the615 2/26/13


Episode34. the615 2/26/13

Local Artist of The Week
Humming House – Stop Me Still – Humming House
Dj Picks
Hammel – Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter – Youth
Wells – The Delta Saints – Liar – Death Letter Jubilee – Playin 3rd & Lindsley 3/3/13 w/ Quite Corale.

Featured Guest this week: Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones Live: Don’t Turn Me Lose- From the record Good Timin’ In Waynetown
Jacobs picks:
Patrick Sweany– That Old Southern Drag- That Old Southern Drag
Los Colognes– 99 Ways

Bands Around Town
Alanna Royale– Animal- Bless Her Heart– Playin’ High Watt 2/28/13 FREE
The Kicks– Live Fast Die Young- Playin’ Tin Roof 2/28/13 8pm FREE
The Photo Ops– It Makes Me Cry- Playin’ The Five Spot 2/28/13