183

Happy New Year from Lightning 100! Tonight’s episode features some of our favorite local songs from 2015. See you next…

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the615: Episode 182

Merry Christmas from the615! This week’s episode features all holiday tunes from some of our favorite local artists. DJ Pick:…

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the615: Episode 181

Local Artist of the Week: Whoa Dakota – “Mess Things Up” (Official Music Video) DJ Pick: Hammel: The Electric Hearts – “Love To…

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the615: Episode 180

Local Artist of the Week: Wilder Embry – “Always You” (Official Music Video) DJ Pick: Hammel: Edison & The Marathon –…

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Neal Carpenter Nashville

the615: Episode 179

Local Artist of the Week: Natural Forces – Animal (Official Music Video) DJ Pick: Neal Carpenter – Line In The…

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JEFF the Brotherhood Nashville

the615: Episode 178

DJ Pick: Radiating Fiber Plane – Jeff The Brotherhood (Official Music Video) This weeks DJ Pick “Radiating Fiber Plane” is…

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the615: Episode 177

Local Artist of the Week: Becca Manacari – Summertime Mama DJ Pick: Gardening, Not Architecture – Stay The Course Bands…

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the615: Episode 176

Local Artist of the Week: The Bandoliers – Leslie DJ Pick: GGOOLLDD – All Night This Just In: Daniel Ellsworth…

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The 615: Episode 175

Local Artist of the Week: The Gills – Rubberband DJ Pick: Brandy Zdan – Cut N Run This Just In:…

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the615: Episode 174

Local Artist of the Week: Seth Timbs – Give Up On Your Dreams DJ Pick: Daniel Ellsworth & The Great…

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the615: Episode 173

Local Artist of the Week: Trenton – Running DJ Pick: Carey – Smokin’ It This Just In: Jon Latham –…

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the615: Episode 172

Local Artist of the Week: Diamond Carter – Looks Ain’t Gonna Pay My Rent DJ Pick: Haunted Device – And…

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