(Episode #9) #the615 Playlist for 09/04/12

(Episode #9) #the615 Playlist for 09/04/12

Featured Guest: Moon Taxi
Moon Taxi’s Picks:

Moon Taxi- Mercury- Cabaret
Colorfeels- Pretty Walk- Syzygy
The Lost Maples- Need A Hallelujah- The Lost Maples EP

This Just In:
Kopecky Family Band- Heartbeat- Raising Kids
Jesse Lafser- Anywhere I Go- Land In Sight
The Pedal Stills- Red Dress- Speak Easy EP

Dj Picks:
Hammel: Aj & the Jiggawatts- Throw a Fit- The Drop Ep
Wells: The Black Keys- Little Black Submarines- El Camino

Bands About Town:
Derobert & the Half Truths- I Swear I’m Not A Fool- Soul In A digital World


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